Get a Copywriter: Where to Find Prospects And how they can Market Your Copywriting Company


Where do you find potential customers who will hire to write duplicates? Well, they are everywhere. Just know where to look to locate them. And here, I will list where you can find potential clients.

To Yellow Pages – starting from page 1, you can go from tailgate to cab to contact the businesses in your area.

To Craig’s List – this site lists writing jobs in every city.

o Agency Red-colored Book – go to your own library and ask for this excellent resource. It lists each and every advertising agency in the whole country along with a name as well as contact information.

o Book associated with Advertisers – same with this resource. Just go to the collection and ask the librarian to find it. It lists each and every business in the United States that usually spends more than $30, 000 annually on advertising. It categorizes companies by type along with includes a name and info.

o Online search engines and yellow pages – right here, you could uncover far more businesses and their contact information throughout the United States.

o Business Record – this is the only helpful resource on this list that costs dollars. It is a local business magazine that provides valuable articles about what is happening in the business world close to you. Also, your local business record may publish what is referred to as a Book of Lists, the collection of every business close to you, categorized by type, using names and contact information of folks in those businesses. When you subscribe to the business journal you then should receive The Book involving Lists for free. If you choose not to ever subscribe to the weekly company journal then you will have to pay for your Book of Lists. You should check online at to discover if your city publishes a company journal.

These are the best helpful contacting businesses to market your own service. There are many ways to start it. The best way to tidy up your prospecting is to develop a list of prospects. I have a new list on a Microsoft Stand out a spreadsheet and included the contact, email (if you are able to locate it), a name associated with the business, phone number, and day contacted. That way, you can undergo and know precisely when you approached each prospect so when you wish to contact them again (say every other month), you will know the introduced time.

The contact information can vary for each resource. Finding e-mails for individuals is complex and they are time-consuming. Your best bet is to merely dial the phone number presented and ask for the person in command of hiring freelance writers. You can also require the Marketing Manager in business and the Creative Director for promotional material Agencies. These people are the ones who are often in charge of hiring freelance copywriters. At the end of this Instruction Manual, you will discover a sample phone script that lays out what you will tell the contact person if they answer. You can also use it for you to leave a message on the voicemail message.

Contacting Prospects

Now that you already know where to look and have gathered your list, it’s the perfect time to determine how you will contact your own personal potential clients.

There are several ways in which you can create a contact:

1 . Email

second. Direct Mail

3. Cold Phoning


One way to contact your possible client is to send all of them a prospecting email.
This really is just like sending a sales copy to a physical address, only if you’re sending it to their e-mail inbox. The major problem with this prospecting is that it can be difficult to find email addresses for the people in an organization responsible for hiring you. In case you look in the yellow pages, Company Redbook, Book of Marketers, or the Business Journal, you are not going to find any particular email addresses. Some might have a general email address like info@bigjohnscarsales, and you can send a recruiting email to that address; however, it may not go to someone who has the ability to hire you, and your e-mail may be deleted. Your best bet on finding the email address of a distinct person in an organization is the internet. Many businesses on the net will list contact emails to help specific decision-makers in their organization. If you look at the website of a corporation or a small business, hunt for someone in the marketing and communications department.

And if you are thinking about the website of an Advertising Business, the Creative Director is the person you want to send your personal email to.

Now several businesses online won’t collect specific emails. They may please take a general email like the one already stated. You can send an email to it address, but it may not be effective. In this case, you would be best calling them on the phone; I always will discuss this in a minute.

The future email the student writes should be straight to the point, minus any tricky sales language. People acquire many emails in their mailboxes every day and a lot of them can sell products and services. You need to have an email that may be straightforward and short, with a tiny description of your service and several specific benefits they’ll be given by working with you.

The distinctive subject line of the email should also be small, straight to the point, and declare exactly what the email contains. If you send them an email with a subject line that doesn’t relate to the information in the email address, they will delete it. Furthermore, don’t include any words and phrases like Free, Good deal, or any sales vocabulary because more than likely, it will be found by the user’s spam filtration and deleted without being exposed.

