Google Courses – Learn How to Code


If you’ve always wanted to learn how to code, Google offers several Python courses to jump-start your career. Google’s Python instructors teach essential coding skills and let you work on a real-world project. The courses practically focus on solving problems and feature top industry leaders’ backing. Some of the courses also offer apprenticeship opportunities within Google.

Certifications offered by Google

Getting certified in Google’s technology is a great way to advance your career. It will allow you to get promotions and new responsibilities and show potential employers that you have the technical skills and knowledge necessary to do the job. In addition, a Google certification will prove that you are an expert in a particular area. Many companies also partner with Google for these courses. Hence, these courses are an excellent way to get your name out in the market.

You can get Google certification in digital marketing, search engine optimization, and other related fields. These certifications are available for individuals who have completed the relevant courses and have the required degrees. For over a decade, Google has offered certifications to those who want to be part of their team. The courses they offer aim at different skill levels, including undergraduates, those who have completed a bachelor’s degree, and professionals who have completed a relevant course.

The new Professional Data Engineer certification introduces a machine learning element into the course, focusing on operationalizing ML models. The exam is more comprehensive than before and covers the entire ML lifecycle. In the new exam guide, you’ll learn how to apply TensorFlow technologies, such as TFRecords and TensorFlow Transform. Although the certification appears framework-agnostic, it’s aimed at developers who want to use GCP services.

Cost of a Google certificate

The cost of a Google certificate depends on how long it takes to complete the course. Most MBA programs require a significant financial investment – the cost of the top-ranked MBA at Stanford University is $168,000 – but a certificate from Google costs only $240, which is considerably cheaper than an MBA. Google’s certificate scheme is part of the ‘Grow With Google’ initiative, which aims to close the digital skills gap by offering training at a lower cost than traditional higher education. It is possible to qualify for means-based scholarships to help you pay for the course.

Google’s certificate program is designed for people looking to jumpstart their careers. It provides resources to help job seekers find jobs and prepare for interviews. It is an affordable way to get your career off the ground and is ideal for people with little or no experience. Google employees teach certificate courses, and each course features gamified learning, which makes it more interactive.

Alternatives to a Google certificate

There are many alternatives to the Google certificate program. Some students pursue Facebook Bluprint Certifications, and others opt for Microsoft Professional Certifications. These options offer affordable certificates in digital marketing, project management, and data analytics. There are also numerous other options, including online boot camps and programs from a leading tech firm. If you’re looking to revamp your career and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a Google certificate, consider one of the alternatives.

Google promotes its IT Certificate Employer Consortium, which includes more than 50 companies, including Walmart, Sprint, and Hulu. However, Sachin Gupta, founder of the tech hiring platform HackerEarth, believes that many companies will be cautious about hiring a Google certificate candidate. He argues that most companies won’t treat the certificate equivalent to a college degree. Other human resources experts agree that the Google certificate is not yet universally accepted as a college degree.

Another option is a Google certificate program, which began in 2018. Google offers a free six-month certificate program to help people gain the skills necessary to qualify for entry-level IT jobs. Those who complete the program will access resources to help them prepare for interviews, learn job search strategies, and be given opportunities to intern or work for the company.