Using Google Analytics to Increase Visitors Your Website


You can use Google Stats as a tool to drive much more traffic to your site. Google Stats isn’t just used to show wherever traffic is coming from and also to tell statistics about your website. Many people do not know that you can use Google Analytics to analyze your website and improve your traffic, thus bringing many more visitors to your site.

Firstly you might like to know more about Search engines Analytics and where this came from. In April July 2004, Google acquired Urchin Software program Corp. and formed Search engines Analytics. Google also utilized and developed Measure Chart and integrated it as a portion of Google Analytics. Google Stats shows quite a few statistics useful for web developers, Web entrepreneurs, and online business owners. Yahoo used to market this in another way and had a premium version with their popular tracking software, Urchin, but they discontinued this system on March 28.

Google Analytics can not merely track visitors coming from different sites. It can track website visitors from search engines, referring internet sites, social networks, and people on the website directly. It’s an attractive fantastic piece of software, isn’t the idea? And it’s completely free to use.

More than likely, many guides and reports are written out there intended for Google Analytics, such as using Google Analytics, what it is usually, etc. But this article is entirely different from the rest. This article will tell you tips on increasing your traffic and guide you step by step on how to implement these tips onto your internet site.

Analytics is a great tool to test where the traffic on your internet site is coming from. You can even enter specifics and tell precisely what city they are from, what browser they are using, and the length of time they stay on your internet site. However, these are all beautiful things to find out about your location, though the main parts to look at basically Google Analytics for your internet site are;

Traffic Sources > Overview – It allows you to know how many people have frequented your website and which day they visited it. It also lets you see the percentage associated with direct traffic, internet search engine traffic, referral, or strategy. You can also use Analytics to see how good your AdWords strategy s doing and if it is worth it for you to carry on paying for the AdWords campaign.

Traffic Resources > Sources — Clicking on this tab within the sidebar allows you to see that website is referring to the actual traffic to your site. It helps you to understand where the traffic will be upon us soon so you can focus intensely on utilizing your time and effort on the top-position sites.

Audience > Demographics > Area – This allows you to find out where your visitors are visiting your website from and how long their check-out duration is, among other stats. This is good information to notice which country you want to market your website more to.
Ensure to keep checking Google Stats regularly for changes associated with patterns in traffic. At this point, that doesn’t mean sitting on Statistics for 20 hours every day, waiting for something to change. Only check it out every week or so to analyze the stats and see what traffic solutions you can focus on.

It can be pretty beneficial for you to find out what keywords your people are using to look up your internet site. On the Analytics dashboard, when you first click on Traffic Solutions on the Search Engine part, you will discover what keywords your users use to find your website. It gives you information on the keywords you need to work toward and which you have abandoned.

Ensure you spend more time on the websites that bring you more traffic.

It is one of the main things you can do and the most important things you can do. If you take more time on the websites that offer you more traffic and less time on the websites that do not provide you any traffic, you will exceed. You will primarily be eliminating the sites which bring you less traffic. This is like the Pareto principle, more commonly known as the 80/20 guideline; Tim Ferriss also uses it in The Four-Hour Workweek. This rule suggests 85% of your traffic would come through the top 20% of the websites that refer you.

To check on where the traffic is coming through and which sites tend to be giving you the most traffic, make sure you follow these steps:

Choose which area you want to view the stats of in the Search engines Analytics dashboard. Once you have carried out this, click on Traffic Resources

Once you have done that, click Sources and then click on Recommendations.

You should now see all the sites that have referred a person and which areas tend to be directing more traffic toward you. You may also see how long each consumer is spending originating from that specific site and how many of those users are brand new.

Check out which sites tend to outperform and concentrate on the ones that are probably giving you the most traffic. If Twitter provides you with the most traffic, focus more on Twitter. In case Facebook is outperforming Yahoo, then concentrate more on Zynga.

Start doing more precisely what is working and less of what isn’t working!
Produce considerably more content that is popular with your users.

Check out which information is already popular with your end users. Logically, the content your end users already find helpful and so are viewing the most, they will regard if you produce similar information. If you have a considerably more popular range, it will probably attract more visitors, which could get more people to share your articles, bringing you more visitors.

Here’s how to look at which content is your hottest:

To check which pages are classified as the most popular on your site, look at the Analytics dashboard.
Go through the Content tab into the sidebar and then click on Site Content or any Pages.
When you have done that, you should be able to view each of the stats about your site, which includes which pages are the many visited.
Analyse all the numbers. Develop more similar articles to the pages that were previously popular.
You can also create a survey and ask visitors what content they want on the spot.
Write more articles and also popular content.
Reveal the content on social media websites that is popular
One last item, you should focus on posting fresh content on the days more visitors visit your site. You can surely see increased targeted traffic if you post new articles and content on days that can be more popular with your visitors.

Google Analytics is a great application to analyze where traffic is coming from on your site and how many visitors are usually visiting your site, among many other stats. If you haven’t previously got an account with Yahoo and google Analytics, please click here.

If you have any tips on increasing individual traffic through Google Stats, please comment below! Should you find this article helpful and then please share it!

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