Is Business Insider British?


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Business Insider is an American financial and business news website operating multiple international editions. Their UK edition specializes in finance, technology, politics, and strategy news.

It’s based in London.

BI’s UK site covers four key verticals: finance, technology, politics, and strategy. Our UK edition provides real-time updates of international finance news impacting London and Europe’s rapidly changing business environments. It offers insight into London’s most innovative technology companies and start-ups.

This site enjoys widespread popularity across Europe, and the company plans to grow its team of journalists there. Their content blends original reporting with aggregated material, but what sets them apart from their competition is their liberal policy on using anonymous sources and accepting sponsored native advertising.

Recent expansion has necessitated moving to Shoreditch, London’s creative startup district. The move follows 75 global employees joining their London staff led by Managing Director Julian Childs and Founding Editor Jim Edwards, with Dina Spector serving as London Editor to complete the team.

Reach owns it

Reach was established in 1984 and is Britain’s leading newspaper and magazine publisher, boasting iconic brands across England, Scotland, and Wales that reach millions monthly. Furthermore, Reach operates online news sites and mobile applications; their flagship publication is Business Insider, which enjoys widespread European popularity.

This site focuses on global finance, technology, and politics – including London- and Europe-specific developments, UK start-ups with innovative ideas, and regional business news. Furthermore, they employ a dedicated team of journalists focusing on regional news.

Will Martin is the Business Insider UK News Editor, overseeing a team of reporters and editors covering topics ranging from Big Tech to aviation industry news. His expertise covers topics from Big Tech to aviation, Uyghur Muslim persecution in China, award-nominated coverage on elite boxing gang involvement, and in-depth features on Olympic sport modern pentathlon civil wars.

It’s a news site

Business Insider was launched in 2007 and is the fastest-growing business website online today. Their content covers topics related to finance/markets, media/advertising, technology, and career strategy, with special reports on subjects like the future of work and personal finances available as well.

This site enjoys widespread popularity across Europe, ranking second most-read in English-language business news outlets, according to comScore. Its UK edition specializes in four core areas – finance, tech, politics, and society – while its team features senior editors from City A.M. and other leading outlets as contributors.

The UK office is led by Managing Director Julian Childs and Editor Jim Edwards and has ten staff members in London. Coverage includes breaking international finance news affecting the City, start-ups, and technology companies in the country, and elections and political events that reflect a changing business environment.

It’s a magazine

Business Insider is an ever-evolving news site covering financial, media, and tech verticals. Established in 2007 by former top-ranked Wall Street analyst Henry Blodget and DoubleClick executives Dwight Merriman and Kevin Ryan of DoubleClick – now serving millions of users globally – Business Insider also has seven international editions in Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and China that draw approximately five million monthly visitors.

Its UK version strives to offer local insight that other business publications cannot match, with exclusive interviews with local business leaders, regional news, insights, start-up reports and analysis, and coverage of critical political stories that reflect and impact Britain’s rapidly shifting business environment.

Reach is Britain’s leading newspaper and magazine publisher, operating across England, Scotland, and Wales with over 80 magazine titles, 150 newspapers, and multiple award-winning websites spanning three countries. Their iconic brands are at the core of communities across these three countries and an integral part of everyday lives for millions across England, Scotland, and Wales.