What Does Business Insider Do?


Business Insider is one of the fastest-growing news sites online, covering finance, tech, media, and strategy globally.

They hire young reporters and writers and give them space to grow into reporters and writers. While MBFC classifies them as left-center, there have been instances of failed fact checks and overly emotive headlines on specific stories.

BI Intelligence

Business Insider Intelligence was initially formed out of a newsroom’s research needs and now employs over 60 people, producing timely and digestible research briefings that empower decision-makers to embrace digital transformations confidently.

Business Insider’s editorial process is iterative, with articles often experiencing rapid edits as they’re published. Fastly’s Instant Purge ensures their readers always see the latest version of an article.

BI News

BI News is the world’s leading business news site, with seven international editions and more than 40 million unique monthly visitors worldwide. It attracts millions of unique viewers each month by covering business, finance, and tech media strategy, original reporting, and aggregated content such as videos, slideshows, and interactive graphics.

The culture at this company is highly user-oriented. Writers and editors enter this profession with an ambition to improve society, yet understand they must still meet commercial interests and readers’ demands.

Although Business Insider remains highly popular, its success does not deter criticism. Reuters’ Ryan McCarthy recently published an opinion piece accusing it of over-aggregation; Instapaper creator Marco Arment compared Business Insider to an “overzealous grab for traffic.” But both critics miss the point – Business Insider is simply trying to figure out how best to provide what readers need and wants; mastering this delicate balance may take years, but they’ve done plenty right already.

BI App

Business Insider is one of the fastest-growing news websites, covering business, tech, media, and financial news. Attracting over 12 million unique readers per month with several international editions available, its original content and news from other outlets are published alongside native advertising opportunities and sponsorship grants offering editorial control over some content published.

The Business Insider app provides fast and convenient access to business news on your mobile device. Available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers with a 7-day free trial period, Business Insider uses Fastly’s Instant Purge feature in real time to update articles as events develop, keeping their readers abreast of events as they unfold.

BI Sponsorships

Business Insider, founded by Henry Blodget in 2007 and expanded rapidly since, now covers topics in financial, media, and technology spheres and publishes original reporting while curating content from other outlets. Business Insider is consistently one of the top sites in its niche, with many awards for innovative aggregation techniques such as slideshows or aggregation of sources; however, it has come under criticism due to using clickbait headlines with false information.

An ideal candidate for executive sponsorship of business intelligence (BI) would be someone who has already found success using data to drive value within their department or business unit. Such individuals make great leaders in creating an environment of data-driven decision-making and mentoring others on data analytics strategies. They should have a vision for how BI will benefit the company and be willing to dedicate the necessary time and energy to creating and implementing a BI strategy plan.