In the verdant landscapes of Long Island, Studio Khora emerges as a beacon of architectural innovation, seamlessly blending the principles of modernism with the finesse of contemporary design.

The Pavilion House stands as a testament to sustainable living, epitomizing the commitment of leading Long Island architects to fuse groundbreaking design with ecological responsibility. In a world where embracing sustainability is imperative, Studio Khora’s creations herald a new era for the architectural landscape of New York and Long Island.

Renowned for its unique approach among Long Island’s architectural community, Studio Khora crafts spaces that echo the minimalist essence of Mies van der Rohe while engaging in the intricate narrative of Derrida’s deconstructionist philosophy. The result is a harmonious blend of form and function, offering a living environment that extends beyond conventional architectural boundaries. The Pavilion House is more than a home; it’s an ode to light and air, a masterpiece where the beauty of nature unfolds in its full glory. Studio Khora’s designs foster a dialogue between the simplicity of Mies and the complexity of Derrida, resulting in homes that are manifestos of architectural fluidity, with vast glass areas that erase the barriers between indoors and out, encouraging a profound connection with the surrounding landscape.

Studio Khora’s work is a proactive response to the climatic challenges facing New York and Long Island, with the Pavilion House’s sustainable framework showcasing the firm’s dedication to environmental harmony. Incorporating renewable materials, energy-saving features, and a design that lives in symbiosis with its setting, Studio Khora not only reduces environmental impact but also redefines the standards of comfort and elegance. In this Long Island sanctuary, sustainability is the foundation upon which every design decision is made, illustrating that luxury and eco-consciousness can indeed coalesce. The Pavilion House paves the way for a sustainable, resilient New York, envisioning buildings that shelter, conserve, and inspire.


Studio Khora is a collective of visionary architects and designers, including specialists in lighting, interiors, landscape architecture, and construction, committed to transcending conventional spatial concepts. With a forward-thinking approach, we collaborate closely with discerning residential and commercial clients to sculpt state-of-the-art architecture, interiors, furnishings, and landscapes set against the backdrop of the world’s most breathtaking coastal environments. Together, we aim to redefine architecture as contemporary art, crafting spaces that resonate with innovation and creativity.

Miami Office: 12000 Biscayne Blvd, Suite #200, Miami, Florida, 33181, USA

Fort Lauderdale Area: 1600 S Federal Hwy, Suite #970, City of Pompano Beach, Florida, 33062, USA

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