Cool Places to Visit Near Firozabad, UP


Firozabad is a city near Agra in UP known for its glass-making industry. This city produces glassware and bangles that are considered some of the country’s finest. It would be a great place to visit and explore if you love fine glassware.

Khander temple

If you’re planning a trip to India, you might want to spend some time in Firozabad. The city has some exciting places to see, such as the Khander temple. This kilometre-long circular monument is the site of Mahatma VavaPrayagadas’ footprint, which is also located on the Eka-Shikohabad route. The shrine also has a 57-foot-high Hanuman monument. There are also shrines of this deity in various nations around the world.

Fariha Jain Temple

If you’re looking for cool places to visit near Firozabad, UP, you’ll be glad to know that there are several places you can visit while you’re here. A few of these are listed below. This small town is a great place to visit in winter.

If you’re interested in visiting the Jain religion, you might want to visit Shri Mahaveer Jinalaya, also known as Firozabad Jain Temple. The temple contains the 37-foot-tall Khadgasan Pratima of Shri Bahubali Ji Mahakali. Another great place to visit near Firozabad is the National Chambal Sanctuary. This sacred site is in Utah, a town located close to Firozabad.

The temple is a beautiful memorial adorned with beautiful spires. During the Magha Shukla and Chaitra Shukla, the temple hosts Bhagwan Rishabhdev Jayanti, a festival dedicated to the Jain god. Nearby Fariha Jain Temple and Shantisagarji Temple are also worth visiting.

Urhassa on the Sufi Shah’s Mazar

The Urhassa on the Sufi ‘Shah””s Mazar is a site of observance for the Sufis. The site is located 15 km from Hirangaon in Firozabad. The Mazar holds an annual fair and draws people of all faiths.

National Chambal Sanctuary

If you’re looking for a place to visit that’s close to Firozabad, you should check out the National Chambal Sanctuary. The sanctuary is a 400km stretch of mud cliffs that stretch up both sides of the Chambal river. It’s home to 242 different species of birds, eight species of turtles, and the Gangetic dolphin.

The National Chambal Sanctuary is located in the south of the state of Maharashtra. In the summer, the temperature is quite hot and humid. You won’t see many animals during the sweltering days, but you can still enjoy the greenery and the wildlife. You can also try out some delicacies at a few restaurants in the area.

During your visit to the Chambal Sanctuary, you can also take a picnic lunch in the dunes by the river. In addition to the forest, you can also visit the Bateshwar group of temples. Near the Bateshwarnath Mahadev Temple, you can also see the Banyan tree where Lord Shiva once rested. In November, the sanctuary hosts a vast cattle fair.