Just Fashion Now Review


Just Fashion Now is an online store of CHICV International Holding Limited that specializes in selling trendy fashion products with boutique quality. Their assortment includes dresses, tops, outerwear, lingerie, and swimwear.

Target provides eligible items with a 15-day return window and offers either money back or store credit if it doesn’t meet expectations.


Just Fashion Now is an online fashion boutique that promises trending styles at boutique quality while collaborating with emerging designers to offer collections of creative, fashionable pieces. Furthermore, Just Fashion Now prides itself on being an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible company that prioritizes its customers and protects our planet.

Just Fashion Now has been operating online since 2017, earning a stellar reputation for providing cutting-edge clothing trends at reasonable prices. Through flash sales and discounts, Just Fashion Now ensures shoppers can find fashionable apparel at discounted rates and offer an extensive collection of shoes and accessories!

Customers looking to place orders must first register and create an account on the website. This makes this simple by enabling users to log in using email addresses, Facebook accounts, or Google+ profiles. Furthermore, a mobile app allows customers to shop anytime without creating an account – giving users access to fashion listings without needing to log in first!

Just Fashion Now’s shipping service is quick and efficient. They pledge that all orders can be prepared and dispatched for shipment in three business days, while delivery times depend on your chosen shipping method and destination country.

Just Fashion Now stands out in its customer service offerings as well. Their FAQ page contains answers to many of the most frequently asked questions, while their contact form allows customers to directly reach a customer support representative.

Just Fashion Now offers free shipping on all orders; however, their minimum order requirement of $99.00 may seem somewhat steep for an online fashion store; most other stores tend to have much lower standards.

Just Fashion Now’s primary issue lies with their returns and refunds policy, where customers have reported receiving inferior quality items with little recourse for refunds or exchanges from Just Fashion Now – leading some customers to label them as scam artists.

Returns and Refunds

One key element that establishes the legitimacy of any store is how they handle returns and refunds. Just Fashion Now boasts an attractive 15-day return policy, enabling customers to either get money back or exchange for another size/style; however, some customers have complained that their orders never arrived or looked nothing like expected; these negative experiences led some customers to label Just Fashion Now as a scam.

Just Fashion Now doesn’t offer an open-and-shut return policy. Still, they clarified that they would only refund or replace products with apparent defects listed on the product description page. Furthermore, refunds can only be given within 15 days after delivery; any returned after this deadline will only receive partial reimbursement.

Just Fashion Now offers an equitable return policy and a safe shopping environment by employing secure socket layer (SSL) technology to safeguard all sensitive information against unintended access and disclosure. In addition, they use various other security measures to protect customers’ financial details.

China-based fashion site DHGate specializes in women’s apparel, including dresses and shoes. Working closely with emerging designers, this site offers cutting-edge styles at highly affordable prices. Furthermore, DHGate hosts flash sales where customers can secure significant discounts on the company’s most sought-after items.

Just Fashion Now offers excellent customer service that is responsive and friendly; their team strives to find a solution tailored to each customer’s needs. In addition, there is an expansive FAQ page with answers for many common inquiries; their site can even be broken down into topics for quick navigation.

Just Fashion Now offers an easy-to-navigate website and knowledgeable customer support representatives, making them an excellent choice for anyone seeking an online fashion retailer that is safe to shop with. Since 2016 Just Fashion Now has been an established legitimate business that has worked safely 2016.

Customer Service

Just Fashion Now is an online clothing boutique specializing in trendy apparel at competitive prices, providing customers with a large selection at low costs and flash sales and discounts to help save more money. Their website is user-friendly, with an easy search function, providing customer support via phone or email.

Just Fashion Now has garnered many positive reviews but has received its share of complaints. A common gripe about Just Fashion Now is poor quality clothing which makes judging quality difficult when viewing photos online alone. Other issues include high return shipping costs and a lack of transparency when handling refunds.

Before making an online purchase, it is wise to carefully assess an online store’s legitimacy. Just Fashion Now is an established retailer which has been operating since 2017. Their website is easy to navigate, and their products offer competitive pricing with various colors and sizes available on-site.

Just Fashion Now offers customers convenient purchasing capabilities through both its website and mobile applications, with both offering user profiles to make shopping faster. Furthermore, the app features a personal profile feature to streamline browsing more effectively. At the same time, the website provides chat functionality – credit cards and PayPal are secure payment methods that customers can utilize safely on Just Fashion Now.

This website also provides a wealth of self-help resources, including FAQ pages that address frequently asked questions (FAQs). These are organized by topic for easy navigation and include issues like Account, Products, Ordering & Payment, Shipping and Handling, Coupons & Discounts, and Returns & Refunds.

Just Fashion Now offers a relatively fast turnaround time on refunds, though its return policy doesn’t permit returns of lingerie or swimwear items; moreover, its high return shipping cost to China makes returning unwanted products costly for customers.

Just Fashion Now goes beyond offering low prices to ensure sustainability and social responsibility. They use certified organic cotton, safe & fair labor standards, plastic-free packaging, and OEKO-TEX nontoxic dyes; furthermore, they support local communities where their suppliers reside.

Payment Options

Just Fashion Now is a legitimate online store offering trendy yet budget-friendly fashion items, from dresses, tops, bottoms to shoes and accessories. Prices are highly competitive, while promotions often tempt customers to buy more from this store.

Just Fashion Now’s website is easy to navigate, and registering with it is free. Once registered, you can choose to log in via either your Facebook or Google account to access both mobile apps as well as access its full range of website products via desktop devices or use its search function for something specific before adding it directly to your cart and checkout with Just Fashion Now.

Customers can shop items through Just Fashion Now using multiple payment methods, including major credit and debit cards and e-checks. International shipping options are also available and estimated delivery dates depend on item type, selected shipment method, and destination country.

Just Fashion Now’s products are sourced from independent international designers and brands, providing shoppers with something fresh to discover whenever they shop on the site. Their website features a search bar to make it even easier to locate what you’re searching for!

Just Fashion Now offers more than clothing – they also carry accessories and shoes! Customers can search by category or filter by brand/style to browse these selections or even use their search engine to locate specific types quickly.

Just Fashion Now’s customer service may be top-notch, yet its return and refund policies leave much to be desired. At the same time, they do not charge restocking fees or shipping costs at customer expense for returns made within 15 days. In addition, proof must be presented that the item(s) are damaged or defective before returns will be accepted for processing.