Just how Cloaking Your Links Could help you save Both Time and Money


You’ve pretty much seen them in posts, websites, etc . and
possibly clicked on a few of them. If you have been in affiliate
marketing, maybe you have even used them by yourself… or at least
you should have. Because it could help you save both time and money.

What Now I am talking about are cloaked online links. That is,
small PHP files that hide your referral ID, username, new member #,
etc … and/or lessen the full URL.

How Do Many People Work?


Usually often, the HTML file you use to help cloak your affiliate WEBSITE
forwards the user to the precise affiliated website just instances
after clicking your cloaked link (or entering the item into the web
browser). Often the HTML file can also be frame-based, meaning that it
will your affiliate URL in a covered frame so the user will probably
only see the URL to the cloaked link and not often the URL of the
a website that you are directing the user to.

Will it be Purpose?


Many corrupt people will do anything they will to prevent
affiliate marketers from receiving their commission for their tricky
work. When people see a web page link that they recognize as an online
link, they might cut your username off and buy from the
website, or even worse, some might replace your username by having
theirs and take your cost.

Also, some people might be miserable clicking on a link they
understand as an affiliate link.

Just what link would you rather select:




Lab tests have shown that up to thirty of all affiliate commissions are usually
STOLEN by people who change their link to “buy at a
discount,” and it’s a critical problem.

How Can You Prevent That will?


If the service you happen to be affiliated with uses cookies or perhaps other
tracking devices by using a cloaked link that refreshes to the
affiliate URL must make sure that you get the commission/
affiliate you deserve. Because after the user clicks your cloaked
link and is redirected to your affiliate URL to a sandwich with your
referral ID will be saved on the user’s personal computer, and the user should
end up being less likely to succeed in stealing your current commission.

Here is a sample of the HTML code you can use to create an HTML PAGE
the file that refreshes in your affiliate URL:

Loading… you should wait

Loading… please

hang on

If you are not redirected in 15 seconds

click here.

Just change “http://www.YourAffiliateURL.com” with the referral
LINK your affiliate program gave you.

Still, if your affiliate service/program won’t use cookies or
for anyone who is not sure, it would be safer to work with framed
cloaked links mainly because then the user won’t, as always, see your full
affiliate URL, in addition, won’t be able to cut off your referral ID.

Here is a model of the HTML code you can use to manufacture an HTML
the file that positions your affiliate URL in an invisible frame:

Name on your affiliate program

(Note from article author: In order for the HTML code to appear
correctly, I’ve added “#” signs. If you intend to apply this code
remove the “#” signs. )

Just swap “http://www.YourAffiliateURL.com” with the referral
WEBSITE your affiliate program gave you. Change the
title to the actual name of your affiliate program and something
else you think is correct.

You should know, though, that people are invariably trying to get
passed the cloaked links, so there is certainly not a 100% way of making sure
of your rightful commissions. Although using cloaked links will probably
definitely decrease the chance of you losing out on a percentage.

But How Can It Save Time?


Now that we certainly have seen how cloaking your current links can save you money
how does it save you time?

Correctly, I realized this just lately when I decided to drop out of your
particular affiliate program. I had been advertising this program
on several areas on the internet, and the URL I got promoting was
a cloaked link I had created in the domain.

You can understand that I no longer wanted to promote a plan I
was not affiliated with. So I was looking forward to at
least a half hour or so of searching the internet regarding places where I
had set a link to this program and also either change it or erase it.

But that’s after I realized I didn’t must hurry and delete just about all
these links so I would not be wasting money and credits on this
program. Just about all I had to do was visit my website and also edit the
HTML record I had created to cloak the particular program’s URL and make the particular
file direct people to one more URL I was comfortable advertising.

I could then, later on, after I had the time, get the places
where I had been advertising the program and update the information.
I could even skip when I didn’t want to, of course, if the
information promoting that will URL wasn’t misleading or relevant to the
new URL. Yet even if you want to update the data or delete
the link at times, you can’t. For example, on particular places
where you buy text message links, etc .; then as opposed to that link
promoting a plan you’re no longer affiliated with, it’s possible to
promote another website without the significant effort.

* Idea: Even after you’ve gone through websites where you had
put your cloaked link and removed that. I would recommend keeping
the record on your domain because there could be a few “ghosts”
left out presently there on the internet who still have the URL to this file.

Also, in the event the product or service you’re promoting adjustments, its
affiliate system, in addition to using a different URL to have
commissions, you can effortlessly update the URL because of your
cloaking file – and you should not lose commissions through an old,
unusable link in existence on the internet.

Resources To Help You Hide Links


If you don’t realize how to create HTML files in addition to editing them or in the event
you don’t trust yourself to apply it, there are many services
available to assist you:

* AdTrackz Software (highly recommended). This one creates a

frame-based cloak file automatically, in addition to javascript-encodes the

source computer, which makes it close to impossible for people to help

steal your hard-earned cost:


* Affiliate Web page link Cloaker – makes it all easy and secure:


3. NameStick – cloak traffic with an easy-to-remember area:


* TinyURL instructions cloak a link with just one click:


* shortly – like TinyURL, however, with statistics too:


3. CJB. net – among several other free forwarding services in existence:


* Here. Is definitely – another free forwarding service:


* No cost. Tk domain – ensure you get your domain for free; rather cool:


Here are some sites that provide you with a cost web space where
you can fit your cloaking HTML data:

* http://www.geocities.com

* http://www.angelfire.lycos.com/

* http://www.tripod.lycos.com/

*… if you’d like more places do a new Google search.

Although free web spaces are nice I would recommend positioning the
cloaking files to your domain, where you have total management
and don’t risk losing your files or being hindered by bandwidth
limits. I really would recommend these internet hosting solutions > >

1. Host4Profit – 300 MB webspace, 10 GB bandwidth, great support:


1. iProBuilder – set up any profit-pulling website in a day or

less… – endless storage space!:




As an extra bonus, while you are using your cloaked links to be able to
promote on various websites, you automatically increase your
search engine rank because of all the incoming backlinks to your
domain; ) As well as, you’ll also be increasing your Alexa ranking
because of the different webpage views.

So, to save the two of you time and money:

* Cloak your current affiliate URL using the strategies and services I

stated earlier

* Promote that cloaked link wherever you can

1. Cash in those more extensive percentage checks

*.. and if you determine to leave the program, change that one

the file you designed on your domain: )

Appreciate you reading.

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