Gore C3 Bib Shorts Review


Gore is well known for their quality fabrics, and this bib does not disappoint. They’re light yet breathable with quick moisture-wicking properties to keep you running at your best performance.

The fabric is somewhat firm, which helps support form while minimizing potential sources of friction or chafe. The chamois is quite comfortable; however, longer rides than 90 minutes may need adjustment before reaching peak comfort levels.

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Gore C3 bib shorts provide excellent coverage while remaining flexible enough for moving legs, eliminating chances of chafing due to excess movement. Their soft yet breathable straps wick sweat efficiently while their comfortable chamois pad makes for enjoyable long rides.

However, endurance road and MTB riders typically sit more upright on their pelvic bones rather than rotating forward more like triathletes or crit racers, meaning the chamois does not provide as much padding depth or cushioning for much more aggressive riders.

These bib shorts feature gripper elastic that securely fastens without over-squeezing and flat hems, enhancing their leg sleeves’ fit. We appreciate their thin construction with precisely placed seams that prevent pressing against shoulders.


Even at their expensive price point, Gore C3 Bib Shorts+ is durable enough for long rides. Crafted from recycled nylon/elastane combination knit, their recycled nylon/elastane combination knit feels soft against the skin with the proper stretch to keep snug without pulling down on shoulders. Nate found them fitting and more prolonged than his Assos bibs but without tugging down hips or feeling too short across quads.

Leg cuffs may be slightly uncomfortable, but their easy cinching system limits chafing and ensures maximum comfort. Furthermore, the overlocked bib straps don’t rub against your belly button or fall as quickly as some lower-priced options.

Gore Windstopper Cups protect from rain and wind while not being as dense as other chamois pads that absorb road chatter, providing enough cushion to ensure an enjoyable riding experience in cold conditions.


Gore’s lightweight fabrics and technology construction come together in this top for a highly comfortable fit that feels like a consensual embrace. Hemless shoulders and front straps lay flat without bunching, while its mesh back panel helps you remain cool without adding bulk.

Gore’s innovative fabric makes a significant difference in the groin area, sewn tightly enough to ward off wind chill while effectively allowing airflow and wicking away sweat. A fleece-lined chamois attached only at its edges moves with your body while remaining protective and separate for improved mobility.

Though not as comfortable as top-end bib shorts, these mid-tier options can still make an excellent choice for long rides or crits. For even greater comfort during long sessions of hard pedaling, check out the Editors’ Choice Assos T Equipe Evo Bib Shorts; their tighter fit features leaner pads without pinching your groin while their free-floating padding adjusts with you rather than being locked into one place between legs.


Gore is an iconic name in outdoor gear, their products having even reached outer space! Famed for its windproof fabrics, Gore also creates clothing that provides warmth and breathability when cycling in cold weather conditions.

The C5 Thermo bibs are tailored for winter riding comfort and performance. Crafted with thicker fabric than summer options but still breathing well, their sleek look features inside and outside panel arrangements running down their legs for easy wearability.

Leg bibs from POC offer a tight yet supportive fit with compression miming second-skin clothing, providing excellent form support. Their chamois may not be as soft as some top-of-the-line options but still does a fantastic job absorbing shocks and vibrations from road travel, while GORE WINDSTOPPER protection shields protect riders against rain and spray.