The best way to Properly Remanufacture Your Hewlett Packard C4182X Toner Cartridges In Just 20 Easy Steps


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Step-by-Step “How-to-Remanufacture the particular HP C4182X” Instructions:

Why don’t you get straight to the point? Simply no beating around the bush within this lecture.

First, you will need the mandatory Tools & Supplies Necessary:

Tools & Supplies Necessary:

Phillips Head Screwdriver (tool)

oSmall Flat Blade Electric screwdriver (tool)

oSmall Hammer (tool)

needle nose Pliers (tool)

o5/32″ Drift Punch (tool)

anhydrous Isopropyl Alcohol (supply)

soft Lint Free Fabric (supply)

Here you will also be provided the OEM (original products manufacturer) information:

HP 8100:

oPart Number – C4182X (high yield)

OEM G Load – 1100 gr

yield @ 5% insurance coverage – 20, 000 web pages/min: 32

resolution – 1200dpi (dots for every inch)

Below are something of the 20 easy steps to remanufacture your HP 8100 LaserJet C4182X toner cartridge.

Move #1:

oFind and may help cartridge clip on both tips of the cartridge using a modest thin flat screwdriver. Delicately pry up on the show until it pops up, then pry the other end away from often the cartridge gently while performing the clip in an all-the-way up and downward position.

Observe: These shows will likely break while they are being dismantled. If this happens to break, simply affect the clip with an aftermarket part. You might want to re-use the springs from OEM (original equipment manufacturer) clip.

Step #2:

Using a hammer and hit, knock the two locking codes inward until they autumn inside.

Step #3:

oYou can now separate the two halves of the cartridges. It may help lock pins from the interior (the longer pin moves on the large drum gear side).

Step #4:

oSet often the toner hopper aside. If, however, you have a waste hopper installation, set the waste hopper in it. If not, place the hopper on your work area; drum experiencing upward with the large carol gear facing you.

Move #5:

The drum axle is a metal rod that goes through the center of the carol end to end. Using a wander punch and a hammer, touch directly on the shaft (larger gear end) and push it toward the other end.

Note: On the more significant items end of the axle is a small white plastic maintenance ring. Make sure you don’t drop the retaining ring. The particular ring fits into the groove on the drum shaft to carry the shaft into its appropriate position. Continuous removal wears this ring and will no longer snap into position. In the event, the ring does snap, buy a new toothbrush.

Step #6:

oRotate the particular hopper at 180 certifications and pull the carol axle the rest of the way out. And then remove the drum from the waste material hopper. If you intend to re-use the drum, wrap that in a protective paper or perhaps cloth and set it beside in a dark, protected spot.

Step #7:

oRemove the principal charge roller from its clips, clean it using a soft cotton cloth, and make it aside for now. Clean your PCR saddles with a natural cotton swab and alcohol.

Phase #8:

oRemove the two Phillips head screws holding the particular wiper blade and eliminate the blade. Do not break your Invisalign aligner positioning posts or drop the two white plastic machines. Empty the waste hopper and clean it using a vacuum or compressed atmosphere.

Note: Be careful not to damage the particular recovery blade or polyurethane foam seals, only
replace it if possible.

Step #9:

Now it is possible to either replace or clean your wiper blade and reinstall it at this time. Clean the PCR with a soft cloth and also reinstall it. Place the melody in the correct position and also reinstall the axle as well as the white plastic axle band.

Step #10:

oSet the particular waste hopper aside at the moment. If you have a toner hopper fixture, place the toner hopper inside or place the toner hopper in your work area.

Move #11:

oRemove the two anchoring screws holding the end cap for the gear side of the toner hopper. Depress the small cheap clip and slide the bottom cap off.

Note: The career of the gears is for reassembly.

Step #12:

swivel, as well as turn the cartridge all around. Remove the two screws which hold the end cap on and may help the cap by depressing the microscopic plastic clip.

Step #13:

oLift out the mag spinning. Remove the mag roller stabilizer and mag roller sleeve from the non-gear side with the mag roller.

Step #14:

oRemove the two longer sterling silver screws that hold the doctor’s incisor and lift it out.

Observe: Be careful not to break up the plastic alignment pins and lose the two small Spgs behind the doctor’s blade.

Move #15:

oDeposit the remaining toner from the toner hopper in addition to vacuuming or cleaning having compressed air. Clean the magnet’s seals with a vacuum as well as compressed air. Clean the toner sensor bar lightly, along with a cotton swab and booze. Be careful not to bend the bar.

Move #16:

oAt this point, or else you are going to seal this ink cartridge, you can fill it having toner now through the magazine roller opening. Then go up to the next step. If you want to split in addition to sealing the toner hopper it must be done on the weld line.

Step #17:

After splitting the hopper and installing a gasket seal, add the toner through the fill plughole and reinstall the plug. Use rail clips or hopper clips to re-attach the two pieces of the hopper together, being careful of the proper alignment.

Step #18:

oPut the doctor blade back in with the two silver anchoring screws and the blue plastic hook on the right. Clean the permanent magnet roller with the compressed atmosphere or ma roller solution and carefully reinstall inside the hopper with the drive items to the left.

Step #19:

Now reinstall both end limits with their screws. Note: the particular magnet inside the magnetic spinning must be in the proper placement to align with the “D” tailored on each end cap.

Phase #20a:

oHang in there; most likely almost done. For the ultimate assembly, position the waste material hopper and the toner hopper against each other and put them in the locking pins and clips. Note: The very long pin goes on the large carol gear end.

Step #20b:

oTest the cartridge.

Great job, you have completed the method to remanufacture your own HORSEPOWER 8100 LaserJet toner cartridges.

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