The way to Cure Asthma


What is the big difference between God and a Medical doctor? God doesn’t think that he’s a doctor. How do you tell the difference between a Doctor and a banana? If your banana doesn’t decay in 14 days then it’s not a doctor. According to your doctor, bronchial asthma is incurable, or as the Doctor learned after prior years in University, being jealous about the number of women chasing often the quarterback, who your Doctor in very jealous and drunken wrath referred to in his secret work schedule as a “hairy Neanderthal,” bronchial asthma is a “chronic (permanent) inflammation condition of the lungs. Micron The medical schools, along with the big drug companies along with the prominent corporate executives, include pawned off this mortal myth for so long that this description now even believe it.

30 million Americans suffer from bronchial asthma. Does this mean that we should set the blame for asthma on this creator? Did God not know how to create functioning breathing? Are we just representative models in God’s extensive laboratory work? Perhaps without inhalers, many asthmatics would die away. Then the human gene swimming pool area would be freed from this ancestral defect, and many years would evolve into a variety with perfectly functioning bronchial tubes. In the interest of future many years, perhaps you should throw out your puffer and choke to help death, sacrificing your life for any common good. This may bring you into heaven in case you didn’t remember to put your $5 into your collection plate last Saturday. Did Jesus have allergies? Did Jesus ever treat an asthmatic? Did Christ know that asthma was sentenced? Did Jesus go to a health-related school? Did Jesus enjoy football? Was Mary Magdalene a cheerleader for the Jerusalem University Keepahs?

The reasons environmental organizations are going nowhere fast are myriad. One of them would be that the word environmental is a mix of the terms enviro and emotional. No one knows what the phrase enviro means, which results in us with the word emotional. People think that these folks are mental. George Bush’s daddy referred to them as “the spotted owl crowd.” His son George proclaimed that there was no evidence that climatic change existed. Jesus referred to the particular leaders of his day time as snakes, blind instructions, leading us all into the flame. The United States likes to think of itself as the role design for a world that feels like the U. S. because the black sheep of the loved ones is the highest per household polluter in the world.

The reason these pollution groups are going thin air is that people don’t understand what is all about the word pollution. The earth is like a giant Jonestown loaded with people believing that pollution cannot kill them mainly because some Bible writers, scribes, and who Jesus labeled as snakes spewing their dead poisonous lies into your Cryptogramme (Matthew 23) wrote that nonsense in your Bible 3, 000 years ago beside “The Earth does not move and yes it never will” three times.

In the event God wrote your Type, then not only can he/she not create functioning breathing, but he is also very, very poor at astronomy. Does your Type have 2 000 websites of God’s Word without a cure for asthma? Conceivably if the George Bushes acquired paid a little less attention to all their Holy Bibles and checked the Greenpeace website once or twice, Greenland, Antarctica, and the Chilly would not now be shedding into the world’s one marine, which would shortly cause the ocean level to rise 50 foot leaving nothing left states except the peaks regarding Vail, which will be prime beachfront property.

In the Holy Holy book, God commands the slicing away of the foreskin, certainly not the foresight. An ounce of prevention is worth any pound of cure, especially when there is no cure for allergies. The pollution, the allergens of poison in the air we usually breathe into the lungs, like deadly air-borne cyanide, hemlock, and crocodile venom, get into your bronchi when you breathe the air, which inflames your lungs in addition to asthma. If you want to get away together with poisoning children’s lungs by having deadly poison chemicals to make sure they cannot breathe then offer a poison a name this no one understands, like a “carcinogen,” a cancer-causing element

coming out of the exhaust conduit of your car like a round which hits its goal and then explodes ten years in the future in your lungs and then slowly but surely eats you alive within the excruciating prolonged death. It turned out announced yesterday that with Beijing, the site of the future Olympics, where the smog is indeed alarming that more car accidents result from low visibility than side effects of msg; over 100 000 China people died last year from indoor air pollution in their skyscrapers from the chemicals gassing removed from their carpets, furniture, and also poor ventilation. Who would

like to open a window inside Beijing even if the office properties did have windows? Mid-air in Beijing is so filled up with poison gas that the hundred-yard dash at the 08 Olympics has been shortened to be able to 10 yards. What is the big-deal searching for a cure for Aids in South Africa? If everyone remained a new virgin and only acquired sex with their spouse there would be no sexually transmitted ailments. Is this a secret staying deliberately held from the Cameras people? You cannot break often the laws of nature, but if you act as you do it will break you.

