Story of Lord Hanuman and Shani Dev


The Story of Lord Hanuman and Shani Dev

 hanuman shani devIn Hinduism, Lord Shani or Shani Dev  (embodied by the Planet Saturn) is the son of Surya Dev and Goddess Chhaya. Shani Dev gives us the results of our deeds throughout our life by appropriate punishments and rewards.

It is believed that worshipping Lord Hanuman pleases Shani Dev and the devotees of Lord Hanuman are treated kindly by Shani Dev. The story of Lord Hanuman and Shani dev is mentioned in the ancient scriptures.

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The Story of Lord Hanuman and Shani Dev

When Ravana (King of Lanka) defeated all the Devas (Gods), he won over all the three worlds. Ravana had a great understanding of astrology, and when his eldest son Indrajit was going to be born, Ravana forcefully imprisoned all the planets that determine an individual’s destiny. He ordered the planets (grahas) to be at the most auspicious position for his son’s horoscope, so that Inderjit would become invincible.

The Demigods knew that if Inderjit was born in this astrological position, he would become powerful and undefeatable. But the planets were imprisoned by Ravana so they had no option but to adhere to Ravana’s demand.

The planets were kept imprisoned face lying down. Shani dev offered the demigods a solution. Shani Dev stated that if he could turn around, he would glance at Ravana’s face and by this gaze, Shani Dev would bring about the destruction of Ravana by punishing him for his bad deeds.

The Gods approached Sage Narada to help Shani Dev gaze at Ravana’s face. Sage Narada went to Lanka and teased the arrogant Ravana. Sage Naraga told Ravana that it would be more fitting for a great king like him to stamp the chest of the planets who were kept imprisoned facing the floor.

Ravana agreed to Sage Narada’s suggestion and proceeded to turn the planets around. Lord Shani glanced at Ravana’s face and brought about the hardships that were due to Ravana for his evil deeds.

Ravana realized that Lord Shani had glanced at his face and it was a trick. To take revenge, Ravana kept Lord Shani imprisoned for many years in a prison with no openings.

During the war with Lord Rama, many years later, Lord Hanuman arrived in Lanka to carry Ram’s message to Maa Sita. On realizing that Shani dev was imprisoned in a prison, Lord Hanuman broke the prison and released Shani Dev. Lord Hanuman offered to take Shani Dev away from Lanka.

The honorable Shani Dev thanked Lord Hanuman but did not look at his face for it could bring hardships for Lord Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman enquired about the nature of the sufferings that he would undertake if Shani Dev looked at his face. Shani Dev explained that the sufferings would be related to family and personal aspirations.

Lord Hanuman told Shani Dev to climb on his back as he had no family ties and his attachment was at Lord Ram’s feet.

Shani Dev climbed on Lord Hanuman and Lord Hanuman took his flight. The demons from Ravana’s army fought with Lord Hanuman and threw huge boulders, rocks and other objects at him. Lord Hanuman crushed all the weapons thrown at him.

Finally, Shani Dev gave a boon to Lord Hanuman for helping him get away from Ravana’s prison.  As a boon, the ever compassionate, Lord Hanuman asked Shani Dev not to cast an evil eye or trouble his devotees.