Next in Fashion Season 2 Reviews


Netflix’s reality competition series Next in Fashion returns for a second season with an all-new cast of designer hopefuls. Hosted by models and Queer Eye fashion expert Tan France, each episode will showcase ten designer hopefuls vying to become fashion designers.

Gigi and France work hard to make their show entertaining for viewers, yet its format can sometimes become tedious. Furthermore, they use prior knowledge about contestants when making their judging decisions.

Gigi Hadid and Tan France

Gigi Hadid recently made her name known by joining Netflix’s Next in Fashion as co-host, an exciting fashion competition show with celebrity contestants that has some similarities with Project Runway but an added celebrity twist. And this season should prove exciting!

As soon as she debuted this season, 20-year-old model Janine Vanier quickly made an impressionable mark when replacing Alexa Chung as host and co-host for its sophomore year. And it appears she’s made all the necessary tweaks to make this season better than its first.

She and Tan France, two Queer Eye stars, also share an apparent rapport from episode one. From making cutesy nicknames for each other to gently teasing one another, their natural bond can be seen from start to finish. Plus, they share unselfish humor, not overtly self-important or pretentious- similar to Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins from Great British Bake Off hosting duties!

Next in Fashion premiered on Netflix in 2020 and ran for one season before it was canceled; however, Netflix eventually revived it as a second installment with Tan France no longer sharing hosting duties with Chung; instead, Gigi Hadid has joined him as co-host!

Season 2 trailer reveals that designers will present their weekly designs before an array of celebrity guest judges, such as Bella Hadid (Gigi’s sister), Candice Swanepoel, Emma Chamberlain, and Donatella Versace herself, not to mention other well-known fashion designers lending their expertise.

On Friday, fans can stream episodes on Netflix starting at 8 am GMT. Check out the trailer below! Natasha Bird is the Executive Editor (Digital) of ELLE UK and an avid viewer of reality television shows related to cooking, beauty, or design. She enjoys well-made sandwiches and sarcasm, feminism, and friends with good humor; she currently lives in London with her husband and their two cats.

Donatella Versace

Aspiring designers compete in a series of challenges designed to take them outside their comfort zones and reveal their strengths, judged by both the show’s hosts and prominent fashion community figures like Donatella Versace – this season’s guest judge!

Following Fashion has one significant advantage over most reality shows – it doesn’t center around drama and pettiness, making the presentation much more engaging. Instead, its focus lies on design – how each designer can bring their visions to life is what keeps audiences coming back week after week for another episode of Next in Fashion.

Contestants are paired up and must complete two challenge designs during each episode: a wearable look with an accessory (optional); a runway outfit. The winners of each round receive a prize of $200,000 and the opportunity to launch their collection with Rent the Runway; South Korean designer Minju Kim won this inaugural round and debuted her collection on Net-a-Porter.

Gigi Hadid will join Tan France of Queer Eye as co-host for their show this season. Together they make for an engaging duo – they offer warm support of designers while engaging in friendly banter – each episode begins with an episode-appropriate skit!

Judges in Season 15 are equally impressive, featuring fashion royalty like French designer Olivier Rousteing, model Bella Hadid, actress Candice Swanepoel, social media influencer Emma Chamberlain, and Donatella Versace herself! The guest judges will assess different challenges each week to decide the winner.

Season 2 of Netflix’s hit reality TV show Fashion Star debuted this month and has received excellent reviews from critics and viewers alike, with some calling it the best reality TV in years! Other viewers laud its fast-paced editing and lively music while seeing the latest fashion trends and discovering some of today’s hottest up-and-coming designers.

Ashley Park

Next in Fashion is back for season two on Netflix, with Queer Eye star Tan France taking over for Alexa Chung as host. Supermodel Gigi Hadid will replace Bella Hadid as guest host. Additionally, Next In Fashion features numerous guest judges from across fashion – renowned designers such as Isabel Marant to Vogue contributing editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson have each appeared. There’s something here for everyone!

The inaugural season of this show premiered in January 2020 and saw Korean designer Minju Kim emerge victorious, beating 17 other contestants and receiving $200,000 worth of investments and the chance to sell her collection through Net-a-Porter. For season two, which will span ten episodes this time, contestants will compete individually rather than pairing off.

Bao Tranchi, Deontre Hancock, and Nigel Xavier were selected from among 12 initial designers as the final three who would create eight looks in three days to take to the runway in Next in Fashion’s challenges and ultimately emerge victorious; Nigel Xavier’s Woodstock-inspired looks and showstopper were what won him over to become champion of Next in Fashion.

Since winning the competition, Xavier has been busy working with celebrities and championing diversity. He recently hosted CultureCon and showcased his work at Tommy Hilfiger’s denim event in New York City; additionally, he’s become adept in working with patchwork techniques and textile manipulation methods.

This season will include more than just Gigi and Tan as guest judges; models Helena Christensen and Candice Swanepoel, as well as content creator Emma Chamberlain, will serve as guest judges, while fashion influencer and blogger Gabriella Karefa-Johnson (best known for her YouTube show The Style Edit and roles in Hulu’s Mamma Mia! and Netflix’s Emily in Paris) is set to make an appearance. She has worked with various fashion brands and written for Cosmopolitan, Elle Nylon Harper’s Bazaar, among other publications!

Emma Chamberlain

Chamberlain, 21, has amassed over 1.5 billion views on YouTube as an influencer and creator. Her online empire includes her podcast, coffee company, and endorsement agreements with companies like Cartier. Her vlogs often depict her traveling across America and internationally for work or leisure – giving viewers a peek into her glamorous lifestyle.

Chamberlain is also highly skilled at fashion design; she debuted her dresses to great acclaim when they debuted on Instagram last year. In this Netflix show, Chamberlain competes with other fashion designers to create outfits for each challenge set against them.

As the show unfolds, she faces increasingly complex tasks – from designing a collection for Rent the Runway to becoming one of ten finalists decided by judges’ scores; ultimately, the grand prize winner receives $200,000 and a spot on Rent the Runway as an online boutique offering designer clothing rentals.

Next in Fashion is not designed for fashion purists. With its neon aesthetic and nonstop hip-hop and pop background tracks, Next in Fashion’s neon aesthetic and constant hip-hop and pop music backing tracks can quickly become tiresome; At the same time, its hosts (Gigi Hadid of Queer Eye and Tan France from Queer Eye, respectively) seem more focused on clowning around than developing natural chemistry between themselves; its designs tend to cater to influencers rather than discerning customers.

Nigel, one of the season’s finalists, stands out as an exception to this pattern of overdone offerings from his competitors with pieces such as an inventive safari suit reimagined for Usama Malik as well as oversize patchwork jeans that can fit up to six people – more intricate yet ingenious designs than what most other competitors provide.

At times, however, it can be hard to take this show seriously when guest judge Donatella Versace makes her critiques playful, and hosts move back and forth like dancers on a dance floor. Still, though, its worth giving this season a look for its stunning visuals and refusal to bend to reality show conventions in favor of artistic credibility, one particular highlight being when contestants showcase their creations at the Met Gala.