What Flavor is the Grimace Shake?


Some birthdays require cakes or cupcakes; other events, like this one honoring one of McDonaldland’s beloved purple characters — Grimace — call for something even sweeter: an elaborate milkshake celebration featuring berry-flavored Grimace was released to commemorate his 52nd birthday. It went viral online.

TikTok users quickly responded, sipping coffee while performing horror movie-inspired fake deaths or acting out other humorous scenes reminiscent of horror flicks or different absurd scenarios. Though this might appear bizarre viral marketing tactics, the brand engagement strategy perfectly reflected Gen Z’s sense of humor and interests.

What is the flavor of the Grimace Shake?

McDonald’s Purple Grimace Shake has long been an intriguing mystery. Since it debuted as part of its Grimace Birthday Meal on June 12, customers have been trying to understand its unique flavor profile. McDonald’s has revealed only that its Purple Grimace Shake contains berry extract; further details regarding its composition remain unknown.

The Purple Grimace Shake is a limited-edition beverage available only while supplies last. Featuring a distinctive berry taste complemented by vanilla and strawberry undertones, this shake comes topped with traditional whipped cream reminiscent of all McDonald’s shakes – priced at $3.39 for small sizes, $3.89 for medium, and $4.69 for large ones.

As with any viral drink, the Purple Grimace Shake has taken on a life of its own on the internet. Memes and videos abound about this drink which has even made its way onto TikTok as users sip it while acting dead or passing out; videos featuring such antics feature unsettling music and creepy body language giving it an almost horror movie-esque vibe.

While the Purple Grimace Shake has proven popular on social media, some customers have noted that it falls short of expectations. Notably, the shake doesn’t taste quite as sweet and more often resembles vanilla than berries – perhaps due to artificial food coloring.

While McDonald’s Purple Grimace Shake may not be as beloved a classic as some limited-edition offerings (like Unicorn Frappuccino or Shamrock Shake), it has still attracted attention across social media. Celebrating one of McDonaldland characters’ birthday is certainly worth celebrating with something different; nonetheless, it remains a fun concept that has captured the public imagination!

What does the flavor of the Grimace Shake taste like?

On June 12, to commemorate Grimace’s birthday, McDonald’s released a purple shake with strawberry and blueberry notes for sale as part of its Grimace Birthday Meal deal – making waves both online and off! Big Mac or 10-piece chicken McNuggets with fries, a medium order, and a delicious shake are available only with this meal.

The shake quickly inspired memes and TikTok videos depicting users drinking it while imitating horror movie-style death scenes, complete with screaming and death-sound effects in some videos. You’ll often see people drinking out of mouths, spilling onto floors, or pouring from nostrils before finally dribbling down their faces as they shake, oozing slowly through them all.

McDonald’s “Frankenfoods,” including its shake, have always generated strong reactions among diners. According to CNN, combining familiar foods with new ingredients has proven popular across various fast food chains; Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos, and Burger King’s Whopperito are examples of popular food mash-ups.

Grimace may appear menacing at first glance, but he’s one of Ronald McDonald’s favorite characters. Distortion often appears in McDonald’s commercials as part of the team and was initially designed as an evil creature with four arms to steal milkshakes (according to The Los Angeles Times). Once they realized he was frightening children, however, McDonald’s revised the image by cutting two of Grimace’s arms off; eventually, they settled on using him as part of a family of characters rather than making him an archetypal figure!

Although McDonald’s Grimace Shake may appear strange initially, it is an effective marketing ploy designed to capture young consumers. Chapman University professor Mark Koppischke says it is an example of “good viral gambits.” These novel foods and beverage mash-ups have successfully drawn attention and created a buzz about brands; thanks to trending on social media sites, McDonald’s should see its sales increase significantly.

How do I make the Grimace Shake?

McDonald’s introduced The Grimace Shake as part of a 52nd birthday meal featuring a Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets and a cake topper featuring Grimace himself. Since its release, TikTok users have attempted to recreate this famous drink at home!

This delicious shake features vanilla ice cream blended with blueberries for a refreshing dessert treat. Food coloring gives the dish its vibrant purple hue and is finished off by topping it off with whipped cream and decorative sprinkles for extra decadence. Its recipe couldn’t be more straightforward; only minimal ingredients are required!

Though only available as part of the Grimace Birthday meal, you can purchase individual bottles at select locations. Don’t miss out; get one now before it sells out!

Purple shakes are not only delicious treats; they’re also an easy way to show your affection for Grimace. Many TikTok users have posted videos showing themselves drinking the drink, while some even attempt to summon Grimace for possession – some have gone viral with millions of views in just seconds!

If you want to try the purple shake but can’t locate it at your local McDonald’s, don’t despair! Making one at home is simple, and you can customize it further by adding extra goodies for an unforgettable taste experience!

Make your own Grimace Shake by combining 1 cup of blueberries and 1/2 cup of raspberries in a blender, three scoops of vanilla ice cream, and 1 cup of milk until everything becomes an ideal purple shake. Add several healthy servings of whipped cream as an accent – creating the perfect Grimace Shake drink.

Is the Grimace Shake good?

The Grimace Shake from McDonald’s has caused widespread curiosity across the globe. Some have tried it and reported a fruity taste similar to strawberry shortcake or cotton candy, while others describe its sweet characteristics with subtle traces of marshmallow or vanilla flavorings.

At least everyone agrees on one point – the Grimace Shake is undoubtedly a trending product, but not because people find its flavor delicious. Instead, its popularity stems from an unexpected TikTok trend that involves people uploading videos in which they drink the shake and then pretend to die or pass out while sipping it – quite bizarre yet quickly gaining traction.

What started as an innocent milkshake has quickly evolved into an iconic meme with hilarious results. People are tweeting about it, creating custom merchandise, and discussing it at work – with Grimace emerging from Ronald McDonald’s shadow as an unexpected champion!

The purple shake may lose some popularity over time, but the purple creature without a face may maintain its identity and retain a following. He has already been called out as gay icon status, while there have even been reports suggesting he may launch his skincare line! No matter what people think about him, however, the Grimace Shake is deliciously refreshing!

On June 12th, McDonald’s launched the Grimace Birthday Meal featuring its berry-flavored Grimace shake. Since it only comes as part of a meal, however, its availability nationwide may only last temporarily; you may order it separately at drive-thrus; just be aware of which flavor to request and be aware that if ordering without eating is desired there may be an additional charge of $10+; it seems unlikely McDonald’s would release this standalone product anytime soon.