How can i Start Designing a Website?


First, you need to think hard about what you want to achieve with your internet site. Do you just want to have one since everybody seems to have one currently, or have you thought about it for quite a while and how it can benefit your business?

What / things do you expect from your website visitors?
Do you want them to buy products online?
Do you want them to phone you along with arranging a meeting?
Do you want them how to know about your business?
Do you want them to fill in a contact page form, or do you prefer them to use the mobile phone you have?
Do you want to generate organization with your website?
What do you wish to tell your website, visitors?
Do you want to explain who you are?
Do you want to tell them wgat action you take?
Do you want to tell them what you will sell?
Do you want to tell them what you give attention to?
How do you want your business to discover? Progressive? Laid-back? Professional? Outrageous?
You need to think about your business before you start any design course of action. If you don’t know where you are planning to go, how can you ever arrive?

And so, let’s set the landscape (examples):

Let’s typically set the goals first… (the internet site goals of this particular organization are highlighted in Italics. )

What do I want to obtain with my website:

I possess started a new Marketing Agency business, and I want to bring up awareness about my organization in the local area and the companies it offers. I am hoping to build a complainant base and want to encourage readers to contact me online with a contact form or to phone us. Potential clients should find valuable information about Marketing Services as well as reasons why they should make use of the services.

What people will most likely check out on my website?

Professional individuals from small to medium-sized companies who are looking for marketing solutions because they want to increase their own exposure and prefer to work with an area contact they can meet on a face-to-face basis.

What feel and look of my website will certainly these people expect?

My guests will expect a professional and refined look on my website. They will expect a logical routing and lots of information (and pictures/examples, if possible) about my services. They will not expect naughty things such as music, movies, etc. They need information served quickly.

Exactly what color should I design the website in?

Have a look at sites that offer color charts along with complementary colors. This will assist you in deciding on colors you can use for the website.

What structure ought my website have?

It is now time to start thinking about the services your company offers. In our marketing instance, you will probably offer things like duplicate writing, preparation of product sales literature, product marketing, and advertising PR. If these things tend to be your core services, possess links or buttons for them on your homepage. Don’t disguise them under “Services” rapidly. This is already one click too many. Your website visitors lack time. What do they look intended for on your website? Information Data Information. Give them the information rapidly – with the smallest number of clicks.

From an internet site structure point of view, try to noticeably separate different companies and legal stuff from your companies. For example, have all your companies (copywriting, preparation involving sales literature, product promoting, advertising and PR, etc . ) as links on the left, and still have company information (about us), contact form, sitemap, and such similar to at the top of your homepage. Your internet site is not about YOU, but with your clients – how can you make them, and what solutions can you present to solve THEIR troubles?

Horizontal Navigation vs. Top-to-Bottom Navigation

If you separate firm information from product suggestions services, you can have two types involving navigation on your website: plan for links to firm pages (about us, speak to, legal, etc . ), along with vertical for all your main companies. If you expand on your companies, it is always easier to add to the top to bottom navigation. You will have trouble causing horizontal navigation, currently limited in space. Do not have the width of your website exceed 760 pixels — this is the width of 800×600 resolution screens minus slide bars.

If you prefer horizontal navigation, then you should think about the navigation options because of categories, such as “products,” “services,” “company,” and “downloads.” By doing that, you might have the chance to split these groups into sub-pages afterward.

Header – Logo — Strap Line

Think up the strapline for your business, for example, “Photography and Art Online” or “Web Design for Little Businesses.” The strapline summarises your core business actions in a few words. Your logo design can include the strapline and logo, AND the strapline can build the header of your internet site.

Footer – Required?

Typically the footer should really be displayed for all those web pages because it finishes over the website and does not leave a few possibilities hanging in “limbo.” Typically the footer should contain a terme conseillé note together with the first season when your website appeared and the current year. The footer should also include a link to your website Sitemap and maybe a link to your website’s terms & situations. It may also include an additional connection to the contact page if you wish. Website visitors are now used to a clear website layout, expecting certain parts to appear in specific places. By adhering to the standard expectations, you happen to be “spoon-feeding” your website visitors and do not make them search for the web pages they are after.


Each and every website consists of a header, course-plotting, content, and footer. Each of these elements consists of different kinds of information. Think of your business goals before implementing an all-bells-and-whistles display website with music enjoying and blinking images. The site you design will be the 1st online impression for your guests. Don’t turn them away by a tremendously unsuitable website design. Do some research 1st – including your competitors: what works, what doesn’t work, trying to structure your goals before you start developing your website.

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