Is the Dark Web Available on Google?


The dark web is an area of the Internet that is password-protected and can only be accessed using specific protocols, providing users with content not found by search engines like Silk Road and its successor sites. Check out to know more

Google recently unveiled that Gmail users in the US could now conduct a scan to determine whether their email addresses appear on dark web portals; eventually, this feature will expand globally.

Search Engines

Google is unveiling a new service for Gmail users in the US that will scan the dark web to detect any instances where personal information has been disclosed, notifying and providing guidance to strengthen online security if an email address has been discovered there.

The “dark web” refers to content not indexed by traditional search engines and requires special software. While some material on the dark web is illegal, some resources help people bypass censorship and surveillance measures.

Not Evil is one search engine that plays on Google’s former slogan of “Don’t Be Evil.” Other privacy-focused options are DuckDuckGo and Elude’s anonymous email service – these can all be combined with Tor to make tracking your activity even harder for outside parties.

Onion Websites

Although onion sites appear similar to mainstream websites, they’re distinct entities not part of our Internet experience. Their domain names end with. Onion serves as an anonymous hidden service locator through the Tor network.

Library Genesis stands out among these websites by offering an expansive digital library of books and articles (make sure it’s not protected by copyright before downloading anything!).

Facebook also offers an onion site to make their services available in countries where access may be dangerous or restricted without fear of reprisals from authorities. Onion Links provides a practical resource by listing working. Onion websites directly. Tor Metrics also lets you see how many people use the Tor network!

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

A VPN tunnel encrypts all data passing through it, making it harder for attackers to spy on you and mask your location to circumvent content restrictions.

Businesses employ VPNs to securely link remote workers with internal systems without compromising performance or security, but now consumers can also benefit from this technology.

Selecting the ideal VPN depends on your unique needs and budget. When assessing potential candidates, features to look out for include a generous selection of servers and locations, device support options that include p2p connectivity, no log policy support, and free trials that allow you to test them out before purchase – one such VPN offering free trials is ProtonVPN with its vast network of over 1,750 high-speed servers spread over 63 countries as well as apps available for Windows PCs, Macs iOS Android Linux TV.

The Hidden Wiki

Even with its negative connotations, there are valid reasons to use the dark web. These include evading online surveillance, communicating with those living under oppressive regimes, and reporting corporate crime.

The New York Times launched an onion service in 2017 to make its journalism more accessible in countries where governments censor social media. Meanwhile, BBC also offers a dark web version of their website.

Another popular dark web website is Dread, similar to Reddit but without any identifiable signup process. Here you can submit queries that other community members will attempt to answer, but be wary that some sites may contain harmful material and malware-ridden pages, so exercise extreme caution when using any dark web website.


Freenet is a peer-to-peer network that enables users to freely exchange information without fear of government authorities or corporate organizations shutting them down. Unlike file-sharing systems, Freenet relies on a distributed data store rather than one central server for storage; instead, it keeps multiple copies of each file across various locations.

Though not wholly encrypted, the software has robust security features that make it difficult for attackers to trace users and allows anonymous uploading/downloading of files.

Users can utilize Freenet to publish “free sites,” participate in forums and communicate via email. They also can choose darknet mode – creating an international friend-to-friend network that authorities cannot sever – and connect via a sneakernet if their restricted Internet access has been cut off from the global network. The Shoeshop plugin is also supported so that users can click.

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