Impressive Desserts That Are Surprisingly Easy to Make


Impress friends and family with these easy and elegant dessert recipes for any special event or celebration, from chocolate to fresh fruit desserts! From chocolate cake to tarts and more – there’s sure to be something delicious here for every special event. Typically the Interesting Info about gourmet dessert.

Cake mix and frozen whipped topping make this show-stopping dessert virtually foolproof – it only takes minutes to put together, making it perfect for casual dinner parties or social gatherings.

Strawberry Icebox Cake

For an ideal summer treat, try this Strawberry Icebox Cake. With only three ingredients required and quick preparation time, this treat can quickly become one of your summertime staples! You could add extra toppings like crushed graham cracker crumbs for crunchiness or chocolate sauce for decadence or added variation.

Make this dessert and store it in the fridge for up to two days for optimal results. I suggest assembling it shortly before serving to keep the graham crackers and berries crisp – this will prevent too many bites from being soft when biting into this delicious treat!

Start by washing and drying your strawberries before cutting them into thin slices. Next, prepare the cream. In a large bowl, combine heavy cream with powdered sugar and vanilla extract until stiff peaks form before spreading a thin layer of the cream mixture on the bottom of your chosen dish, layering sliced strawberries over until your plate is entire. Garnish as desired before serving!

Tiramisu Almond Sponge Cake

This cake version of tiramisu makes for an impressive dessert suitable for special events or celebrations. Each cake layer is coated in homemade coffee syrup with notes of rum and marsala (or cheater’s coffee made by mixing instant coffee and water), then filled with Italian mascarpone cream before being decorated with crushed amaretti cookies, almond crumbs and dusted with cocoa powder for a decadent toasted almond tiramisu that will become the center of attention at any party or gathering.

Though this recipe requires more steps than many on our list, it remains an impressive and relatively simple cake. The sponge cake base features all-purpose and almond flour for maximum light and airiness, and for frosting, we combine heavy whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla extract into a straightforward mix.

Once the cake is cool, assemble your tiramisu. Start by pouring some tiramisu syrup into a clean jar or bottle before layering cake pieces onto it to soak up as much syrup as possible before topping it with mascarpone cream and dusting cocoa powder before serving to your guests!

French Creme Brulee

Creme brulee, French for “burnt cream,” is an impressive yet simple dessert. Made with just five ingredients and featuring an irresistibly smooth pudding-like base contrasted by a crisp caramelized top, creme brulee remains one of France’s most beloved and sought-after treats – and for good reason! It tastes as delectable as its name.

This decadent dessert will require heavy cream, egg yolks, sugar, and vanilla extract. Traditionally a whole vanilla bean should be steeped into the cream to impart its deep vanilla aroma; however, this step can be skipped if you prefer less intense flavors or don’t have access to any.

Creme Brulee’s success lies in creating the crackly caramelized top layer. To achieve this effect, a kitchen torch or oven broiler may be used; using the former allows even heating of sugar evenly and quickly for an attractive caramel layer; cooking it at low heat in an oven may take up to three hours.

Once the creme brulee is cooked, it should be chilled for at least two hours to firm up before being served. When serving, it is best done using a small spoon to break through its caramelized top and reveal its creamy pudding interior.

Bakewell Tart

The Bakewell tart is an award-winning classic dessert for homemakers and chefs. A cross between cake and pie can be found across the UK at cafes, bake shops, and bakeries – and loved by children and adults. Made with frangipane baked in buttery shortcrust pastry and decorated with sliced almonds, this treat is as delightful for tea time as for special dinner parties!

Though many believe the Bakewell tart was created in 1860 by a server at The White Horse Pub in Bakewell, its history goes much deeper. A recipe for Bakewell pudding first appeared in an 1845 cookbook; around 100 years later, it eventually evolved into the tart we know today.

To prepare the crust, combine flour and butter in a bowl and rub together using your fingertips until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. Next, add in the icing sugar and stir. Gradually incorporate water, starting as you go; dough should become quite stiff at this stage, but don’t overdo it, or biscuits will shrink when baked!

Once the biscuit is completed, lightly dust its surface with powdered sugar and allow it to cool completely before decorating it. When thoroughly chilled, transfer three tablespoons of icing from its container to another bowl, mix in pink food coloring gel to produce raspberry-colored icing, spoon it onto the Bakewell, then drag a cocktail stick through its surface, creating a feathered effect.

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