USAA Bank Reviews


You can enjoy several benefits when you have a savings account with USAA. One is the high-yield savings account. Another is the ability to access your account from any location. And another is the mobile check deposit feature.

High-yield savings account

A high-yield savings account is a great way to save money because it gives you a higher interest rate. Whether you have savings to put away for a significant expense or need some extra cash to cover your bills, a high-yield savings account can help you.

While a high-yield savings account may be an attractive option, there are some drawbacks. For one, you won’t have as much access to your funds as with a regular savings account.

A high-yield savings account is typically federally insured, so storing your money is safe. However, you may face limits on how much you can withdraw each month or even whether you can access your money at an ATM.

You can easily find a high-yield savings account that suits your needs. The first step is to look into how much you can deposit. Many banks will require a minimum amount, so it’s a good idea to shop around to ensure you get the best deal.

Mobile check deposit

The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is a San Antonio bank whose customers are primarily military members. They offer a wide range of services, including insurance, financial planning, and banking. Their slick mobile apps provide convenient access to your accounts, including deposits and transfers.

In the past few years, the United States has seen a boom in smartphones, bringing new ways of doing things with them. One of the more notable innovations is the USAA Mobile App, which allows customers to access their accounts and perform many other tasks, including depositing checks. It also features an auto ID card, allowing users to access their accounts without fumbling for their wallets or keys.

A new feature introduced with the app’s latest version is the ability to deposit checks on the go. This is the next step in a long line of achievements for the bank, which first introduced the concept of remote check deposit via scanner back in the mid-2000s.

Send money

USAA offers several ways to send money to friends and family. Most people use electronic transfers. These transfers can be ordered online or by phone.

For a fee, USAA account holders can also send domestic wire transfers. The amount transferred can be as high as $5,000. There are a few restrictions, so check with your financial institution to find out what you’ll need to do.

When you’re ready to send money with USAA, the first step is to verify your account. This will ensure your information is secure and help keep your money safe.

The verification process can take up to three business days. After this period, you can make your transfer. First, you will need to provide your recipient’s contact information. You’ll need the recipient’s email address if you’re sending money overseas.

Web bill pay

The USAA Bank offers Web bill pay services. This service allows you to send money from your account to anyone through email or text. It also helps you manage your money easier. For example, you can see a detailed payment schedule, including the due date of your bills. Besides being a convenient way to pay bills, the bank offers other helpful tools.

USAA offers an online savings account. With a minimum opening deposit of $25, you can start saving your money. Among the features you’ll find are a fixed APY and overdraft protection. Several types of warranties are eligible for this type of account.

You can set up automatic transfers with this account, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to make payments. You can also make recurring direct deposits.

Customer service

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to remedy the situation. You might just be surprised by the results. While you’re at it, you may wish to check out the nearest USAA branch. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and has locations near military bases throughout the country. Some more upscale facilities are in downtown San Francisco and Los Angeles. You can also visit your local b-to-b branch. For those on the go, the mobile app enables you to do your banking – or at least the lion’s share – on the go. Regardless of where you’re located, it’s a quick and easy way to keep your finances on track.

As far as banks go, the USAA is a pretty good bet. They’re known for their award-winning customer service, and if you’re in the market for a home loan or car loan, they’re a notch above the competition.