Delicious Food Corner in Monterey Park


Delicious Food Corner is a local mini-chain that continues to expand rapidly. Their original location straddles Monterey Park and Montebello and has grown ever since!

The restaurant is well known for its signature dish, Chhena poda, an exquisite dessert prepared using burnt cottage cheese and semolina. Customers rave about its delightful taste and unique texture.

Authentic Chinese Cuisine

Delicious Food Corner in Monterey Park offers authentic Chinese cuisine at competitive prices, offering dishes such as beef chow fun, fried fish, and congee. Delectable pineapple buns and iced tea desserts round out their offerings, and the service here is impeccable – not to mention affordable pricing!

Delicious Food Corner opened its original location near Monterey Park and Montebello on Garfield in 2008 by a couple from Hong Kong to rave reviews. Since its opening day, it has enjoyed almost religious-like devotion; someone once likened visiting it to making pilgrimages to Mecca. Kwan, who worked there as a cook before purchasing ownership in 2014, invested money into upgrading their kitchen and expanding their menu; adding Hong Kong versions of Western staples brought even greater success, eventually reaching Jonathan Gold’s Los Angeles Times column!

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Cozy Atmosphere

Delicious Food Corner offers a warm and inviting environment ideal for families and friends to gather. Their restaurant provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner services and desserts – their menu boasts options like noodles, rice, and curry dishes, as well as traditional Hong Kong milk tea and coffee service.

Delicious Food Corner provides delicious Cantonese and Chinese cuisine and takeout and delivery services that make ordering quick, delicious meals convenient and hassle-free. Order their dishes online and have them sent directly to your home or office, making this an excellent solution if you don’t have time or are in a rush for meal time.

As soon as Kwan took over operations in 2014, he renovated and expanded their kitchen and menu – adding Western dishes such as steak and pork chops alongside traditional Chinese fare. As a result, business increased by 35%, resulting in an LA Times write-up promoting them as a popular tourist and local restaurant.

The food here is truly authentic, and the staff is accommodating. Prices are affordable, and the atmosphere is welcoming – making this an excellent place to experience authentic Chinese cuisine. Guests highly recommend tasting their perfect congee, eel, and wonton soup and their mouth-watering pineapple buns and delicious doughnuts!

Convenient Location

Delicious Food Corner in Monterey Park is renowned for offering authentic Chinese cuisine and is conveniently located at 2329 S Garfield Avenue with takeout and delivery options. Their cozy ambiance and friendly staff make for an enjoyable casual dining experience at Delicious Food Corner; whether you are craving traditional Chinese fare or breakfast/brunch specialties – Delicious Food Corner has something delicious.

Delicious Food Corner has become a San Gabriel Valley cult restaurant since its original location near Monterey Park and Montebello in 2008. Since then, its popularity has spread into two cities and brings diners who compare it to a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Jonathan Gold’s Los Angeles Times article propelled its popularity further, introducing many of its fine restaurants. Since then, it has become one of the most visited eateries in the area; lines often extend out the door.

This restaurant echoes the classic Hong Kong cha chan tengs (cha means tea and tinge means restaurant) of old fast and cheap eateries serving Cantonese and Western dishes for all. Though egg tarts and pineapple buns may feature heavily, the real star here is undoubtedly their sloppy congee; not entirely up to par with silken varieties found at more upmarket Hong Kong eateries but still semi-fluid and covered with chopped green onions and crunchy pieces of crispy fried dough for maximum effect!


Delicious Food Corner serves delicious Chinese cuisine in an inviting and comfortable setting at 2329 S Garfield Ave, making it the ideal spot for locals and visitors alike. Additionally, takeout and delivery services are provided to their patrons for added convenience.

This cafe is your destination if you’re craving some delicious beef chow fun or fried fish. Plus, they offer tasty pineapple buns and doughnuts! Additionally, their selection of beverages, such as iced tea or milk tea, makes their service all the more pleasant – not forgetting their friendly staff, who will always be more than willing to assist with whatever may arise!

Though numerous dim sum houses, wonton shops, and markets throughout the San Gabriel Valley, few generate as much adoration as Delicious Food Corner. While its name might sound lame at first, people from Orange County come here just for its predictable Hong Kong comfort food!

Make sure to bring an appetite when visiting and plan on waiting a while – but trust us; the wait will be worth it when tasting their delectable dishes!