Jamie Foxx’s Health Update


Jamie Foxx has spoken out since being hospitalized with an undisclosed medical complication in April. The actor — who co-stars in Glenn Close and Cameron Diaz’s Netflix movie They Cloned Tyrone — shared an emotional video to social media tonight.

He credits his family and Nick Cannon, who joined Foxx’s music game show, for helping him navigate the crisis.

He’s Feeling Better

Jamie Foxx appears to be progressing steadily following an undiagnosed medical incident that led him into hospital care. Although unable to work, the actor has recently been seen looking his usual dapper self. Although still not at total capacity as an actor, Jamie is reportedly working on various projects from home that can be completed from there.

Foxx has been keeping his family and friends up-to-date on his condition and appears to be making steady progress toward full recovery. While he has yet to speak out publicly about it, he did share a post thanking all those who had stood by his side during this challenging period.

Foxx thanked his sister Deidra Dixon, daughter Corinne, and medical professionals for taking such good care in treating him, along with fans for their love, support, and patience in helping with his recovery.

Sources close to the star told PEOPLE that after his health scare, the actor has been steadily recovering in a Georgia facility. Although his hospitalization occurred while filming Back in Action, its production continued as scheduled without disruption. An actor double was used during filming to ensure his absence would not impact other cast members.

Kerry Washington and Martin Lawrence have shown their support for Jamie Foxx. At the same time, he recovers, sharing messages on their social media pages in their time together in Ray (2004) and Django Unchained (2012), respectively. Kerry shared an Instagram post featuring an old photograph with Jamie as her caption reads, “@jamiefoxxappreciation post sending all our love and prayers my movie hubby.”

Though its cause remains unclear, sources indicate that Foxx’s medical crisis was more severe than disclosed publicly by him and his representatives. Per one source, the actor may have suffered from a stroke, which can be fatal without immediate treatment; his loved ones remain hopeful for a swift recovery yet brace themselves for any outcomes that may come their way.

He’s Stable

As Foxx continues his recovery from medical issues, he receives support from friends and family. Corinne quickly shared an update on her father’s condition: he is “out of the hospital and doing great.”

Although Foxx hasn’t addressed his condition since being hospitalized in April, he posted a video message for fans overnight on Friday night. In it, he apologized for not having much to say and thanked his sister and daughter for keeping him going during this challenging period. Additionally, he addressed rumors that he was blind or paralyzed to assure everyone that this was not the case.

In the video, he thanked his fans and family members for their love and support. He expressed gratitude to them for keeping the cause of his hospitalization to themselves to not cause more trouble than necessary. He stated they didn’t want any disruptions.

Foxx was filming Back in Action in Atlanta, Georgia when he experienced medical complications that temporarily suspended filming once hospitalized. However, production resumed with his body double standing in as his substitute.

Foxx would later confirm to TMZ that she experienced an adverse reaction from taking the COVID-19 vaccine, although she remains reluctant to discuss what happened precisely. Her representative confirmed it, but she would only provide limited details.

The good news is that actor James Franco is out of hospital now, though he will still need to spend more time at home. According to sources at PEOPLE, doctors have advised him to lower his stress levels so he remains healthy and virus-free when released from care.

Many celebrities have taken to social media to support Foxx, including Dwayne Johnson, Kyla Pratt, Martin Lawrence, Gabriel Iglesias, and more. Kevin Hart issued a public plea asking his listeners to pray for Jamie Foxx this week on his podcast! With all this love being shown his way, it’s evident that Foxx’s condition continues to improve daily.

He’s Back to Work

Jamie Foxx experienced a medical emergency earlier this year, leaving many curious about the details and his recovery process. While Foxx has kept most of this information private, his family has assured fans he is doing better and back at work.

Corinne revealed in a social media post by her father that the actor had been hospitalized and treated for various health complications following hospitalization. After recovering his health, he has returned to filming new commercials.

On Instagram, actor Eddie Cibrian recently thanked everyone for their love and support during this trying time. In particular, he thanked his sister, Deidra Dixon, and daughter for standing by his side during this challenge and all the great medical people who made this possible. Additionally, he extended thanks to those who came by his hospital room.

After his health scare in May, actor Ben Affleck has been tirelessly working towards returning to public view. In May, he was seen visiting a physical rehabilitation facility in Chicago and filming a commercial for BetMGM in Las Vegas.

More recently, TMZ reported that the actor was filming his Netflix movie Back in Action and looking great! They noted he waved goodbye to fans on a boat full of admirers on the Chicago River.

Foxx also shot a scene for his upcoming game show Beat Shazam this week; however, production will resume under a different host while Foxx recovers.

Even after the turbulent events that unfolded in April, the actor looks forward to his future projects and returning to the limelight with a positive mindset. He hopes to continue inspiring fans and fellow celebrities in his career in the entertainment industry; ultimately, his perseverance and positive outlook enabled him to overcome such an ordeal.

He’s Thankful

Foxx was hospitalized a few months ago following an unknown medical complication, with his family keeping details about his recovery “airtight.” Recently, he shared a message on Instagram thanking all the well wishes he has received since breaking his silence.

Foxx appeared visibly emotional as he expressed his thanks to everyone for their support, specifically Deidra Dixon and Corinne, for being there for him during this difficult time, their love and dedication helping him overcome it all. Foxx’s post was accompanied by heart and praying hand emojis, which fans responded positively to with many stars, such as Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer, sending their best wishes his way.

Foxx did not reveal what medical issue caused his hospitalization in April; however, he refuted speculation that he might be blind or paralyzed and denied that his weight loss may have anything to do with medical concerns.

Though still recovering from his illness, Foxx is making more public appearances. A video posted to Instagram earlier this month showed the Ray, and They Cloned Tyrone actor enjoying some time out on the water with friends before ending with him wishing his fans a great day.

Foxx has been busy since his health scare, filming two new movies and series for film and TV and being cast to narrate an upcoming documentary film about legendary recording industry figure Clarence Avant. That film will be released sometime in 2019.

Foxx has made time for family and fans despite his busy schedule, including a recent apology for an offensive Instagram post that some saw as antisemitic and sharing an Instagram photo featuring his family to wish followers a Happy Holiday Season. Foxx has also been very active recently on social media, posting several times within just the past week alone to Instagram; as well as giving updates about his health, he also publishes pictures/videos/commentary of his children and shoutouts to colleagues.