Weichert Realtors Reviews


To find a property, use the Weichert filters. These options allow you to narrow your search based on the type of property, price range, and amenities. You can also narrow your search by city or region. If you’re looking for a new home in a specific area, you can use the city and region filter to narrow your search even further.

Weichert Real Estate School

Weichert Real Estate School is a school that specializes in real estate courses. Founded in 1980, the school offers a thorough curriculum, hands-on learning, and webinars. Students also have the option to purchase printed course textbooks for $15. The curriculum focuses on the ins and outs of the real estate industry.

The Weichert Real Estate School offers a wide range of courses for both pre-licensing and continuing education. Courses focus on the fundamentals of real estate practice and law. This includes understanding the laws and regulations governing the sale of a home in your state. Students can take these courses at their own pace, or choose a schedule that fits their lifestyle.

Weichert is based in 43 U.S. states, with franchised sales offices in some states. While it doesn’t have real estate offices in all states, it offers listings in several regions. It also has agents in many cities throughout the country. While Weichert may not be perfect, it does provide quality listings and a long history of success.

The curriculum at the Weichert Real Estate School is designed to be flexible. Students can choose an evening or weekend schedule that works best with their schedule. Many students aren’t able to dedicate a full-time schedule to their education. Weichert’s customer service representatives are available to assist students with any issues.

CareerBliss employee reviews

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In addition to compensation, Weichert Realtors employees also share their experiences on their company’s culture, training, and benefits. While most of the reviews on the site are positive, some employees are critical of the company’s work environment or compensation. If this sounds like the right company for you, check out the company’s compensation, benefits, and interviewing procedures.

Salary information

Weichert Realtors is a real estate company with headquarters in NEWARK, NJ. Salary information is available for many different positions. The average annual salary range is $3,958,560, but individual salaries can range from $3,449,835 to $4,540,651. Salary information varies by department, skill level, and location, so this information may not apply to you.

The lowest paying job at Weichert is Referral Associate. These agents earn $23,000 per year. Other Weichert jobs that pay slightly more are Broker-Salespersons and Sales Executives. Sales positions at Weichert earn $46,500 or more a year, or $22 an hour.

Salary information is available for more than 50 cities in the US. On average, Realtors at Weichert earn approximately $84,665 per year, which is slightly higher than the national average. According to ZipRecruiter, Oregon ranks 16th in the nation for Weichert Realtors’ salaries.

The Weichert family of companies provides financial services and real estate services. It helps customers buy and sell real estate, streamlines the delivery of mortgages and home and title insurance, and offers extensive training programs and development opportunities for agents. The company is one of the largest privately owned real estate companies in the country, with more than 8,000 sales associates.