Where to Find a Free Python Course Online


Taking a free python course online can be a great way to get foundational knowledge of the programming language. While we can’t guarantee a course will be free, we’ve found a few platforms that are worth checking out. These include Udemy, Great Learning, and Codecademy.

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If you want to learn Python and are new to computer programming, there are many free online courses available. The Python 101 course is particularly suited to the needs of beginners. It is an ideal introduction to the language and will prepare you for more advanced courses. You can get started by taking the free first section of the course.

The course includes practical assignments and portfolio projects. These types of projects are more likely to be noticed by employers. The course is also structured in a text-based learning style, which you can access directly in the browser. This means there are no installations or downloads. The course also includes quality lecture videos and real-world projects.

Codecademy has a variety of free resources for learning Python. Getting Started with Python and Programming for Everybody are two of the most popular free courses. These are designed to help you get started with the language and set up your development environment.


If you’re looking for a free Python course, Udemy is a good choice. The website offers nearly any course online, and there’s no subscription fee. If you’re new to Python, you can start by enrolling in a free Python course on Udemy. Course creators usually keep their courses free when they first launch them, because it gives them the opportunity to build social proof and traction.

The courses range from beginners to more advanced developers, and you can also find a diploma course. Many of the courses are recorded, and many are live webinars. You can also join for four weeks for free and invite up to three family members. You’ll be able to complete the courses and receive a shareable certificate.

The top free Python course is about 32 hours long, and it covers all the basics of Python. It also teaches you how to write short scripts and basic structures. In addition, you’ll learn how to create your own objects. You can also access the course on your smartphone or tablet.

Great Learning

To start learning Python, you may want to look into a free course. This course is an interactive and step-by-step introduction to the language. It covers the fundamentals and even introduces advanced topics such as data science and object-oriented programming. The course is structured with different sections for beginners and advanced programmers, so beginners can begin with the basics and move on to more advanced topics.

The free course from Great Learning is an excellent resource for a beginner’s introduction to the Python programming language. It is based on video lectures and covers all the basics and helps students develop an understanding of the language and its uses. The course also covers specialized applications and features. It even provides a certificate of completion, so you can show potential employers that you are an expert in Python.

Whether you’re a data nerd or a complete beginner, this course will help you become more confident using Python. You’ll learn to use the Python language to solve mathematical problems and work with big data. You can even use it to create visualizations and explore data in a fun way.


The Anaconda Python course is a great way to learn Python and build data-driven projects. It is free and is updated weekly with new videos. The course covers the basics as well as more advanced techniques. The creator of the course, Qazi, has a talent for creating interesting and informative videos that are easy to follow. In addition to teaching beginners the basics of Python, the free course offers tutorial videos on building virtual assistants.

Students who are unsure of where to start can choose from a variety of free courses. The courses are designed to introduce basic and advanced skills in Python, with an emphasis on project-based learning. Students can build projects on machine learning, data science, websites, mobile apps, games, and automation scripts.

The first course, Python 101, is a good choice for a beginner. It introduces the basics of the programming language, including data types, variables, loops, and conditionals. This course will also teach you how to create custom functions and handle errors. It also provides tips on finding and using modules in the Python Standard Library and third-party libraries.