How Much Are Taylor Swift Tickets?


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Taylor Swift fans are celebrating her return with shows at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles this week, where ticket prices for her upcoming tour dates have skyrocketed, and many have attempted to exit the market entirely.


Taylor Swift’s tour announcements thrilled fans, yet ticket costs may prove prohibitive to some consumers; 70 percent opted out due to expensive ticket costs according to LendingTree research, yet for die-hard Swifties seeing her live could make the experience worthwhile.

Eras Tour stadium shows have already sold out, while tickets remain available for some smaller venues. Be prepared to pay a premium when buying on the secondary market, as prices can change hours or minutes before showtime; generally speaking, the closer you are to the stage, the more it costs to attend.

Taylor is one of the most beloved musicians in America, making her concerts highly profitable to ticket resellers. To remain legal and avoid selling illegal tickets – such as those purchased with bots that Ticketmaster can detect – ticket resellers must follow all laws about selling them; otherwise, fines and possibly business closure may result from violations.

To prevent ticket resellers from scooping up large numbers of tickets before going on public sale, Ticketmaster has implemented an automated reselling system that automatically resells those bought by bots, thus helping to maintain fair ticket pricing and protect fans from being overcharged.

Taylor made headlines for the highest-grossing concert tour ever when tickets for her 2018 Reputation Stadium Tour sold out, leaving many of her fans eager to hear her again live on tour. For this Eras Tour, she will travel to North America and internationally.

Micaela Beigel of South Philadelphia has experienced multiple Taylor Swift concerts and considers each an inspirational experience. Micaela and her twin sister Audrie managed to secure floor seats during presale and are heading down to Nashville this Friday for their tour’s first date; However, these tickets cost roughly $750 each it’s well worth making the journey for an intimate musical evening with one of her idols.

Seating Capacity

Taylor Swift fans were excited when tickets went on sale for her Eras Tour; however, ticket prices were prohibitive; leading some fans to wonder whether or not the experience was worthwhile; some say they have seen Swift four times now, and every experience was worth the cost.

Tickets to the Eras Tour have long since sold out at most venues, yet some can still be found for resale on resale sites. Prices on resale sites range from $49 to $499, while VIP packages may include posters, trinkets, and tote bags that may cost even more than buying individual tickets alone.

Taylor Swift’s management company sets ticket prices, not Ticketmaster. This means ticket prices could change at any time depending on demand and will be divided equally between ticket sellers and Taylor’s management to maximize attendance at her concerts. This pricing strategy ensures maximum fan attendance at her shows.

Some Swifties have voiced concerns over this practice as it can be unfair to fans who haven’t been able to purchase tickets yet and makes it harder for people on a tight budget to afford tickets that keep rising in price.

Taylor Swift’s concerts typically boast seating capacities between 20,000 and 22,000 fans per venue, providing enough room for her fans to see her without becoming overcrowded. Furthermore, most venues feature walkways or areas for fans to move freely within the stadium.

On the upper level of a stadium, there are various seating arrangements for audiences – these typically accommodate VIP ticket holders and some general admission fans; there are sections that bring audiences closer to the stage for more affordable tickets.

SeatGeek has listed several seats for Taylor’s LA shows priced under $1,000 after fees. You might even score an up-close ticket on the floor if you’re lucky! But keep in mind that keys may change before showtime!


Location and seat availability will dictate how much you will pay for Taylor Swift tickets; however, prices aren’t as steep as might initially appear due to service fees charged by resale sites which help bring down overall costs. Also, remember that Taylor often adds new shows during her tours, so there may be additional choices when the time comes.

Taylor Swift tickets have been in high demand ever since her tour concluded five years ago; fans eager to catch her new show are in line to purchase them during her presale period, when 3.5 million signed up in a mere six hours and overwhelmed Ticketmaster; its site crashed as some put in credit card information only to discover they couldn’t purchase any tickets after entering credit card info; leading to protests, lawsuits, state attorney general investigations as well as investigations from federal prosecutors for violating antitrust laws by both companies involved – ultimately leading them both under federal investigation as well.

Fans often turn to secondary market sites like StubHub and SeatGeek instead of Ticketmaster for Taylor Swift tickets, though prices tend to be more costly on these resale sites than what can be found on Ticketmaster. Remember that these resale sites may not list all fees associated with purchasing tickets, so compare multiple websites before buying tickets.

Despite its steep prices, most fans still believe a Taylor Swift concert is worth their money. Celebrities, including Reese Witherspoon, Mariska Hargitay, and Gigi Hadid, recently attended one. While some critics blame Swift herself for high ticket prices, others point the finger at Ticketmaster, bots or scalpers; regardless of what caused these costs, most fans agree any amount spent is worth spending to experience one of their favorite artists live and sing along! After all, a Taylor Swift show offers more than music; it provides an experience everyone should enjoy!

VIP Packages

Taylor Swift has become one of the most prominent touring artists ever seen. Alongside her musical talent, she is an active philanthropist who gives back to her fans through her tours. This makes her concerts highly sought-after; tickets often sell out within minutes after going on sale, especially those for VIP packages which provide unique concert experiences and exclusive merchandise – these high prices seem worth paying, many fans feel!

Yet many fans were unhappy with how Ticketmaster handled presale for Eras Tour tickets; many believe they were sold at prices lower than advertised face value, and some felt misled into paying over PS500 per ticket, which included VIP packages – something for which Ticketmaster has since apologized.

Are You Wanting to Catch Taylor Swift Live in Concert? For those that do want to experience her performance live, tickets may still be available through the secondary market. Resale tickets tend to be readily available for every show. However, their prices tend to be higher than general admission tickets – and fans are even willing to pay up to four times face value so that they can witness Taylor Swift live.

Fans wanting the best seats should consult sites offering ticket guarantees, which will protect their investment if a venue doesn’t meet their expectations. One such website that provides this service is TicketSmarter; their customer rating of 4.6 out of 5 and their 100% buyer guarantee make them an ideal solution.

Hospitality packages can make a concert ticket even more special for die-hard fans, offering exclusive merchandise and early entrance to the venue before it opens – from several hundred dollars up to thousands, depending on ticket type and platform. Plus, some packages even provide photo ops with artists – making your concert experience unforgettable!