What Creative Things Can I Do on Instagram?


Utilizing Instagram’s features to share pictures and videos that engage with your target audience can boost the visibility of your profile, including posting stories, reels, and live videos. How to buy Instagram followers Australia.

Sharing tips and tricks is an excellent way to engage your audience through DIY projects, TikTok hacks, or anything else. A small gesture such as sharing DIY instructions for a more effortless DIY experience or offering helpful TikTok advice will often do the trick!

Ask Your Followers a Question

Questioning your followers can be an excellent way to build relationships. Try asking fun, creative questions about their favorite movie or food and general life topics like whether or not they prefer morning or night shifts.

Use an Instagram Story Questions sticker sparingly (at most every two out of ten times to avoid answer fatigue). Repost the best responses as standalone posts on your main feed; this builds trust while positioning your brand as an authority figure.

Share Tips and Tricks

You can make your Instagram posts stand out by using an online application such as Pablo by Buffer or Adobe Spark Post, which offers various symbols and characters you can add to your posts.

Sharing tips and tricks with your audience – such as creating a DIY floating bookshelf or mason jar vase – will showcase your expertise while developing relationships among followers. This can also serve to strengthen trust between yourself and them.

Encouraging user-generated content requires creating a hashtag for Instagram users to use when posting to this social network, then searching this hashtag and reposting posts from your community with their permission on your Instagram account.

Create a Sneak Peek Video

Video content creation is at the core of any successful Instagram marketing strategy. From product videos, brand storytelling videos, and vlogs – to live streams and vlogs – there are various ways to share your message with your target audience.

Showing your audience how to use your products or services helps build brand recognition and boost customer engagement. One way to do this is to create an Instagram tutorial post using stock photos, videos, or an Instagram Reel template.

Create a Mixed Carousel

Showcase multiple images or videos by creating an Instagram carousel post. This post type encourages followers to swipe through various photos, keeping their attention engaged longer with your post.

Be generous with tips and tricks that will assist your audience, such as how to style a look or TikTok SEO hacks. Sharing helpful advice like this is an effective way to humanize your brand while developing trust amongst the target market.

Mesmerize Design shared an inspiring carousel of glass designs on social media to pique their followers’ interest.

Share a Product Photo or Video

Instagram provides videos up to 60 seconds long, reels of multiple video clips, and stories (images and short videos that disappear after 24 hours) which can help your brand stand out on the platform. Properly using these features can help elevate brand recognition on Instagram.

Use Instagram to highlight your products creatively to engage your target audience, whether this means product videos, flat lays, or a mixed carousel.

Humanizing your business helps customers form bonds with it. One effective way of doing this is by sharing images of your team members.

Share a Photo or Video from an Event

Instagram can help your company promote any event it hosts or is participating in by showing images and videos to prospective customers who may be curious. Potential attendees will learn more about what’s being planned while exploring if it fits within their interests and plans for attendance.

Tributo does this by sharing pictures of its leading crafters working on new furniture pieces, humanizing the brand, and reminding customers that its products are handcrafted rather than mass-produced. Furthermore, Tributo often shares tips related to their industry which help position them as reliable experts.

Share a Photo or Video from a Local Business

When posting Instagram content, variety is vital to keep things interesting and prevent your account from looking too one-dimensional and promotional.

Sharing content from local businesses such as cafes and bakeries is an effective way to connect with your community on Instagram. These posts could include photos or videos taken at local establishments like coffee shops or bakeries.

Product photos might seem like an obvious choice for creating captivating Instagram posts, but adding an eye-catching or humorous caption can elevate them and increase the chance that people share them.

Share a Photo or Video from a Local Event

If your Instagram feed feels overcrowded, make a collage with an eye-catching background to break up the post and add texture and visual interest. Consider using textured walls, water at your favorite beach, or even stunning vistas from home as sources.

PPosting images from events your business attends or sponsors will foster trust between consumers and your brand while simultaneously showing it is part of the local community.

Sharing customer images on Instagram (with their consent) is an engaging way to engage your target audience and expand reach.

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