Tips on how to Properly Remanufacture Your HEWLETT PACKARD 2500-2550 Color Toner Ink cartridges In Just 45 Easy Steps


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Hewlett Packard Colour LaserJet 2500 intelligent technologies print cartridges offer excellent print quality and dependable performance for affordable, professional-grade color printing. It also has brand new advanced toner, ease-of-use functions, and innovative technology has become a plus.

Here is your Step by step “How-to-Remanufacture” the HP 2300 Color LaserJet Toner Inkjet printer Cartridge Instructions:

Let’s obtain straight to the point, not defeating around the bush during this spiel.

First, you will need the necessary Resources & Supplies Required:

Resources & Supplies Required:

o#2 Phillips Head Screwdriver (tool)

o#0 Phillips Head Electric screwdriver (tool)

oSmall Flat-blade Electric screwdriver (tool)

silicon (tool)

oX-acto Knife (tool)

Cotten Clean (tool)

o99% Isopropyl Alcoholic beverages (supply)

oLint-free Cloth (supply)



Here additionally, you will be provided with the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) information:


oPart Numbers: C9700A (black), C9701A (cyan), C9702A (yellow)and C9703A (magenta)

OEM Gram Load: 1100 grams

yield @ 5% protection: 20, 000 pages and min: 32

resolution: 1200dpi (dots per inch)

Underneath are your 45 easy steps to learn how to remanufacture your HORSEPOWER 2500 LaserJet C9700A (black), C9701A (cyan), C9702A (yellow), & C9703A (magenta) toner cartridges.

Step #1:

gently set your toner tube on your workstation with the toner hopper contact end menu facing you.

Step #2:

Take your #2 Phillips-head screwdriver and remove the black screws from the conclusion plate.

Note: The attachment below the creator roller is longer than the other screws on the tube. Ensure the correct screw is employed when reassembling the tube; otherwise, the screw could jam and cause an invalid toner cartridge.

Action #3:

Take out your own personal #0 Phillips-head screwdriver and remove the small screw in the contact end plate.

Action #4:

You should be able to fall the end plate away from typically the toner cartridge.

Step #5:

Rotate the tube at 180 degrees. Get rid of the two screws holding the apparatus housing end cap on the toner hopper.

Step #6:

gently slides the gear house’s end cap from the toner hopper.

Step #7:

Remove the five gears at the end of the cartridge, making the toner hopper brawler drive gear.

Step #8:

The developer and spinning end plate are maintained in place by two anchoring screws.

Step #9:

Take your own personal #0 Phillips-head screwdriver and remove the small silver attachment.

Step #10:

You can slide the developer spinning end plate from the area of the cartridge.

Step #11:

Whatever you do – NEVER lose the round show that sits inside the creator end plate.

Step #12:

Rotate the cartridge by 180 degrees. Remove the attachment holding the developer spinning end plate to the hopper.

Step #13:

Remove the finished plate while holding the actual developer roller.

Step #14:

Remove the developer spinning. Next, remove the developer spinning bearings from the ends of every roller.

Note: Again, anything you do – DO NOT shed the round bearing which sits inside the end dish.

Note: Be sure to clean the programmer using a lint-free cloth together with some alcohol.

Step #15:

To lift the best coverage of the hopper, you have to lift the back of the include off the positioning post found on the backside of the hopper.

Stage #16:

At this point, you can lift off the top include.

Step #17:

Take away the two screws holding the physician’s blade.

Step #18:

Each end of the doctor cutting blades is adhered to the programmer roller end felts. Using your X-acto knife, cut the physician blade away from the programmer roller end felts.

Stage #19:

disengage the get-in-touch spring from the end of the doctor blade.

Step #20:

Lift the doctor’s cutting tool and remove it from its place.

Step #21:

the ends of the medical professional blade are filled with the similar sticky foam found on the HORSEPOWER 4200 wiper blades. It is advisable to clean the blade using normal water and a cotton swab. Be sure to do a thorough cleaning.

Action #22:

For this step, you will need to remove the feed roller conclusion felts from the ends of the feed roller.

Step #23:

Remove the toner hopper fill plug. Now clean your toner hopper using dry out, compressed air, or a cleaner.

Note: Please be very careful any time leaning out of the hopper. Typically the slightest damage to the creator roller-sealing blade could cause the cartridge to leak. This will lead to a messy difficulty.

Step #24:

Using your small flat-blade screwdriver, force the seal exit dock plug out from the toner hopper.

Step #25:

Take advantage of the seal and retract the corner over so that the ship sits above the top of the close-up.

Step #26:

oPlace typically the seal under the feed spinning and press down on the conclusion of the seal.

Step #27:

Gently, yet very slowly and gradually, pull the liner on the seal across the cartridge, rapidly exposing the adhesive.

Action #28:

firmly, press along the edge of the close-up to help the adhesive abide by the hopper.

Step #29:

carefully slides the trail of the seal through the close-up exit port and mount the seal exit dock plug.

Step #30:

Fill the hopper with toner. Then, install the toner hopper fill plug.

Action #31:

patiently remove the space-age foam sealant from both conclude of the toner hopper.

Action #32:

oPlace the cleansed doctor blade onto typically the hopper. Install the two anchoring screws that hold the blade available.

Step #33:

Using your cotton swab, apply some toner dusting (use the same color toner for the reason the cartridge is geared for) to the contact surface on the holes found on each conclusion of the doctor’s blade.

Action #34:

Using your si or caulk, seal the actual ends of the doctor’s edge through the two holes available on each end of the physician’s blade.

Step #35:

gently place the doctor blade and get in touch with the spring on the end of the doctor blade.

Step #36:

Now install the give food to roller felt washers onto the feed roller axle.

Step #37:

You can now pour a small amount of toner onto a lint-free cloth. Use the toner for the programmer roller. Place the developer spinning onto the toner hopper.

Step #38:

Slide the actual developer roller end dish onto the contact part of the cartridge. Then, set up the screw that holds the finished plate in place.

Step #39:

again, slide the programmer roller end plate onto the gear slide of the hopper. Then, install a standard mess and a small silver mess to hold the end plate in position.

Step #40:

Now, place the top cover onto the actual toner hopper.

Step #41:

For this step, you will need to set up the gears on the part of the hopper.

Step #42:

Next, install the gear real estate end cap onto the finish cap onto the end of the cartridge. Install the good threaded screw into the mess hole below the generate gear and a standard container screw into the screw pit toward the top of the finish cap.

Step #43:

cautiously place the contact cap onto the other end cap on the cartridge.

Then, install 3 of the screws that hold up the conclusion cap in place. The large tube screw goes in the attaching hole by the developer spinning, the small silver screw from the screw hole on the bottom of the end cap, and the regular cartridge screw goes in the outlet toward the top of the conclusion cap.

Step #44:

Finally, your last but not a most minor step is usually to replace the chip that can be found on the side of the toner hopper.

Action #45:

oTest the toner cartridge(s).

Note: Just that means, you know, the HP 2200 LaserJet printer takes typically the C9704A drum kit, which includes a monthly duty cycle involving 20 000 pages about the black and 5 000 internet pages on the colors.

Congratulations, you could have completed the process method remanufactured your own HP 2200 LaserJet C9700A, C9701A, C9702A, & C9703A toner carts and cartomizers.

Good luck, and complete each tube as if it were your last. This information is presented to you for both instructional purposes and to also transform your knowledge in the technical region within the remanufacturing industry.


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