Top 5 Mexican Restaurants in NYC


Whether you’re in a big city or a small town, there’s sure to be a Mexican restaurant close by. Mexican food isn’t just tacos and burritos. It includes the cuisines and cooking traditions of modern Mexico.


Located in Soho and Nolita, Tacombi’s is a Mexican restaurant that is perfect for anyone who wants delicious food at a reasonable price. Founded by Dario Wolos, Tacombi started out as a mobile taco stand in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in 2006. In 2010, it opened its first NYC location in the Fonda Nolita building in the Nolita neighborhood.

In 2010, Tacombi moved into a converted Manhattan garage. It has 11 NYC locations and plans to open another 75 in the next five years. In addition to its restaurant locations, Tacombi also has a franchise for a brand called Vista Hermosa, which sells organic tortillas and chips. Tacombi also operates a philanthropic arm, the Tacombi Foundation, which raises money to help support education and food assistance in Mexico.

La Dama

Located in the Mexican city of Puebla, La Dama is a modern Mexican restaurant and bar. It has a fun bar, a great wine selection and an array of tequilas. The menu is a mix of classic Mexican dishes, such as enchiladas and ceviche, with more contemporary flavors.

The restaurant has undergone a major overhaul. A new menu is on the way, and the restaurant will soon be renamed La Dama Mexican Kitchen. While Peggy Magister, owner of the restaurant, has been in the business for 30 years, she’s decided to take a break and pursue other ventures. Her successor will be Emanuel Corona, who has worked with her for twenty years.

Taqueria Coatzinga

Located in the borough’s Jackson Heights neighborhood, this taco stand is a cult hit among taco buffs and taquers alike. With a surprisingly reasonable price point, it’s easy to see why. The menu also features some solid takeout offerings. While the food isn’t to be sniffed at, parking is a bit of a pain. However, there are a handful of subway stops in the area, including the F train at Queensboro Plaza and the A train at Jackson station. So, if you are in the neighborhood and have a bit of time on your hands, give Taqueria Coatzingo a try.


Founded in 1994, Guelaguetza is a Mexican restaurant that specializes in Oaxacan cuisine. The restaurant was the first authentic Mexican restaurant to receive a James Beard award. Its menu offers a variety of Mexican cuisine including tacos al pastor, seafood stew, cedar plank salmon, and horchata.

Oaxacan cuisine is known for its rich, spicy sauces made with fresh-ground herbs and chocolate. The mole is one of the star dishes on the menu at Guelaguetza. The mole coloradito is made with dried chiles and dried fruits.

La Morada

Located in the Bronx, La Morada Mexican restaurant specializes in Oaxacan food. Open Tuesday through Friday, the restaurant offers a variety of traditional dishes. They serve tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and more. They also provide vegetarian and vegan options.

La Morada has become an important part of local anti-globalization activism. The restaurant is decorated with images of immigrant protests and anti-deportation messages. They also work with community initiatives to ensure access to food for those in need.

La Morada has helped a number of asylum-seekers receive food, clothing, and other items. They have also hired volunteers to help with the soup kitchen. They serve 650 meals a day, which is a significant contribution to the needs of the community.

La Barca Cantina

Located on Pier 81 in New York, La Barca Cantina is the city’s first floating Mexican restaurant. It serves authentic Mexican street food favorites and has one of the best Mezcal lists in the city. Its exterior has an expansive outdoor top deck that offers panoramic views of the city. The interior space features two bars and seating. Guests can enjoy delicious drinks and food while taking in the views.

La Barca Cantina focuses on mezcal, frozen margaritas, and Mexican street food. The beverage menu features innovative cocktails crafted using agave-based spirits. The Bucket List Golden Margarita, for example, is a concoction made with Rey Sol Extra Anejo, Damiana, gold leaf, and Yuzu.

Nina’s Great Burrito Bar

Earlier this year Nina’s Great Burrito Bar opened its doors in the Upper West Side. Its predecessor, The Great Burrito, was a neighborhood staple for more than two decades. Now Nina’s Mexican home cooking is back in full swing. And this time it’s been taken to a new level. The restaurant is a full-scale restaurant, with 70 seats inside and an additional 54 outside.

The restaurant was originally opened by Nina Flores, who was born in Oaxaca and has lived in New York for more than 20 years. She and her husband Carlos opened The Great Burrito in 1994. They started as a shoebox-sized restaurant on the Upper West Side, but soon expanded into a full sit-down restaurant. The restaurant was a hit, and the fans continued to come.


Located in New York, Empellon Mexican restaurant is the newest restaurant in Chef Alex Stupak’s empire. His food is a combination of technical skills and imagination. He doesn’t translate Mexican cuisine, but rather builds his own fantasy version. And his desserts are just as magical as his savory dishes.

In addition to its signature dishes, Empellon also has a curated drink menu. Their bar serves an assortment of artisanal Mexican spirits, including 35 different Tequilas. They also offer wine and beer.