Site Design – How to Seek the services of a Designer to Build Your Web site and Not Get Ripped Off


So, you will hire a designer or a design company to build an internet site for you.

You’ve made the right choice (but since I’m an artist, I would say that, wouldn’t I) – however, like most deals, there are a lot of so-called “professionals” on the market who are far from it.

Several simply don’t have the technical knowledge to back up their design and style skills, most don’t have any form of marketing expertise – they might build you a website that will look fantastic but is not bring in a red dollar because it takes 10 minutes to launch that bandwidth-sucking Flash cartoon they did for you.

By the time your visitor (who’s with dialup) has decided they’ll not wait and have left your blog.

There are some “web designers” who will take your money and not comprehensive the project because they don’t have the expertise or the time/inclination – or worse, blatantly rip you away and not do the work at all, quickly changing their number so you can’t get in contact with these individuals.

And worst of all… many designers’ work is just simply crap.

Sorry for being frank… but it’s true!

Therefore, how can you protect yourself if hiring a web designer or corporation?

Regarding web design, qualifications tend to be not worth diddly squat!

You will discover no recognized industry-standard accreditation in web design. If someone needs to go into the computer support/networking arena they know they need to prefer becoming a Microsoft Certified Process Engineer (MCSE) or a Carbonilla Certified Network Administrator (CCNA).

These are qualifications created by program and hardware companies to be certain people using their products determine what they’re doing. And to make extra income for the company, of course!

60, there are no overriding institutions when it comes to web design. The nearest you could also be qualifications from Microsoft company on using FrontPage (their web design software) or Ceramic ware on using Dreamweaver (their web design software) as these usually are two of the most prominent “players” already in the market.

However, having a qualification this says you know how to operate some software doesn’t mean you may design a website. For instance, I am just a successful web designer and have been intended for 4 years, but My spouse and I don’t have a single web design diploma.

Another thing to note is what will the designer’s website look like. Would it look like they’ve spent a little while designing it, or would it look like a standard template of their software?

Also, does it appear they have the skills to create your internet site? Obviously, this may be difficult to analyze if you have no technical qualifications in HTML, etc . but you may be asking yourself what is your “gut reaction” about them.

Can they explain in simple language precisely what they might do for your project? Whenever they start bamboozling you using techno-jargon and geek-speak and are also unable to talk to you in a fashion that you can understand, walk away.

It is possible to standardize their work stock portfolio? Do you like any of the website patterns listed there? If you do not have a portfolio, cannot demonstrate any of their work or cannot refer you to previous customers, walk away! Don’t risk building your shed on an unproven designer. Allow someone else to take that danger.

Are the websites they’ve constructed easy to use? There’s no point in creating a website with a beautiful search navigation system if it’s to be able to use – visitors only will go somewhere else. Ask them questions such as “Will my website become 100% compatible with all the main browsers? ” (They ought to answer “Yes! “)

Establishing Your Budget

Before you start looking for website designers, you need to know how much you plan for the project – as well as stick to it. By all means, allow an additional 25% as a contingency towards potential problems (but avoid telling the web designer you might have this, or they may get you to spend it. )

Make sure you tell the creative web designers you’ve shortlisted; you need a quote for the job in general – not an hourly pace. Don’t ever take on an internet designer (or programmer, for your matter) for a significant venture, and pay by the hour rapidly. You’ll end up broke.

Be sure to draft a “Work Intended for Hire” agreement that specifics everything the web designer will perform for you, any deadlines you might have agreed upon, and the price you will pay.

If you don’t have a “Work For Hire” agreement about the file you can use, contact your authorized advisor or check out AutoWebLaw. com.

You’ll soon see web designers are charging ludicrously low figures and makers charging the equivalent of a small place’s GDP. You could post some bids on a freelance site and acquire quotes for $100 via designers in India or maybe Eastern Europe or speak to a high-flying web design company that is likely to come to the country and get quoted 50 bucks, 000.

Personally, I’d steer clear of companies or designers with both ends of the array – you’ll probably be reasonably safe price-wise somewhere hidden inside. At the end of the day (like most things), you pay for what you receive. So if you want a professional, encountered web designer who also has to promote knowledge, you’ll have to pay rapidly, but soon uncovering it will save you money in the long term.

Package Offers

Lastly, for no reason, buy a package deal with a website design company or company that contains the actual domain name, web hosting, and other trading accounts. Should you fall out with them for about any reason, they will have total control over your website and may do anything with it.

Also, since they are doing everything as a bundle they’ll want to minimize their own expenses and will usually buy the fundamental, cheapest options to ensure they keep hold of the most cash they can. And it will almost certainly return to bite you on the… erm… hand.

Purchase your own domains, web hosting, credit card processing as well as autoresponder accounts, so they may all be in your name. When the project has been completed, and the website design company isn’t on a monthly retainer-like, change all the passwords, so they no longer have access.

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll get your website when you want it at the cost you want to pay.

Nick Cruz is the top UK immediate response web designer and has caused some of the most prominent Internet Marketers, such as Yanik Silver, Jim Edwards, and Michael Holland.

His UK web design and development consultancy, Instant Extremely Sites, regularly creates sites that make their owners thousands of dollars each month. (His record for a customer is $179, 940 in one month. )

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