In Vogue: The 1990s Podcast – 90s Grunge Fashion


Grunge fashion from the 1990s, featuring plaid flannel shirts, worn-in jeans, and combat boots,, is coming back. In Episode Two of In Vogue: The 1990s podcast, join Hamish Bowles, Nicole Phelps, and Laird Borrelli-Persson as they examine this generation-defining style.

Grunge emerged out of the Seattle grunge scene, spearheaded by Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love of Hole band, reflecting Generation X’s disdain for conformity with messy hairstyles and uncoordinated makeup.

Plaid Shirts

A plaid shirt is an iconic component of grunge fashion. Often worn loose and baggy, with frayed edges or upcycled pieces for a unique aesthetic. Perfect for adding some grunge to any wardrobe, this comfy staple pairs effortlessly with combat boots or Doc Martens for men – while women may opt for ripped jeans and slip dresses instead for grunge style.

Flannel clothing hails from lumberjack roots and was first widely seen in thrift shops in Seattle, where the grunge movement originated. It became an instant classic due to being warm, soft, and affordable – all qualities which helped increase its popularity over time. It now worn both at work and casually for fashion purposes; its oversized fit pairs well with combat boots, combat pants, and even denim jackets for an authentic grunge aesthetic.

Kurt Cobain inspired grunge fashion, but other influential figures like Kate Moss and Miley Cyrus helped spread it further. Beauty trends during that era also contributed to this movement – women favored darker lips and deeper eye contouring while they often sported minimal makeup covering freckles, blemishes, or pores because it was seen as part of their individuality.

Music also played a substantial role in fashion during this era, with grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam having a profound effect on fashion trends of the time. Their influence created an aesthetic associated with grunge music which reflected in fashion styles of the time; grunge was associated with feelings of disapproval toward society and consumer culture which manifested themselves through clothing worn at this time; the counterculture movement often celebrated “dirty girl” aesthetics which celebrated not conforming to current standards of beauty.

A-Line Skirts

A-line skirts are an essential piece in grunge fashion. Women find them desirable because they create a fuller appearance while lengthening legs, and this style comes in numerous colors such as black and maroon. Many add belts around the waist for additional definition; others add bows or tiaras for an extra feminine touch. Other popular choices are slips, Mary Janes, and Peter Pan collared skirts.

A circle skirt is an indispensable addition to any grunge ensemble, as its versatility makes it suitable for pairing with different tops and jeans styles. Wear it with stripes or plaid patterns for an eye-catching combination, or more relaxed occasions, wear it ripped jeans tied around your neck as part of an outfit with a flannel shirt tied around its neck for an authentic grunge aesthetic.

Grunge clothing was primarily developed by Generation X as they became disillusioned with the side effects of economic prosperity during the eighties and desired to reject societal classes. They believed that human worth wasn’t determined by money or property and sought ways to express themselves individually through clothing – with Seattle becoming mainly well known for grunge bands forming.

As part of their style, 90s grunge fashion featured ripped and bleached denim jeans. Finding a pair to complement this aesthetic can be tricky; thrift and second-hand stores may provide excellent opportunities to find suitable vintage teams that have seen better days – it is best to avoid purchasing any too pristine or new pieces.

Accessories were an integral component of the grunge movement. Both men and women adorned themselves in necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and chokers to showcase the style. Famous examples of grunge jewelry included black braided tattoo chokers; large simple cross necklaces with simple crosses, silver or colored band rings of various sizes or colored band rings – some women even layered necklaces for dramatic effects!


Overalls were an integral part of 90s grunge fashion for both men and women alike, providing a casual yet fashionable way to dress casually yet still look fashionable and cool. Overalls could be worn with anything from flannel shirts or band tees; thrift or second-hand stores are the best places to find overalls, as they will likely be cheaper than new jeans and offer you the opportunity to customize the grunge effect yourself by adding holes yourself if desired.