The subject line I use should go something like this: Business and Marketing and advertising Writing from
Hardworking Marketing and sales communications.

Very simple. Very straightforward. That tells the recipient just what to expect when they open your message. Email is also the best method if you still have a total moment job and can’t cool call during the day.

Direct Mail.

I will not get into too much detail concerning direct mail prospecting because I think that as a prospecting approach, it’s too time-consuming and also cost-prohibitive. You need paper, envelopes, stamps, and a lot of time to produce a particular network marketing letter. Personally, I don’t think that any beginning sales letter writer should use direct mail as a prospecting tactic.

If you do, still decide to use direct mail then there are several things you need to know. Make you’re copywriting very specific. Find out who you are writing to and include their name in the letter. Common, Dear Sir or Madam letters won’t be as successful as letters addressed to a specific person. And try to keep your letter 1 to 2 pages. You happen to be sending your letter to be able to presumably busy people, and they also don’t have time to read a ten-page sales letter.

Benefits, rewards, benefits. Don’t write your current letter talking about yourself. Speak about how you will help him/her skyrocket his/her profits. You desire them to see how hiring you might benefit their business. In essence, follow the sales letter design as if you were selling a program or service for a corporation, only the product/service is you.

Cold Calling

This is the best way to contact buyers because all prospects use a phone number. Whether you use the business directories or the Business Journal, contact numbers will be available for all organizations.

There are various things you need to know about wintry-calling potential prospects:

o, Tend to call on Monday or Monday. On Monday, people are incredibly busy catching up from the weekend, and Friday, consumers are anxious to leave, and plenty of decision-makers (the persons you want to talk to) are definitely not available. Your best bet is to get in touch with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thurs .. These days, people are in the move of the week, and it will be easier to get a hold of and actually talk with the people who have the selecting power.

o, Defeat stress and anxiety. Cold calling can be sensors wracking, and you may even think you’re pestering or annoying these people. You may feel like the particular dreaded telemarketer. Well, wish not to telemarketers. We are specialists selling a valuable service. Consider this as the single best way towards your business off the ground and overlook any negative feelings you could have towards this method. It will perform.

o Sheer numbers. You really have a lot of calls. And I suggest a lot. I’ve made near 1, 000 in a calendar month before. It’s in the amounts. If you contact enough folks you’ll find those who need your current service. And it may take time. Folks you speak with or depart a voice mail to get may not need your service currently. That doesn’t mean they won’t crave it tomorrow or next week, or next month.

o When you get in touch with an organization/business, ask for the Marketing Manager. He or she is someone you want to talk to. If not a soul, there has that title obtained by whoever is in charge of hiring termes conseillés copywriters. Some receptionists will likely be happy to assist you — other folks may not be so friendly. Remember, you are selling valuable services. A service that these companies will need. If you call an Advertising Organization you ask for the Creative Overseer. He or she is the person in charge of selecting the freelance copywriter.

a When you get the prospect contacting companies speak to him or her in a standard, calm tone, and don’t drive the sale. Ask him or her about the marketing needs and their existing marketing strategy. Listen, listen, and after that, listen some more. That is important. Once you build a rapport recovery person, you will be able to change into selling your providers much more accessible. Also, make sure you obtain their email address. This is critical to keep in contact with them in the future.


After you’ve contacted a client you must follow up shortly after. If you mail them an email during an email message prospecting session, then you really should call them a few days in the future to inquire if they got it. If you speak with anyone on the phone during a cold getting in touch with the session, be sure to get their email address and contact info so you can send them a new follow-up email thanking these individuals for their time and reminding them these phones keep you on file for almost any future freelance copy plans. If you send a directly submitted letter to anyone, get in touch with them a few days later (when you’re pretty sure they’ve acquired it) and talk to them about their needs for a profitable copywriter.

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