How you can Fail In Network Marketing — Confessions Of A Recovered Prospects Junkie, Part II


In this two-post series, I described the painful addictive journey straight down the dead-end street of buying and calling enormous numbers of leads in a sincere effort to achieve success in my home business. In this follow-up article, on a much happier note, I will share how I finally got destroyed through my denial and discovered a way to kick this exceedingly common and high-priced addiction.

Just to recap in brief, I’m a retired shrink and wellness consultant surviving in the remote north hardwoods of Minnesota. When I patterns were released, I had no more interest in multi-level marketing than in taking up sky-diving or maybe mud-wrestling. But then, happily, as well as unexpectedly, my wife, Mildred, experienced a remarkable recovery from persistent and very debilitating symptoms of MICROSOFT through taking glyconutritional dietary supplements. This launched me on a passionate new mission to inform the world about these fabulous items. As a side benefit, Furthermore, I hoped to generate some additional retirement income by advertising them.

In the traditional multilevel marketing fashion, I started by introducing them to my expected “warm market” of friends and family. In doing so, my rose-colored glasses got quickly destroyed. In spite of my passionate marketing and the strong evidence of their own efficacy in helping to restore wellness to people with many forms of persistent illness, most people in my internal circle reacted as if We were offering them leather oil or rat pollution.

Fortified, however, with complete confidence in the product I became offering, I then turned to often the “cold market” of different health professionals and to the massive lots of chronically ill people whom I knew could benefit vastly from them. Same results!

The cardiovascular disease, I tried to share that potentially life-saving information having others, and the more I felt like a would-be rescuer looking to throw life preservers to help blind people being grabbed away in flood.

Together with the determination of a dedicated huge batch climber ascending Mt. Everest, however, I finally ventured into “cold calling” hundreds and thousands regarding “leads” that I purchased coming from various dealers. As referred to in the previous article, through this specific futile, last-ditch hard work to build a distributional method for these fantastic products, I became a “leads fan. ”

Some Transforming Epiphanies

In much the same way that addicts of all kinds commonly split through their denial simply after getting into some remedy, this is also how I came to understand the futility of trying to build my enterprise by calling leads.

The particular “treatment” in my case would have the great good fortune (thanks to my sponsor) to be introduced to revolutionary new ways to network marketing that is distinctly “outside the box” in many ways. Because I gradually came to understand this fresh new business-building approach, it turned out as if a set of blinders were removed that I previously acquired prevented me from finding what now suddenly became really obvious.

The first considerable awareness was effortless but equally profound–namely, that absolutely non-e of the sizable number of sellers I recruited through the too-slow and inefficient calling lead calls had been equipped or willing to duplicate my actions. As I see it, that can probably be credited to basic sanity.

But, since the sine qua non for of all network marketing is duplicity, this offers compelling evidence–at least for me–that looking to build a business through getting in touch with leads is simply a different job–and a very difficult, unrewarding one at that.

Secondly, I began to see just how EXTREMELY unqualified these qualified prospects are as prospective enterprise partners. This is in decided contrast to how they tend to be portrayed by the vendors who sell them. First of all, the majority of them are flat broke and also, therefore, do not have the necessary savings even to get started in an enterprise, much less to be able to build that successfully. Amazingly, a large proportion of these is offended by understanding that a start-up cost will be even involved.

Moreover, hardly any of them have any reasonable understanding of the high level of determination, persistence, investment of time, funds, and energy, and the essential skill development required to be successful in ANY kind of enterprise, including network marketing. I’ve been forever astounded, for example, by the variety of these folks who have told me, unflinchingly, that they wanted to bring in $12, 000 a month or more without the initial investment and by functioning 10-15 hours per week!

By means of these epiphanies, then, We have come to realize that buying and also calling leads is an exceptionally inefficient and highly costly means of trying to recruit business companions in network marketing. In my experience, this is correct regardless of the cost of the qualified prospects and no matter how “fresh” and/or “exclusive” they are considered.

My Life In Recovery

Guess that you were offered a completely free-of-charge, detailed plan, along with each of the necessary tools, to build a massive billboard next to the most significant road in the world. Suppose, further, that will with this billboard, you could promote your network marketing business and invite just about all interested prospects to contact an individual.

On top of that, imagine that your first private contact with these prospects would certainly occur AFTER they had become a member of your business building system.

And after that, consider that–whether or not they will ultimately decide to join much of your business team–many of them would undoubtedly help generate the necessary money for you to continue your advertising.

Finally, understand that not only can you have a beautiful and very duplicatable business-building system to supply to new opportunity hunters, but, of at least equal importance, it would have fantastic appeal to other network marketers with not been successful using the traditional approach. On top of that, it will be international in scope.

Just what I’ve just invited one to imagine aptly summarizes Many of the most essential advantages of the new method that I’ve now used as an alternative to wasting my us dollars and time buying and calling leads. What a very refreshing alternative it is! To me, it’s like cruising lower a brand new freeway in a high-end car after many several months of trying to drive the oxcart through a swamp.

These days devote all of my business-building energies to two main exercises: 1) Systematically increasing often the visibility of my small business-building website on the internet as a way to attract a maximal degree of traffic to it; and 2) guiding, supporting, and support the prospects who are enticed and who choose to set me loose on your in using this system to make the network marketing business of their decision.

Like many recovering buffs, I now have an additional utterly new mission–namely, to help other affiliate marketers avoid getting hooked on sales opportunities as I did or–if they also have already fallen into that trap–to join me on a terrific road to recovery.

If you need a free, comprehensive map of this new super-highway to success, I suggest you visit my web page below.


George Shears is a retired psychologist, perfect consultant, and network marketer dealing with the Northwoods of Mn. One of his main devoir in retirement is to tutor and support other affiliate marketers worldwide in using a completely new online business building system. This avoids the main major downfalls of traditional network marketing.

The guy can be contacted at:

gshears@arrowheadtel. net

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