Plaid flannel shirts were an integral component of the grunge fashion movement. Tied around the waist or worn unbuttoned over graphic T-shirts, this look originated in the Pacific Northwest with lumberjack roots. Later influenced by music scenes such as Seattle where bands often purchased clothing at thrift stores that had this outdoorsy aesthetic and inspired by these plaid flannel shirts.

Denim jackets and overalls were another prominent aspect of this clothing style, frequently worn together with combat boots to give an offbeat and rugged appearance. Today’s streetwear has revived this fashion style.

Bandanas and beanies were among the most sought-after accessories during grunge fashion, often pairing well with any ensemble to give an authentic appearance. Beanies could keep hair off of one’s face during warm weather while adding some sexiness to an ensemble. Dark lipstick was often popular for grunge fashion, while heavy eye makeup was often seen worn. Women might also sport piercings or tattoos to complete the look.


Grunge fashion became immensely popular among teenagers and young adults during the 90s. Inspired by thrift store clothing ranging from old flannel shirts and worn jeans to loose, oversized outerwear pieces. Grunge was particularly influential among Seattle thrift shops, with designs ranging from lumberjack t-shirts to feminine dresses representing its spirit.

Grunge style was defined by oversize flannel shirts for both men and women alike, often covered with holes and worn-looking. When combined with jeans and combat boots, these pieces could complete an ensemble nicely. Furthermore, accessories like black braided tattoo chokers or large simple cross necklaces could add flair as could a few colored band rings worn on each finger for that added final touch.

Color choices often favored earth tones such as brown, red, and gray; this was in stark contrast with the brighter hues and floral prints that were popular at that time. Grunge style became an aesthetic favorite with musicians from the Pacific Northwest such as Nirvana and Soundgarden; actresses including Liv Tyler of Aerosmith fame and Rachel Bilson from Empire Records quickly adopted its aesthetic as well.

Grunge fashion is making a comeback today. Fashion designers are creating collections that feature oversized flannel shirts and jeans as part of their collections, using plaid in subtler ways like lining jackets with plaid fabric or adding it as an accent fabric on clothing pieces – this makes trying out this look easier without appearing forced. A softer variation includes pastel hues such as pink and purple; ideal options for those concerned about too much plaid going unchecked!


Twitch streamers and anime fans who appreciate an e-girl/e-boy aesthetic often draw inspiration from the grunge movement, with black fishnets, silver chain necklaces, and smiley-face Nirvana t-shirts as trademarks of grunge fashion from the 90s favored by 90s grunge fashion lovers resembling what characterized 90s grunge fashion lovers; Grunge was popular among Generation X when its members rejected conformity for creating their own style instead of following current trends; as a protest against society class system and rejecting careers that did not add value or benefits that created value to society or individual as individuals reacted against careers that had no social or personal value at all;

Plaid shirts were an iconic element of 90s grunge fashion and remain relevant today. Look for oversized flannel shirts in colors like brown, burgundy and black with frayed edges – these pieces often pair nicely with vintage leather jackets or denim jackets; grunge tees often featured promotions of famous rock bands such as Nirvana, Soundgarden or Smashing Pumpkins. Tuck yours tucked into straight-leg jeans ,for an understated look, or DIY your jeans for an altered appearance!

At the height of the grunge movement, both men and women donned combat boots and leather Doc Martens; sandals in dark shades; thick-soled sneakers with thick soles were also common footwear choices for this movement. Kate Moss made her signature move of wearing long, straight, uncombed hair; jewelry such as crucifixion chains, black braided tattoo chokers, and gold hoop earrings was popularly worn at that time among followers of grunge culture.

Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley offers an abundance of clothing and accessories suitable for the grunge fashion style. Though more feminine than its 1990s counterpart, grunge still exudes an attitude of rebellion and rebelliousness. We suggest adding soft pieces like lace bodysuits or pastel t-shirts into your ensemble to express individuality while rejecting the status quo without coming off too edgy.