Top 5 MBA courses for the Gen-Z in 2022

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For millennials looking to pursue an MBA course in 2022, the core specializations have become a thing of the past. Yes, we are aware of the logic that you can pursue a wider array of opportunities with a core MBA. But you should know that times have changed.

You can do an MBA course today focusing directly on the niche you would like to work in. When you do a core specialization, you have to spend months on probation, before you can convert your position into a full-time opportunity.

In this article, we will look at the top 5 industry-specific specializations to pursue in MBA courses. Let’s start without wasting any more time!

5 new MBA courses you should look out for in 2022

MBA in Digital Marketing

MBA in Digital Marketing is an offshoot of the traditional course in Marketing. The specialization has emerged in wake of a digital revolution in the Marketing operations of top business houses. Most consumers come to know more about products online, and making sure that the information is available to them is the task of the Digital Marketing specialist.

When you do an MBA in Digital Marketing, you can pursue a career in a number of different domains. You can join the traditional industries, the small businesses, or even the booming start-up economy. It is a growing field that is underfed with professionals. As a result, professional opportunities after graduation come with a great CTC.

MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

MBA in Supply Chain Management is also a new domain that has emerged with the demand for specialized professionals in supply chain management. The area has branched out from the larger field of MBA in Operations and has become popular in its own right in the management education scene in India.

To better manage costs, operations of different companies are phased out in different geographical locations. When you do an MBA in Supply Chain Management, you will be working in coordination with the supply and demand of multiple departments of the company. Today, the e-commerce sector is one of the biggest employers for MBA in Supply Chain Management graduates.

MBA in Banking and Insurance

Much like MBA in logistics and Supply Chain Management, MBA in Banking and insurance is also an offshoot of the traditional branch of MBA in Finance. Most finance graduates eventually end up working in the Banking and Insurance sector. As a result, instead of going for an MBA in Finance, it makes more sense to go for a course that is industry-specific.

Today, traditional as well as new private banks are heavily into the insurance business. The demand for professionals in this sector is growing, as Finance graduates can’t fulfill the role without a period of training and probationary period. If you want to jump into the industry right away, then a course in Banking and Insurance will be your best bet.

MBA in Energy Management

An MBA course in Energy Management is also relatively new and it is offered by a few colleges in India. Because traditional sources of energy – like fossil fuels – are depleting every day, energy needs to be managed efficiently to maximize the time of usage. A course in energy management trains you for this and much more.

The best institute for this course is undoubtedly NTPC school of business in Noida. You can also find employment easily after graduating from this course. It is a niche area and there is very little competition in various professional opportunities. It is highly likely that you will be working in the manufacturing sector after completing this MBA course.

MBA in Forest Management

MBA in Forest Management is also a niche course offered by the Indian Insitute of Forest Management in Bhopal. It is one of a kind course that takes up a management approach to habitat conservation. If you’re an environment enthusiast, then this course will be absolutely perfect for you.

After an MBA in Forest Management, you can work in both public and private enterprises, as well as NGOs. Although the relevance of this course is not industry-wide, you will be eligible for several well-paid jobs after completing the course. It is easily one of the most off-beat MBA courses in India today!

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