Use Fashion Tape to Stiffen Bra Straps


No longer hike up bra straps or gape blouses with these double-sided fashion tape strips from medical grade adhesive that is hypoallergenic, safe for skin contact, and invisible in fabric!

Stylists advise carrying a roll in your bag to quickly shorten overly-long dresses, close button gaps, and more. Read on to learn when and how this wardrobe-saving tool should be utilized.

Bra Straps

Fashion tape serves many functions, one being to secure straps. When wearing clothing that requires braless wear or your regular bra straps are showing, fashion tape is an effective and invisible solution to help achieve the look you desire without altering garments or altering their fit. Available in various widths and dots options and cutting to size with scissors, fashion tape is flexible enough to meet all of your garment needs without altering its look or size requirements. Those concerned about sweatproof adhesive touching skin may want to select models designed to feel comfortable against sensitive skin conditions when choosing sweatproof adhesive models designed for maximum comfort on sensitive skin types.

One popular solution is a single strip of adhesive tape that can be cut to length and applied over the bra strap to keep it from moving around during exercise, acting like sweatproof tape that’s guaranteed not to move while you sweat through your clothing. According to reviews, however, this kind of tape may not be as flexible or work on all fabrics.

Pre-cut packages of six strips that can be placed over breasts to produce a lifting effect are another popular solution. This product is made from soft and breathable cotton material and provides ample comfort against the skin. Easy to maintain and clean up after wear-and-tear use; users report feeling good even after extended wearing time!

Some women experience difficulty with their straps being too low and digging into their shoulders or having a ring that divides it into two sections (referred to as front and back straps). A band that goes under their bra can help hold it in place while staying snug – bra manufacturers offer these bands in various styles such as adjustable, V-neck, crossover, and more.

GAPING between buttons can also be corrected with fashion tape to ensure a smooth closure and add a professional finish that won’t detract from your outfit. Furthermore, this may help prevent an oversized blouse from sliding off while you wear it!


Fashion tape can be an indispensable asset when you need to add or alter shoe sizes due to a change in shoe sizes, with instant stiffening of hemlines for an elegant look. The best fashion tapes are skin-friendly, so they won’t irritate or otherwise harm your skin during wear; some feature medical-grade adhesive while others come in cotton that’s hypoallergenic versions; plus, there are sizes to suit different clothing items!

To use fashion tape to create a new hemline, first, make sure your garment is clean and wrinkle-free, iron it as needed according to fabric care instructions if necessary, cut a piece of tape that matches its length required, use a press cloth if it material is synthetic to protect its surface before attaching and ironing in place before trimming off any extra pieces of tape that have accumulated after setting in its position.

Fashion tape can help close gaping buttons on a blouse or protect modesty when wearing plunging necklines, so having some handy in your wardrobe just in case something goes awry is essential for emergencies.

Fashion tapes should adhere securely to fabrics and skin without causing damage or irritation during wear. They’re easy to take off, too – remember not to pull too fast, or else damage will be done to garments or skin! Simply peel slowly, starting at one end until all adhesive strips have been peeled away – many brands even provide portable packs so you can keep a few strips handy in your purse for emergency wardrobe fixes when out and about – perfect for fixing hiked-up bra straps or slipperiness of dresses as it will never slip! Definitely recommended for anyone seeking polished looks without sewing mistakes!

Shoe Soles

Shoe soles are the bottom parts of shoes that contact the ground, such as natural rubber, leather, or polyurethane compounds. Their composition depends on your purpose of wear; ballroom dancers may prefer soles that help them glide across the dance floor, while trail runners will need soles that provide grip and support.

Rubber soles are famous as they are water-resistant, wear-resistant, and slip-resistant – all qualities which contribute to more extended durability than other sole types. Unfortunately they do not insulate feet well in cold climates.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) soles are lightweight and boast great shock-absorption properties, making them popular in children’s shoes, beach sandals, summer footwear and sports footwear. While not as hard-wearing as leather soles, EVA soles tend to be softer and less likely to tear easily.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) soles have become increasingly popular due to their distinctive properties, including durability, toughness and formability. Unfortunately, however, ABS soles cannot withstand both high heat and low temperatures – thus rendering them unsuitable for outdoor shoes.

Polyurethane soles are highly esteemed due to their incredible operational characteristics. They’re water-proof, wear-and-tear resistant, fat and oil-repellent and boast excellent elasticity – not forgetting their resistance against ozone and chemicals!

Thermoelastoplast (TEP) is another popular material for shoe soles. TEP is created through injection molding using a mixture of TPE and rubber, yielding more robust, more flexible soles with improved resistance to ozone and chemicals; its elastic qualities enable it to withstand harsh environments like extreme temperatures and friction without cracking under pressure.

Before choosing a company to make your shoe soles, it is essential to verify their reputation and experience. Take note of their portfolio as well as online reviews; additionally, seek referrals from friends or family.

Wrap Skirts

Fashion tape is a stylist-recommended solution to wardrobe woes. Made of double-sided adhesive tape that adheres to fabrics as well as clothing for secure fixes that last throughout the day, fashion tape offers quick solutions for loose hemlines, gaping necklines or bra straps that won’t stay put – with quick fixes that look as though they came directly from boutique. Amazon provides some excellent fashion tape options to shop them today.

Fashion tape should use a medical-grade adhesive that’s skin-friendly and gentle on clothing, with options featuring medical-grade glue for even smaller tasks like securing crochet bikini straps. According to ComposedCo’s stylist Stephanie Gisondi-Little, fashion tape works best on lighter fabrics such as cotton (poplin specifically), silk, and rayon; however if working with denim or wool requires stronger solutions that may not adhere as strongly.

To create a wrap skirt, begin by measuring your garment’s waistline and cutting a strip of bias tape twice as long on one of its edges and half as long on its opposite. Pin this strip along the waistline until everything is straight, even before sewing, with a 3/8-inch seam allowance.

Step 7: Hem Your Wrap Skirt Now

This method makes creating a beautiful high-waisted maxi skirt effortless and effective, allowing you to match it with any look imaginable. Furthermore, you can tailor it perfectly by pairing with your favorite tops!

Wrap skirts are an extremely versatile wardrobe addition and look just as chic day or night. Pair yours with casual tees and sneakers for an everyday casual vibe, or accessorize it with fitted dress shirts and heels to elevate any ensemble.