What is the Grimace Shake?


TikTokers have made memes about McDonald’s recently-unveiled purple milkshake inspired by its mascot Grimace. By sipping and pretending to die after consuming it, many show it dribbling out of their mouths or spreading across the ground like purple blood.

Turns out the mysterious purple blob is an enormous taste bud! He first appeared in 1971 and has an intriguing backstory of being an evil shake thief.

What is the Grimace Shake?

McDonald’s released their purple Grimace shake this month to commemorate their furry fast food mascot’s 52nd birthday, but instead caused an internet phenomenon on TikTok that is going viral.

This trend involves users sipping on berry-flavored shakes before pretending to die gruesomely in videos posted to social media. Shake can often be seen dribbling out of victims’ mouths or splashing down floors as blood; others show them falling off bikes or passing out, with some even landing across car hoods strewn across with this drink! Creators aren’t holding back either; many create elaborate narratives and horror films depicting their mascot strangling or stalking people drinking this drink.

Though likely not what their corporate offices had planned when releasing the shake, McDonald’s seems to be enjoying its absurdity. On Tuesday, the chain posted an image with the words: “Happy Birthday Grimace,” encouraging users to create #GrimaceShake videos supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

McDonald’s used to advertise Grimace as an evil milkshake thief in television commercials, but later advertising execs changed him into more of a friendly character. Consumers may never fully comprehend him, which may explain why its new purple shake has taken such an aggressive stance.

There’s no clear history behind the Grimace Shake trend, but social media user @thefrazmaz may have been the first person to create a video demonstrating this technique. He credits Burger King’s Spider-Verse Whopper commercial, which featured similar tricks of pretending to fall after eating a product, as inspiration for creating his video.

These videos have generated millions of views and helped McDonald’s increase sales; the company noted that second-quarter sales rose more than 10% in the U.S. and nearly 13% worldwide due to new menu items and digital customer-experience features that contributed to such stellar results.

What is the Grimace Shake made of?

As its name implies, this shake was inspired by the furry purple mascot Grimace. McDonald’s recently introduced this limited-edition purple shake in honor of Grimace’s birthday; TikTok creators have taken to faking comically awful consequences after sipping from it.

Even with its sinister name, a black velvet shake is surprisingly sweet and fruity. Crafted with vanilla or chocolate ice cream and blueberries for their vibrant purple hue, blueberries add an unexpected splash of color while also recalling childhood nostalgia with their cereal-esque sweetness.

On June 12th, as part of Grimace’s birthday meal, McDonald’s unveiled the purple shake – sold either individually or as part of special Grimace-themed combo meals featuring Big Mac, 10-piece chicken nuggets, and medium fries – as a special birthday treat! It can also be purchased separately for a limited time at participating locations across North America.

Even though McDonald’s has yet to release any specifics about its latest shake’s ingredients, many online tasters have described it as sweet and fruity – similar to its iconic Shamrock Shake counterpart!

To recreate this delectable treat at home, all it requires is a few easy-to-find ingredients. A blender, bowl, and some ice cubes will do, along with 2 cups of vanilla or chocolate ice cream (either will work) and some food coloring drops if you desire an intense purple hue in your shake.

After your shake is blended, carefully pour it into a glass. Pour slowly to avoid splashing, and top the shake with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles for an extra festive treat!

If you’re seeking a vegan-friendly version of this treat, swap out the dairy products with something plant-based – for instance, vanilla almond milk frozen dessert or plant-based yogurt can work just as well as their dairy counterparts. Be sure to top your smoothie off with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles for an authentic McDonald’s Grimace Shake replica!

What is the Grimace Shake made of for kids?

McDonald’s released the limited-edition Purple Shake earlier this month to commemorate Grimace, their adorable furry, fuzzy blob from their ads, as he celebrated his birthday. At first, he would steal milkshakes from people during ads, but over time, the company softened him up, making him dopier and friendlier. Grimace loved celebrating his birthday, so for this special event, they offered a “Grimace Birthday Meal” consisting of your choice of Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets plus medium French Fries plus Grimace-approved Purple Shake.

According to Tasters Online, McDonald’s recently introduced a vanilla ice cream and berry shake. Online reviewers have described its flavor as tasting like strawberry shortcake, cotton candy, or Fruity Pebbles. However, mixed berries with an undercurrent of birthday cake flavoring are the most commonly described aspect. Some have even compared it with its famous Ube milkshake, but these two drinks differ considerably in taste and composition.

But the real force driving the shake’s popularity lies within TikTok itself. Users have created mini horror movies in which they drink the shake before passing out or acting poisoned – an entertaining way of engaging with it and driving its popularity on TikTok.

Do You Want a Grimace Shake Without All the Drama? Follow This Simple Recipe at Home: Combine one cup of vanilla ice cream with milk in a blender until everything is smooth and creamy. Add powdered sugar or protein powder for additional sweetness or nutritional boost. For an alternative vegan version, consider substituting these with alternatives such as coconut or oat milk-based frozen desserts.

If you want to give this shake a try for yourself, you can purchase it at participating McDonald’s restaurants from now until July 31. Alternatively, I love Mcdonald’s has provided an easy copycat recipe to recreate its flavor at home!

What is the Grimace Shake made of for adults?

McDonald’s recently introduced a special purple shake in honor of Grimace as part of their birthday celebration, which has quickly become a hit among Gen Z TikTok users who post videos showing themselves drinking the shake and pretending to die while drinking it – many videos of this nature have gone viral and become memes!

The Vanilla Blueberry Shake from McDonald’s features vanilla ice cream mixed with blueberries and topped off with whipped cream and colorful sprinkles, all available in a medium size shake that can be purchased either in-store or through their app, sold while supplies last.

Start by placing two cups of ice cream into the blender, followed by blueberries and several drops of purple food color. Blend until everything is uniform before pouring the shake into a glass and topping it off with a generous dollop of whipped cream and colorful rainbow sprinkles; you may use either a spoon to dollop the topping onto your drink or use a piping bag with a decorative nozzle for more decorative looks.

Assemble your creation by topping off whipped cream with chocolate syrup and garnishing with maraschino cherries or any additional Grimace-themed decorations you have. Finally, serve your treats by placing one straw and spoon per glass and enjoy!

Are you looking for a fun way to commemorate your birthday? Try making a Grimace Shake as an exciting treat. Not only will this tasty snack brighten your day, but it’s also the perfect way to relive fond childhood memories associated with one of your favorite McDonald’s characters – so gather up all your friends and get ready to smile!