The best way to Learn Your Keyboard Short cuts!


Knowing your shortcut keystrokes should be the number one priority when you start studying to use your computer but sad to say, with the advent of the computer mouse button, learning your shortcut keystrokes seems to be less of a priority plus much more of a luxury. The bizarre thing about knowing your current shortcuts is that you can be around 5 times more efficient than someone that does not know them.

The actual question is how you can discover them effectively and successfully.

Well, the bottom line is practice…

Training, practice, practice, and more training.

However, there are some basic principles it is possible to follow which will help you master your current shortcuts. The first thing you must do is always to identify the shortcuts available in the application you are making use of. Let us take, for instance, Microsoft company Office. Actually let us be a bit more specific, Microsoft Phrase 2003. In Microsoft Phrases 2003, there are literally above 200 plus keyboard techniques, but the downside with Microsoft company Word is that not all are easy to locate or recognize.

So how do we find out the keyboard shortcuts…

The first, as well as the simplest way to find out what shortcut keystrokes do, is by searching at the drop-down menus. Should you glimpse the File menu inside Microsoft Word 2003 you will observe that as you scan along the menu you will see a variety of letters next to each command word. For example, next to the Help save command is the text : [Ctrl] and up. [S]. What this is, indeed, is a keyboard shortcut that will do the same work as selecting the Save command word on the menu.

What you will also discover is that not all of the orders in the menu have shortcut keystrokes. Do not allow that to be able to mislead you, though. In reality, every command in the Data menu has a shortcut keystroke. For example, the shortcut keystroke to get Save As is, in fact, [F12]. Using the function major [F12] will probably open the Save seeing that dialog box and allow someone to give the file you are implementing a new name.

Some other degrees of shortcut keystrokes that are available in that menu but are not very well documented are the Close command line. The Close command has no written text next to it, but you can undoubtedly close a document without employing the mouse; you make use of the shortcut keystroke [Ctrl] + [W].

Finding out these shortcuts can be tricky. One spot that one could go to that will help you identify several of the shortcut keystrokes available in Microsoft company Word 2003 is in the guide system. Generally, you enter a question into the help process, and it will return the correct command line and the documented shortcut keystroke. To get help in Microsoft Concept, go to the Help menu in addition to choosing Microsoft Office Concept Help from the drop-down selection or if you know the technique keystroke, use it. Just as a touch, the help keyboard shortcut is definitely [F1]. One of the things I use noticed is that quite often the particular shortcut isn’t provided inside help, in particular for orders located on toolbars, however in the truth of Microsoft Word, Microsoft company has provided us with an excellent tool that, when turned on, think the keyboard shortcut just by shifting your mouse pointer within the toolbar icon.

The first thing you must do is select the Tools food selection and then choose the Customize command word from the drop-down menu. Inside the Customize dialog box, you need to choose the Options tab. You will observe towards the bottom of the discussion box a command that will say Show Shortcut tips in Screen Tips. Should you select the check box, ensure we have a tick in it, as this may activate this function and after that, choose the OK button. You can find that as you move your current mouse pointer above any of the toolbar icons, it will eventually tell you the associated shortcut keystroke to use that command line. For example, if you move your actually mouse pointer over the Formatting Painter icon on the Typical Toolbar it will tell you often the shortcut keystroke is [Ctrl]+[Shift]plus[C], but what besides you will notice is that some of the building on the toolbar does not have short cuts. This does not mean that there are not any keyboard shortcuts for that command line; it simply is a situation everywhere Microsoft has chosen never to show the command.

For example, in the event you move your mouse tip over the Print Preview command line, you will notice that there is no technique next to the toolbar well-known, even though you can often activate the Print Preview command employing shortcut keystrokes. Why not try that out – [Alt] + [Ctrl] + [I], which toggles you actually into Print Preview style and out? Now to uncover shortcuts like this, the only natural means is to go back to Microsoft’s Web page and search through their Microsoft company Office Online help method, which can be a laborious activity.

Alternatively, there are lots of guides and also cheat sheets available on the web that will help you identify all the shortcut-pressed keys you need to use your applications. If the application you are using is not typical, then undoubtedly, talk to the company that produced the application and find out if they have any cheat sheets.

Once you have determined all the shortcut keystrokes you require, the next task is always to STOP using your mouse. We recommend you put your current mouse behind your computer display and try out just how significantly you get without touching that. It does take a while, but when you have mastered the keyboard shortcuts should find that you will be able to utilize the computer 5 times more effectively, and folks will be amazed at your computer user-friendliness, speed, and agility.

Understanding your keyboard shortcuts is essential, and those who carry out invest the time in learning these find that they will be more employed and more effective and thrive in the workplace. That is why many qualification programs, like the Microsoft Business office Specialist programs, require the person sitting the official certification exams to know their keyboard set shortcuts. I can provide you I have sat many exams, and you can not cross the exam without knowing your keyboard shortcuts.

Chris Ce Roy is the Managing Home of One-on-One Personal Computer Schooling. His company provides a collection of Microsoft Office Cheat Pillows and comforters to help individuals learn all their keyboard shortcuts. He can download the Microsoft Concept 2003 Basic Cheat List, Microsoft Excel 2003 Essential Cheat Sheet many more that can be purchased now. Others will be available before long, so why not visit his web page at Microsoft Office Consultant Authorised Testing Centre for instructions on One-on-One Personal Computer Training?

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