How Do I Become Super Healthy? Where Does Health Come From And How Do I Get More Of It?


When most people think of health, at the same time, they think of the specifics of a disease that they or somebody close to them is suffering from. In any case, what science knows exceptionally well, but hardly mentions is that every condition known to mankind is first so-called “caused” by a natural and normal inflammatory response inside the person’s body. In other words, the body responds to all threats, imagined or actual, by this process, the body’s natural inflammatory response. Please remember the “imagined” part. You’ll need it for later! In any case, most diseases

known to mankind have no etiology, in other words, no known cause. You can find this fact in the most frequently used medical book by medical doctors, the Merck Manual. They put out a new edition of this book every year. Most, if not all, drug companies don’t want to find a cure, as seen in the movie Extraordinary Measures with Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser, and Keri Russell. To find a cure is devastating to profits. I am sorry, but the fact will always remain they (drug companies) are in it for the money.

Think about it. If you knew the cause, you’d know how to fix it! And if you know the fix, you can’t ask for donations anymore and will not need the medications anymore. In any case, you will find out below why becoming super healthy is only a matter of one thing, and most people ignore this one thing!

Before I tell you what that one thing is, I must lay down some other facts before you completely understand the profound reality of what I will share with you. Depending on where this normal inflammation response occurs in the body also dictates what the disease is called. For example, if the inflammation process occurs in the kidneys, it’s called a type of kidney disease, pyelonephritis, known as a kidney infection. We, doctors, use big words to keep you confused. Hopefully, after reading this article, you won’t be anymore! Or at least know how to look it up.

If the inflammation is located in the brain and spinal cord coverings, it’s called meningitis. If the rash is located in the joints, it’s called arthritis. How does the inflammation get into these places in the first place? Great question; we’ll answer that question later. In any case, the rash has to be (hiding) there in these areas for a long time before any real damage and diseases can occur. And while the inflammation is hiding in these organs and tissues, the genes in these organs and tissues have a perfect “chance” of being altered. I say chance because if you restore the normal health-producing conditions (remove the cause of the internal (deep brain) caused stress) to these areas, the body’s genes in these areas will not alter and become disease-making engines. This is how almost every disease is being made.

What causes long-term inflammation in these pockets in your body in the first place? We all know that socially accepted and allowed stress causes extremely poor conditions and health. But what about long-term, low-grade stress; that most of us have learned to live with? Living with stress is such a common way of living; we as a society have mistakenly accepted stress as a regular part of our lives. You will find out that you do not have to live with stress anymore, ever. In addition, we think that if a person is not at least a little stressed in life, they’re weird and not taking life seriously! This widespread

way of living is so utterly accepted that we throw out all common sense when it comes to our health and well-being. For example, presently, our precious medical doctors are limited by laws sponsored by drug companies to treat cancer with only chemotherapy and radiation, both known to cause other types of cancers later in the body. And both are known to make even the healthiest people, sick. Where’s the common sense here in this thinking? There is none except for the drug company’s bottom line.

Medical doctors are not allowed to tell the patient to take more deep breaths (cancer hates oxygen) and begin learning to appreciate ourselves much more (our immune system works better when we are enjoying rather than hating or worrying). And while we are learning to respect ourselves, let’s know to love our neighbors that are close and far away. However, we instead hold our breaths and argue and worry about others and their unusual behaviors, and all the while, we faithfully take our brain and body suppressive medications or get our chiropractic adjustments in the hopes that we’ll cover up our pain and discomfort (our natural inflammation processes) in the hopes to get through another day. Living

unconsciously does nothing to remove the long-term, low-grade stress our brains produce. This is the reason I left my healthcare practice. I did not want to perpetuate the less enlightened behavior. I want you to know that you and your body are way more potent than any doctor.

Think about this. What if we could together reverse this low-grade stress in your body? Instead, to feel much happier and more positive. What would happen to your life and body? What would your life be like? Scientists all know that stress affects your immune system and ability to think and perceive. And these same scientists are finding out that your well-being and blissful and joyful feelings have everything to do with how healthy you become. Please don’t take my word for it! Research this for yourself. Be sure to use a scientific internet dictionary.

Regardless of that extra, I think you are getting the strategy. The answer will not always be a new pill or a modification; although both help for the short term doing nothing does not include the low-grade stress this brings about the unwanted a lot more diseases eventually. Sure, you have access to high on drugs every day, yet you’ll have to come down eventually, and you should come down hard. What am I not suggesting? If I told you today, you would not believe me; consequently, I will lay down more facts before I reveal the answer.

There is electricity is within you, always has recently been, and always will be, that can cure any disease known to human beings. What am I talking about? You are way more powerful than you have been led to believe. Think about this. What do you do when you have some soreness, like a headache? If you are like most individuals, you never take a second seriously considering what caused the particular headache in the first place. You basically take your pill.

How do you alter this way of living? Basically, start by asking yourself much more strengthening and life-giving concerns. For example, if your son is misbehaving and your work is incredibly stressful, and you have minimal funds, ask yourself the following concerns. When my son was obviously a “good” behaving child the thing that was he doing and telling me? Write the answers lower. And allow these answers to take over your mind for some time. Then,

ask yourself the concerns, do I really have to be incredibly stressed at work? Or can I allow myself to enjoy employment and some of my friends? After all, everybody knows no matter how tense a job can be; a happy man while working will always perform a better job than a consumed, stressed person. Lastly, in regards to your hard-earned dollars situation, for example, you could keep complaining for the rest of your life. Otherwise, you could start using your thoughts and appreciating the different means of spending your money to arrive at your life.

If you’re thus far gone as not to see the perception in the above sentences, you can wish to contact us. We perform deep brain programming this stops cancer skin cells from forming, and at the same time, your entire body begins making healthy skin cells. Given this fact, we can assist you in removing the deep brain computer programming of stress so your life will become more easy and more gratifying.

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