How to get the right type of Serology Test to know the immunity against Covid-19

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Covid-19 Virus has been a severe crisis worldwide, with the onset of the long pandemic hovering heavily above our heads. Many people have died due to the coronavirus, and the beginning of the variants seems that there is no end to it.

Some people develop many symptoms, while some have no symptoms at all. Some people easily catch it, while others don’t see it even after coming into contact with the Virus. The possibility of a threat to a person and how serology tests can determine their immune system works. 

But these haven’t been used directly to Covid-19 in the sense that every person is not suggested to go and get it done and make false conclusions. Many misconceptions and rumors are going around about it.

One such misconception is about the Serology Test and igg and IgM antibodies.

Serology Test

A serology test is a test that does not check for the presence of any virus, i.e., it does look for the coronavirus. It only looks for antibodies produced because of the possible entry of the Virus.

Our immune system tries to protect us and keep our health in good shape. This is possible only when our antibodies and white blood cells fight against the foreign substance, i.e., the Virus. These foreign substances or viruses are also called antigens.

Antibodies are produced in our bodies in response to antigens. Antibodies try to protect you from getting affected by the same disease again.

Even after the Virus or infection ends, the antibodies stay and help you fight the same disease that infects you the next time.

Though this test does not look for the coronavirus, it can detect its presence by looking at the antibodies.

IgM or Immunoglobulin M

IgM or Immunoglobulin are the antibodies produced roughly 3 to 7 days after an infection starts. They are the first and the immediate response to the disease. They are then followed by the IgG or Immunoglobulin G antibodies.

The presence of IgM antibodies may indicate the existence of CoronaVirus, i.e., the Virus may have just attacked you. But it is not a surety.

IgM is produced and disappears quickly. They cannot be detected for long. They don’t stay in your body for many days.

Immunoglobulin G or IgG

IgG is Immunoglobulin G. These antibodies can be found in the body 7 to 14 days after infection. They come after the IgM.

These antibodies stay in your body for a long time, depending on the Virus.

Though these antibodies may prove the presence of the coronavirus, sometimes they may give false results. Thus, they are not directly used to indicate the presence of the coronavirus.

They may stay in your body for days, months, or years.

What Is The Test?

The Serology Test to know the immunity against Covid-19 involves testing for any sudden production of antibodies – igg and IgM antibodies.

Their presence may either indicate that you are currently affected by the Virus or may suggest that you had been involved a specific time ago and now have developed an immunity against it.

This test helps you understand if you are immune to the Virus or not. Thus, helping you take better preventive measures and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

When Do Doctors Prescribe It?

Doctors prescribe this test when:

● You detect symptoms of Covid-19

● If you want to know the situation of Covid-19 in your body, like have you been affected previously or not

● To check if antibodies suddenly produced are a result of the Virus itself or are caused by the vaccine

● To understand how severe the disease is

● To help understand the immunity build-up against Covid-19

● If you have been in areas or traveled to places infected by Covid-19

● If you have come in contact with a person who Covid-19 may infect

What Does The Test Indicate?

● A positive test shows the presence of Covid-19 Virus

● A negative test shows the absence of the Virus

This test is to understand the immunity and the possibility of exposure to the Covid-19 Virus. So, it must not be seen as a test actually to diagnose the Covid-19 Virus.

The IgM antibodies help us understand our immunity against the Covid-19 Virus. It helps us detect if we have been exposed to the Virus previously. We need to understand the correct type of serology test for us. Though the test may not be a direct diagnosis, it helps significantly understand immunity against the Covid-19 Virus. Thus, with proper research and testing, we can find a way other than the vaccine for improving our immunity against Covid-19 and help end the pandemic sooner.


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