How to choose A Website Or Company


The expression Website appears first inside the title of this article because mainly in the
home-based business and network marketing companies, you will often be penalties
with an individual Webpage and Website as opposed to a large corporation. That Website
might often be the independent representative page of a representative, or it could be the
independently developed page handled by an entrepreneur.

Even if you are checking out a Webpage that is owned or operated by a company, often you might
have to go no further in the examination process to rule out a selected Website or
opportunity. And then, only if the Website passes your current tests do you go on to gauge
the company and opportunity.

You should realize, also, that this content does not really address the difficulties involved in
evaluating the opportunity aspect of a company or evaluating the company and
possibility combined. On the Homepage regarding ABCIncome. com appears any 13-point
criteria developed away from two decades of experience together with evaluating business
opportunities. The particular version on the Homepage is merely an overview, but a more
full understanding of what to look for can look like soon in the form of new content.

One other point before we get started is that this article is just not concerned with
aesthetic issues. There are certain “generally accepted Web site design
practices, ” some of which are to be discussed here. However, wish
The website uses a particular form of graphics, or perhaps a wild shade scheme (or an uninteresting
one), doesn’t mean that it cannot offer good content or perhaps opportunities. There are just
lots of factors having to do with a personal inclination for these to be considered any
major factor for the purpose of this information.

Ok, with that said, here are some of the things that you should be looking for while
evaluating a Website or a business:

1 . Is the MAIN Website immediately accessible via a URL (Web address) that reasonably
Is practical?

Some Websites, most notably those that are questionable, will, from time to time, set up even their major URL so that it isn’t extremely intuitive or accessible to
the general public. For instance, normally, an internet site name might look something such as


Or []

Or []

On the other hand, if something certainly is not quite right, it might seem something like this:


Or []

Or []

Let me immediately point out that simply because a URL comes to an end with a name similar to
one of the many examples above doesn’t mean the Website isn’t legitimate. When,
for instance, you are reading this content directly on the Website of ABCIncome. Com
instead of in my e-mail newsletter, then it ends using a name that is tacked on the
main Web address regarding ABCIncome. com. It’s pretty standard practice in the industry in order to
add forward slashes and different directories, folders, and/or web page names to the
right from the main URL.

However, If you fail to erase those extra figures to the right and straight access
the Website with only the portion that ends in. com, or. Net, or. Biz, or. Ws, etc ., which
may be cause for concern. Some direct visitors to pages that aren’t the
main Home page. However, if you can’t get to the actual Website’s main Homepage, yet again,
that may be cause for suspicion. Organization Websites are all about promoting a
product or service, so just about any average Website owner would typically want to make sure
that their very own Homepage is accessible to any and all sorts of visitors.

2 . What kind of speak-to options are provided? Email, Contact page form, telephone
number, etc .?

When there are no contact options until there is an excellent reason, for instance, that the
The site is considering construction or maintenance; contemplate it to be a big RED Flag!

In case the site offers a way for you to order something, but there are zero contact
options (until soon after purchase, you hope), subsequently, absolutely consider it a BIG Red light!

In general, the more contact possibilities, the better. I would feel very comfortable,
for instance, dealing with Website exactly where an email address or contact page, a
phone number, and a road address are provided. I would really feel least comfortable
with a Web site where only an email tackle and nothing else is provided.

Keep in mind that you can, or ought to, view Websites owned by individuals slightly
differently than Sites owned by a company. Any legitimate, reputable company,
for example, should offer at least a few contact information; again, the more, the
better. However, it is not unusual for Websites owned and managed by
individuals to function with less contact information. Primarily if it really is owned by a home-dependent business person, he or she might not be comfy publishing their home
street tackle or phone number on the Web, for example.

In rare cases with specific types of replicating Websites (where many representatives
have the same kind of Website), the user may not have the choice of providing more
other details. But, again, that’s uncommon. These days even most Sites aimed at
individual users enable the user to add and update their own contact information.

Even a P. To. The box is better than no tackle at all. Here again, whether or not dealing with a
giant company or even an individual, it is not uncommon with regard to companies or individuals to
utilize P. O. Boxes in order to handle their delivery more.

True, some unscrupulous travel operators hide behind P. E. Boxes. However, they are some sort of
much smaller percentage in comparison to legit users. The main reason is
in which, especially after 9/11, so as to apply for and use an R. O. Box or street address
service, the applicant should provide various kinds of information, plus a real
street address, along with proof of identity, etc.

A number of Websites provide only a quick chat username as a means involving contact. Here
also, usually to be considered a red light.

Because scam artists are aware that providing a means of contact noticeably increases
the credibility of any Website, one of the cleverest methods to watch out for is a site in which
provides a “Live Chat” or maybe “Live Support” or “Live Customer Service” option, and so forth, but
it is never really well-staffed!

