How to Add a Postscript to Your Letter or Email


PS is an abbreviation for PostScript. It’s a standard for publishing and displaying graphics. It can be used to create documents and letters. A postscript can also be attached to an email, document, or direct mail piece. This article will show you how to add one to your letter or email.

Adding a postscript to a letter

Adding a postscript to a piece of writing is often necessary to add some extra information to the letter. A postscript is typically a single paragraph or a series of paragraphs, but it can also be a whole new paragraph. Postscripts are typically added hastily, often after the signature. They were initially useful when letters had to be handwritten, as it would take a long time to rewrite a letter, even if you had a new thought to share.

In addition to highlighting a point, a postscript can be an excellent way to add a personal touch. For example, you can include a humorous quote or trivia about your letter’s topic. This will help make your letter memorable. It also gives the recipient a chance to see more of your letter, which can be a great way to establish a relationship with the person you’re writing to.

Using postscript punctuation properly depends on your company’s style guide. However, using the same postscript punctuation style in your email and letter correspondence is best. This will help ensure consistency.

Adding a postscript to an email

You should always use the correct format if you’re writing an email and want to add a postscript. In British English, the standard format is P.S., but some people use P.S. as a shorthand. Either way, it’s important to remember that a postscript should be a formal message that’s not meant to be informal.

Adding a postscript is a great way to save on email space while still allowing your readers to read your message. It also allows you to use different fonts and colors for different parts of the postscript. You can also create a button or separate information box to emphasize specific areas in your message. A postscript can be an excellent way to catch customers’ attention and ensure they understand everything you’ve written. Make sure that your postscript is straightforward to read.

PS stands for postscript, derived from the Latin word post scriptum. It means “written after,” and it describes anything that comes after the main body of an email. Postscripts can be connected to the main body of the email, or they can stand alone as an additional thought.

Adding a postscript to a document

Adding a postscript is a way to insert text after the body of a document. It is typically used to add information or clarify a point, or it can be used for effect. Postscripts are often handwritten and added after a letter’s signature or main body.

The term PS (postscript) is derived from the Latin postscriptum, meaning “written after.” A postscript is a text added after a document has been signed, often in a paragraph, sentence, or even multiple paragraphs. It is a convenient way to expand on a point made in the document’s body without interfering with the message flow.

In the United Kingdom, you should use the PS format for postscripts. American English uses P.S., while British English uses PS. Postscripts should be placed after the signature line. Adding a postscript should be consistent with the style.

Adding a postscript to a direct mail piece

A postscript is a great way to draw a reader’s attention to an email or direct mail piece. It can be as simple as a bold line in the copy, a different color, or a separate information box or button. It can summarize the message in the email or direct mail piece and help the recipient decide whether the email is worth reading. It can also share bonus offers, previews, or other additional information.

If you want to get the most out of your direct mail piece, ensure the postscript is well-written and readable. Many direct mailers use italics, underlining, and another formatting, so make sure it matches the tone of the rest of the mail piece. It should also stand out by its placement at the end of the piece.

Postscripts are an essential element of direct mail marketing, and almost every direct-mail authority encourages its clients to use them. Postscripts are often the most read part of a letter and can help a writer convey their message in a short, concise manner. They are also an effective way to reinforce the call to action, create a sense of FOMO, and share a testimonial.