Top 5 Tropical Destinations in Warangal


If you’ve ever wished to explore some of the most tropical destinations in the world, Warangal is a great place to do so. Whether you’re interested in the Laknavaram Cheruvu, Pakhal Lake, or the Warangal fort, this article will provide some insight into some of the top attractions in this region.

Warangal is a tropical destination.

Whether looking for a tropical destination for your vacation or something a little different, Warangal is a great place to visit. Warangal’s history and cultural makeup make it an exciting place to visit. And if you plan a trip to Warangal with children, you can enjoy the festivals and various other things to do in Warangal.

The city of Warangal is home to various historical temples and ancient monuments. This beautiful city is also filled with pristine lakes. Wildlife enthusiasts will love the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the oldest sanctuaries in the state. The sanctuary is home to many animals, including tiger, jaguar, wolf, and sloth bear.

Laknavaram Cheruvu

Located in the dense forest of the Warangal district, Laknavaram Lake is a favourite destination for tourists during the monsoon season. Its lush green forests and hillocks create a serene ambience that draws tourists around. A seven-km-long meandering road surrounding the lake adds to the area’s scenic beauty. The lake is also historically significant and a perfect example of engineering excellence during the Kakatiya Reign.

Laknavaram Lake is one of the most picturesque sights in Warangal and one of Telangana’s top tourist destinations. It covers over 10,000 acres and is surrounded by glorious hills. The lake is popular among kayakers and boat enthusiasts and perfect for nature lovers.

Warangal fort

One of the most beautiful forts in India is the Warangal fort. This majestic monument is known for its graceful architecture and brilliant ruins. It is considered a national monument. Visitors can spend a day exploring the fort and its surroundings. There are plenty of things to do, so it is ideal for the whole family to visit.

The city is also home to numerous temples. One of the most important temples in the city is the Kulpakji Jain Mandir. It has eight idols of Jain Tirthankaras and is known for its brilliant architecture.


If you’re looking for a tropical destination in Telangana, you might want to travel to Medak. This inland city has a humid, tropical climate with hot summers and cool winters. The year in Medak is divided into four distinct seasons: the hot season begins in March and lasts until May. From June to September, there are the South-west monsoon winds that bring rain to the region. The winter months are generally pleasant, from December to February.

This little town is located in Telangana and shares its borders with Karnataka on the west. To the east, it borders Warangal, Nizamabad, and Nalgonda. With an average elevation of 442 meters, Medak is characterized by its thick forests and natural landscape. Several rivers meander through the area, including the Manjeera, Valdhi, Gudleruvagu, and Kadaleru rivers.


Khammam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Telangana. It is about 200 kilometres away from the capital of Hyderabad. It has many beautiful attractions attracting millions of tourists across the country. The city’s most famous attractions include the Khammam fort and the Jamalapuram temple. Other essential sightseeing spots include Palair Lake, the Hills of Papi Kondalu, and Wyer Lake. The best time to visit Khammam is during winter, as the temperature is cool. Throughout the year, Khammam has a tropical climate, but the summers are sweltering.

Khammam gets higher rainfall than the rest of the state, up to 175 centimetres during the monsoon season. The Munnar river, a tributary of the Krishna River, often floods the city. Severe floods hit the city in 2007 and 2009, and Food Corporation of India storage centres are regularly released to help flood victims.