The above tactic is often combined with the additional tactics of the website claiming to
be situated in a part of the World that happens not to be open for people who do business
during regular business hrs in busy parts of the entire world, such as the USA and
North America.

I saw that tactic utilized by a scam Website claiming to become located in the UK. It
provided, “Live Support, ” however, noted that they operated based on UK time, which,
quickly, meant that by the time many people in the USA and North America got
out of work and frequented their Website, it was too late to produce contact due to it staying
after hours in the UK. In reality, often the site’s “Live Support” selection was never staffed,
individuals visitors never caught with due to the cleverness of the design.

3. After checking the objects above, I usually look for the “About Page. ”

The following again a
Website function by an individual might not have just one. However, the best companies,
if large or small, will probably almost always have at least one website, if not more
devoted to information about the corporation. Sometimes information about the
company’s management is provided as well.

These kinds of pages also go by companies such as “Company info., ” “Our Company, ” or merely,
“Company, ” etc.

Often the About page can often explain to you a lot about a company, like how long they
claim to be a typical business. In general, the extended, the better!

4. Does the Site feature any certifications, parties, or rankings backed by
reliable and unbiased 3rd party agencies such as The Better Business Bureau,
Chamber regarding Commerce, Dun & Bradstreet, TRUSTe, Alexa, DSA (Direct Selling
Association), etc .?

Even though non-e of the above agencies endorse or guarantee organizations,
membership in and/or qualification by a respected 3rd party company can go a
long way when it comes to giving you greater peace of mind that your company or individual is definitely
legitimate and trustworthy.

An issue that people don’t commonly be familiar with the Better Business Bureau is definitely
that they can establish a file and maintain records on ANY company as well as individual
whether they are a new member or not. The difference is, nevertheless, that a company who
is not a member who has not agreed to often the terms of the Better Business Bureau, cannot
present their logos, and has no chance to really showcase a good report if they have

However, even when a company is not listed with all the BBB, IF they’ve been known for a
while and you can check that fact, at least the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU may have on file virtually any negative
complaints that have been registered.

I must stress. However, this specific really applies only if the business that you are doing
business together with has been around for a considerable amount of time, and you can verify
it. Honestly, that is because a common tactic regarding scam artists is to commence a new company, take
people’s money, and then simply in close proximity to their doors, start a different new company, and
duplicate the process all over again. Thus, when not a BBB member, they will often very
well, have taken the selling point of many unsuspecting victims, although they haven’t been
all around long enough for complaints to possess reached the BBB. That’s why it is a
need that when a business or personnel applies for membership, they need to
have been in business for at least half a year to a year, and more, the BBB goes since
far back as 36 months in their files to see if there have been any past complaints just before
granting membership.

Unscrupulous organizations that try to evade diagnosis by closing their entrance doors and then
opening up again within a new name is often noticed in the BBB’s database. Therefore, if
you know that a corporation previously operated under some other name it would be a
great idea to check to see if any claims were filed against the corporation under
its previous name(s).

5. WHOIS and Alexa are tools that you can use in combination to develop further
report and picture of what a Web page is all about.

Alexa ( ) allows you to track a variety of data about a Website’s
pastime, perhaps how long the site has existed, and who owns it.

Alexa can be a great tool, but you should be very careful if you aren’t informed about
what all of the various components of information mean. For instance, wish
A website that has a high Alexa rating doesn’t mean it’s legitimate.

There are enough people who enjoy money enough to hop on board any scheme or maybe
scam, even if it seems way too good to be true, in which unscrupulous Websites have generally
been able to achieve high Alexa ratings. The thing to watch intended for is most of the traffic
currently being generated by the people who are pouncing onboard the scheme along with
advertising the site, as opposed to the Web site climbing up in the ranks on its
own value.

Again, it may take you a while before you are able to interpret as well as read the data to
have the ability to discern such things. However, 1 potential clue that “might” be a tip-off
is actually when you see a Website appear seemingly unprovoked, and all of a sudden, it has a higher
Alexa rating. Maybe it is ranked at #77, 000, for instance, but it’s only been within the
charts for a few weeks or even months. Not always, but specifically, if you are utilizing the
other techniques discussed here, you may be able to determine that such a short and
rapid change in position is a red flag for that specific Website.

