LifeStance Health Review


LifeStance Health is an in-network provider for most major insurance plans and offers telehealth, medication management, and psychiatric services and is in-network with both Medicare and Medicaid.

Some established patients have expressed displeasure at improper billing practices and are being charged even after discontinuing care, with former employees attributing this problem to confusion and mismanagement in the billing department.


Lifestance Health is an in-network provider for several of the major insurance carriers, such as Aetna, Beacon/Value Options, Cigna, and Magellan, and has its primary revenue from in-network commercial payors. Lifestance also participates with most hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers, and their out-of-network providers can only balance bill you up to your plan’s in-network cost-sharing limit (other exceptions apply – please visit Lifestance’s website for details). Lifestance uses your information for treatment purposes, communicating with insurers, conducting business operations, and practices described on their privacy policy page.


In-network providers have agreed to offer services at a specific rate with your health plan. At the same time, out-of-network care may result in balance billing for any difference between what the health plan pays and their actual charge for care – typically more than in-network costs for similar services and possibly not contributing towards meeting deductible or out-of-pocket limits.

Psychotherapy (also referred to as therapy or psychotherapeutic) is an approach used to address mental and mood disorders. Therapists using this treatment method include psychologists, therapists, and social workers – however, none of these professionals possess the authority or capacity to prescribe medication, unlike psychiatrists who have this capacity.

During a Goldman Sachs panel discussion on Wednesday, Lester publically took service plans off the table as Lifestance conducted its long-range planning process on Wednesday, emphasizing expanding through new hires rather than acquisitions.


Pricing on Lifestance’s website isn’t published, which can be an obstacle for prospective patients. Some established patients have also reported billing issues after stopping treatment – likely caused by an insufficient supply of high-quality operational staff who don’t receive adequate pay and company support – thus negatively affecting employee morale and patient satisfaction.

LifeStance’s Privacy Policies indicate that they may use personal data collected to contact individuals about products and services offered by LifeStance and for other business-related activities. You can see more details of what information will be used on their Privacy Policy page.