Mold is a fungus, a smallish airborne animal that can be seen when magnified over the lens of a microscope. Many molds exist in dynamics, and we breathe it out of all time in small amounts, and our physical structures can handle it. However, in more substantial quantities, or people having immune systems weakened using all of the poison we inhale, inspire every day, these molds which will we breathe in that increase in numbers in our lungs and digestive: tracts, these molds bring about allergic reactions, aka tightening on the airways, aka chronic allergies, chronic bronchitis and severe emphysema leading to death. The conclusion of chapter 14 of the Book of Leviticus proposes that in some cases when all these molds get into the solid wood walls and stones in your home, you must tear down your house and rebuild it.

Doctors, my spouse, and i. e. allopathic doctors can treat the symptoms of your allergies and not the causes. Allergists can diagnose you with shape allergies and inject anyone with mold for your five years of ineffective and distressing treatment. Respiratory specialists give you cortisone inhalers which cause a yeast infection, candida, yeast, decay, and disease in your throat, which your bloodstream then carries to each organ in your body, including your voice, thereby aggravating the problem along with making the doctors and the pill companies rich. Jesus led everyone to sell all their possessions and then give all their money to the poor. What are Christian doctors? Are there any Christian believers?

Here is the good news. Go to your naturopathic doctor, your doctor associated with naturopathy. Take the best from precisely what both traditional and holistic doctors have to offer. Holistic doctors should be called conventional doctors since they are the physicians who use herbal remedies that have been used and are tried and true because, before biblical times, they were recommended in the Bible. Among the numerous cases of breathing difficulties caused by breathing in air-borne mold, there is a herbal treatment that can cure it. Essential oregano oil has been scientifically proven to kill bacterial infections that penicillin cannot kill, infections that “nothing” can eliminate, and molds, yeast, and fungi. Many drugs are artificial preparations of

herbal remedies, flower medicine put on earth by simply God to save your life. Olive oil of oregano with sage and cumin taken in supplements will kill off the shape and remove the root cause of asthma; tiny animals have their way through your voice as they eat wood and stone. It is necessary much you clean the exterior. Your bloodstream will take typically the Oregacyn capsules (oil involving oregano, sage, and cumin – search “legacy”), which you’ll buy over the internet or in the health food store to every part of your whole body, including your lungs, and get rid of the mold and get rid of asthma. It is also acceptable to take nondairy acidophilus, the healthy bacteria in your body which beats again the mold, and NutriBiotic grapefruit seed extract capsules, which also kill typically the fungus. Years ago, Doctors arrested naturopaths for doing voodoo medicine, and the Govt threatened to ban herbs as

being unsafe. (Some are generally unsafe. Check with your naturopath and your doctor, and your nutrition store to see which ones. ) These days many drugstores appear more like health food stores than drugstores. In the fight for power, management, and money in medicine and religion, it is always the patient who else ends up as the big loser. When the 200 countries on Earth choose to make World Peace they might do it overnight at the Un. Unfortunately, your Holy Écrit and your religious leaders restrict it. Also, the weaponry manufacturers own and are tugging the strings of the political figures. They will never allow Globe Peace until nuclear globe war III causes the actual extinction of all life in the world forever, which will end asthma once and for all. Consider it radiology theology coming to your rescue.

Karen Fish is a writer currently living in La California. The Temple of affection The World Peace Religion.

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