You also have to realize which Websites and the companies and individuals behind
them tend to be separate entities. For instance, Most department store Roebuck had obviously recently been
around a long, long time prior to they ever having a Website. As well as companies or
individuals that possess a Website sometimes add brand new ones, etc. So, in case a company or
individual states they’ve been around for a while, but their Website hasn’t been
about as long, that isn’t automatically a red flag as long as you could verify the

Concerning WHOIS, there are numerous WHOIS computers that you can use. Many.
Nonetheless, three of the best-known and the most popular are:



and Networking Solutions

WHOIS can be a unique database that lets you understand more about a Website by typing in the
the domain name (the Website address). Among the things that you may be capable of finding
out are out the length of time the Website has been around, who owns the idea, and where that
firm or individual is found.

Earlier I mentioned a useless Website that claimed to be seated in the UK. Well, using the
similar kinds of methods that I will tell you about here; my spouse and I quickly found all kinds of
a warning flag. One of the biggest was that when My spouse and I ran a WHOIS research, the result came
back that the site owners were not really in England as they claimed to be; nevertheless were
registered about the offshore island of Belize, a common tactic of, plus a HUGE
red flag characteristic involving scam operations.

Another thing to observe is private signups by companies or people who
are obviously advertising because they are doing business with the public. Private signups are
those where the identity of the Website’s proprietor is not revealed. That’s good if
someone desires privacy. However, companies using the services of the public are, by their own very nature doing business with the general public! Therefore, it really makes no
sense, in most cases, for someone to arrange a private registration. It can be a red rag
that makes one wonder who else really owns this Website, as well as why don’t they display

6. Dun, as well as Bradstreet and similar organization intelligence and credit reporting firms,
most notably Hoovers, are also excellent possibilities if you really want to find out more
of a company.

From Microsoft for you to Motorola, Dun & Bradstreet (also known as
D&B) could be the industry’s most respected credit reporting along with business intelligence
source for your kind of information.

Unlike a lot of the other resources mentioned on this page, D&B primarily focuses
on large companies like the Lot of money 500 or larger “small” businesses. So, many, in case not most individuals and small enterprises, will not be listed. Additionally, these types of
services require a fee, which may be substantial in order for you to pull a study on a
company unless you possess a subscription, which also requires a fair amount of cost.
You are able to, however, run limited inquiries at no cost that may be helpful to a person.

7. One last examination consider one that most persons never give much thought to help
when evaluating a Website or maybe a company, and that is the monthly payment methods they

Confined payment method acceptance (the inability to accept online payment) may be
a red flag if dealing with all but the most minor corporations or individuals.

The bottom line is the fact that the more payment methods an internet site is able to offer, the more significant
the ease for the customer, which is compatible with more sales. Therefore, not any
established company would want to possibly be without the ability to accept many forms
of payment, except when, of course, something is wrong.

Here is info already lengthy, and the room does not permit entering detail
about the different types of repayment processors. However, in general, an internet site
that accepts payment using a secure merchant shopping cart regarding its own has probably
handed the most rigorous application, credit check needed, and background verification
method. With a third-party processor, like 2Checkout, ClickBank, or PayPal, this
is less so but nonetheless applicable.

If a company or perhaps an individual can’t qualify for a merchant account with one of the above
processor chips, that can often be a red flag and also a sign of either consumer credit and/or financial
problems or perhaps fraudulent activity. If a corporation has had problems that could
reveal why they can’t agree to standard forms of payment. A website that says it can only accept payment in the form of a new money order, cashier’s look-at, etc .,
should probably be read with suspicion.

Also, should a Website features StormPay as the only payment option instead of also
PayPal can also be a red flag. That’s due to the fact StormPay has much less exacting
application and maintenance requirements as compared to PayPal. So, a Website that received an
account with one of the respected payment processing records like
those described preceding but then got into trouble and had their account banned and
terminated may still be able to get yourself a StormPay account. Indeed, not just about all StormPay
accounts fall into its kind, but, again, if it may be the only payment method
recognized, it may be cause for concern.

Furthermore, a Website offering may be the only means of conducting purchases the e-
gold services may also be cause for concern and also a red flag. E-gold is undoubtedly an
alternative service that allows organizations and people to use gold as opposed to dollars
as a means of executing transactions. Though e-gold is a legitimate service that
developing and is accepted by several reputable merchants, it is often employed by
scam artists for evident reasons.

GRPMAX, L. D. C. was founded by BOSS Phil Covington in 79 and is the parent business of ABCIncome. Com. GRPMAX specializes in developing Uniquely Impressive Technologies & Solutions™ and possesses worked with clients ranging from commercial enterprises to government to the Bundle of money 500. Specifically, GRPMAX generates solutions that automate functions that previously required people staffing and interaction. Mr. Covington’s interest in the home small business field started in the eighties and developed out of interactions with some of the industry’s nearly all talented and highest-gaining individuals, during which time he has tried really hard to pursue the creation of the ultimate home business passive salary solution.

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