Primer on Designing YouTube Banner


Growing your YouTube following requires a well-designed YouTube profile. It’s a crucial initial step in promoting your YouTube channel and one approach to increase the number of people who watch your videos. Consider your preferred YouTube channels. What do all of them share? Well, except for the vast number of subscribers.

Their profiles most likely include a distinctive, attractive YouTube banner. You can tell what their networks will provide you from just one glance. Additionally, it offers their profiles a polished look.

Since we already know that banner is essential, we need to employ specific tips when using a youtube banner creator. Below are some of these tips.

Tips For Using YouTube Banner Creator

We have tried to collect universal tips. You can apply them to a channel with any content.

Choose a YouTube banner design that works with your goals

You may start with a few simple YouTube banner designs. By separating your banner into pieces, you may include many photos in your banner if you wish to. Keep in mind the recommended YouTube banner size for this design. An asymmetrical layout might seem more carefree and amusing.

Provide a glimpse of what your channel’s viewers may anticipate

If you write about traveling or are a vlogger, your YouTube banner may let viewers know they can look forward to more of your experiences. People should be able to get a quick overview of your channel’s focus from the design, slogan, and pictures you use.

Incorporate your company’s motto or phrase into your YouTube banner

What is your slogan on YouTube? What would be the gist of your channel? What is the main value you offer? Your YouTube banner should include your catchy catchphrase. On the top or bottom of their banners, YouTubers will place their slogan. Keep your slogan to one phrase to prevent clogging up the style of your banner.

Simple is best when designing a YouTube banner.

A translucent overlay may make the text stand out from the backdrop. A square icon should be placed on top of your text, and you should then change the symbol’s opacity such that the background picture is visible. For instance, use only a picture as the backdrop of your YouTube banner and your title.

Pick a typeface that corresponds to the tone of your channel.

Your typefaces may convey information about your channel’s tone, fashion, and subject. Some typefaces have a more trustworthy, classic appearance, while others have a more relaxed, whimsical appearance. We relate various typefaces to various sectors. Serif typefaces, for instance, are more characteristic of more established sectors like publishing and insurance, while sans serif fonts are more typical of IT firms.

Use High-Quality Images

To comply with the YouTube banner size requirements for templates while maintaining clarity and visibility, the pictures you use in your YouTube banner should have a minimum resolution of 100–150 dpi. A fuzzy picture may destroy an otherwise excellent design. When adopting your original photos for your YouTube channel, make sure they are high resolution when you upload them since most stock picture websites will provide photos of good quality.


If you’re just starting with your channel, we recommend evaluating the work of your competitors. This way, you will understand what to offer your audience and how to attract their attention. Follow our essential list of tips to take the first steps toward developing your channel.

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