The Michelin Rating System


The Michelin rating system is used to evaluate restaurants in a standardized manner. It has five criteria that should be met to be awarded a star. These include the quality of the products served, the mastery of flavor and cooking techniques, the personality of the chef, and consistency across visits. In addition, the inspectors who inspect restaurants may be identified, which can help people recognize a star-rated establishment.


The Michelin rating system is an international standard for rating restaurants and hotels. While the criteria vary from region to region, each star signifies a high standard in three areas: food quality, presentation, and service. Michelin restaurants are evaluated on these three factors and must meet strict criteria to receive a Michelin star.

Michelin restaurants are regularly reinspected and stripped of their stars if they don’t live up to their standards. A recent example is the Michelin inspectors stripping a star from a New York restaurant run by Gordon Ramsay, which reportedly reduced the chef to tears. After losing stars, restaurants can try to reclaim them in the following years’ Guide. However, Michelin inspectors don’t publicly disclose the exact criteria used to judge a restaurant.

Bib Gourmand category

The Michelin rating system’s Bib Gourmand category rewards restaurants with exceptional cuisine at more affordable prices. Unlike star-rated restaurants, where the price is not an issue, Bib Gourmand restaurants must serve a three-course meal for less than a specific price. This price is determined based on average prices in the area.

Michelin has long emphasized its inclusive philosophy when determining which restaurants are worthy of Bib Gourmand’s status. Since introducing the Bib Gourmand symbol in 1997, the number of quality restaurants has increased. Additionally, the quality of service has increased, and Michelin inspectors have noticed an increase in friendly establishments, making Bib Gourmands an increasingly desirable choice for diners.

Last year, 67 California restaurants received Bib Gourmand awards. Of these, most were in the San Francisco Bay Area. But Michelin has also recognized restaurants in other California counties, including San Diego and Monterey counties. New Bib Gourmand restaurants include Canon in Sacramento, Guerilla Tacos in Los Angeles, and Yafa in Monterey.