Zoho Inventory Review


Zoho Inventory is a warehouse management solution that seamlessly connects to third-party stores, sales dashboards, and costs on a monthly subscription basis.

Track serial and batch tracking details in warehouses and sales transactions easily, quickly converting sales orders into detailed purchase invoices and building long-term vendor relationships. Furthermore, record credits for canceled transactions or product returns as vendor credits.

Sales Orders

Zoho Inventory is an easy-to-use application that lets you easily create sales orders. Track items sold or returned by customers, manage inventory levels and print shipping labels with this powerful solution.

Your system offers you the option of reviewing sales transactions before recording them, giving you an extra layer of protection and helping prevent mistakes from being missed and incurring extra losses. This option enables you to verify the correctness of each sale transaction before recording them into your system. It prevents mistakes from being overlooked or unintended costs from being incurred due to them being overlooked by mistake.

Your platform also offers field customization features, enabling you to mark custom fields as ePHI (personally identifiable information) so they’re encrypted when stored in the database, protecting sensitive data. Furthermore, this feature can also help filter sales orders by the status of their ePHI status or turn an out-of-stock item into a purchase order when required.

Purchase Orders

Zoho Inventory features an intuitive purchase order system that makes creating sales orders effortless, letting you select the warehouse closest to customers when creating sales orders. Furthermore, this software supports warehouse transfers and tracking shipments using any shipping provider.

Zoho Inventory also features several additional capabilities, including tracking serial and batch numbers on purchase orders using a barcode scanner; canceling orders when their products haven’t yet been invoiced/delivered is another valuable app function.

Zoho Inventory can easily integrate with other Zoho apps such as CRM and Accounting or even with external systems like Slack or Office 365. Techloyce is here to assist in setting up Zoho Inventory according to your business needs and optimizing it to fit seamlessly.


Zoho Inventory makes creating and sending invoices easy from sales orders, quotes, contacts, or any other source. To enable this feature in your organization’s accounts/contact profiles, mark the Zoho Invoice checkbox as shown below.

Add a custom field with data type ePHI to capture customer details that should only be available to authorized users. This way, this field won’t contain confidential customer data that may otherwise go unseen.

Zoho Inventory provides 24/5 phone support and online documentation, helps forums, and accepts suggestions for new features. Zoho is working on an enhanced method to manage customer payments, which should be released later this year; it will accept full and partial payments on invoices.

Warehouse Management

Zoho stands out among many inventory management systems as one of the premier options available to small and mid-sized businesses, providing comprehensive product monitoring, order fulfillment, shipping management, and product fulfillment at a highly reasonable cost for growth-minded organizations.

Effective stock and inventory management requires multiple tools and methodologies, particularly if your warehouses span multiple locations. Zoho Inventory can centralize fulfillment operations and monitor stock across different warehouses while performing stock transfers between locations.

Analyzing order patterns and customer behavior helps optimize storage by clustering popular items together for more straightforward picking errors, cutting costs, and improving customer satisfaction – and using your space more efficiently, potentially reducing property costs.

Vendor Management

Zoho Inventory provides powerful features in an easily navigable platform. With numerous integrations designed to streamline backend processes and monitor critical metrics like inventory turnover rate, Zoho Inventory offers invaluable, organized capabilities.

Utilizing this software, you can efficiently manage product reorders and inventory levels across multiple warehouse locations. Furthermore, stock transfer between warehouses can also be managed efficiently, and track shipments can be made via your shipping provider of choice. Lastly, its automated billing support simplifies vendor relationships for increased profits.

Zoho Inventory is an ideal option for small businesses upgrading from manual systems. With competitive pricing and the flexibility to grow with your business, its pricing can quickly scale along with Zoho. Zoho provides 24/5 phone and email support, an extensive documentation catalog, and community forums for troubleshooting issues. Furthermore, its software works across most browsers, while its mobile app supports 13 languages on iOS and Android.