How Often Should You Service Your Air Conditioning?


Regular maintenance for air conditioning units is crucial. Without standard service, dust and grime build-up in fan, filter, and coil systems could affect its operation resulting in reduced efficiency of the process and costly repair bills. The best guide to finding Aircon servicing Singapore.

Maintaining your aircon regularly is the best way to increase its efficiency and save energy costs, as well as prevent minor problems from becoming larger ones that cost more in the long run.

Air conditioners, as with any electrical appliance, require periodic maintenance to function effectively. Otherwise, dust and dirt build up in fans, filters, and coils could reduce efficiency, making it harder for your AC unit to keep your home cool.

Experts note that every year without servicing, your aircon loses about five percent of its original efficiency. Regular servicing helps prevent this decline by discovering and correcting minor issues which might otherwise become much more significant issues down the road.

Regular servicing will improve the air quality in your indoor space while saving energy costs. Unfortunately, dirty aircon units must work harder than necessary to cool your room, increasing electricity bills significantly. To protect against this, clean the filters without invalidating the warranty; do so biannually or more frequently, depending on usage patterns.

Type of unit

Air conditioners are essential in providing comfort during humid and hot climates, helping people live more comfortably while protecting them from heat intolerance or diseases. Therefore, your aircon should belly to keep running smoothly and avoid discomfort and potential heat-related illnesses.

If your AC hasn’t been adequately serviced in some time, dust and dirt may collect on its fans, filters, and coils, reducing their efficiency and making it less effective at cooling your home and potentially leading to higher power bills. As a result, cooling effects will diminish while energy bills could go up due to this reduced performance.

A professional aircon servicing company should perform comprehensive checks of your blower, motor, drain line, operating pressures, temperatures, refrigerant levels, and coils of your air conditioning system. In addition to washing its condenser – something DIYers may attempt but could lead to further expenses or even invalidate warranties – while inspecting electrics, refrigerant levels, return, and supply lines before cleaning the condenser quickly without dismantling it altogether.

How much do you use it

Regular maintenance is vital if you rely heavily on your aircon. When left unused, dust and dirt build up will reduce efficiency leading to high electricity bills and expensive repairs in the long run. By servicing it regularly, you can restore a significant portion of lost efficiency, saving money in the long run! Fallon Solutions recommends scheduling complete services every 12 months.


Regular maintenance on your air conditioning will keep it operating at peak condition, extend its operational lifespan and potentially help mitigate issues and save you money in the long run.

Without regular maintenance, your air conditioning system could lose up to five percent of its efficiency yearly. As a result, filters become clogged while condenser coils become dirtier and less effective – inefficiencies that increase your electricity bill and leave a larger carbon footprint on our environment.

With regular maintenance visits from a professional technician, minor problems can be addressed before they become more significant and expensive, giving you maximum return on your investment and keeping you cool throughout the summer.

Aircon maintenance will help to ensure that your unit is operating efficiently and distributing fresh, healthy air throughout your home or office, helping ensure you and your family remain healthy by preventing health problems that could arise from an ill-maintained AC unit.

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