Top 10 Best Places to Visit in July in India


July is when the monsoons climax, and travellers flock to the most beautiful places in India to bask in its splendour. Experience gushing waterfalls, verdant greenery, and dreamy cloud walk at India’s top tourist destinations in July. Even places with limited rains do not lack their unique charm and appeal during this month.


If you’re looking for a unique experience, visit Meghalaya in July. The state is a popular tourist destination that offers a variety of attractions, exciting festival celebrations, and delicious local food. With its rich natural beauty, picturesque mountains, and flat plains, Meghalaya will delight any traveller. Here are ten fantastic reasons to visit this beautiful state this July.

The weather is perfect for sightseeing in Meghalaya. You’ll find it pleasant and humid, making it an ideal time to enjoy the many festivals. The summers are also the best time to visit the Living Root Bridges. These bridges are made of the roots of old rubber trees.


Ooty has several attractions, including an open-air tribal museum. It also has a toy train that will take you through the lush green mountains. This is a great way to learn about the region’s rich cultural heritage.

While visiting Ooty, you can visit a wildlife sanctuary to view wild animals. July is also the best time to ride on the Ooty hill train, the only UNESCO-listed mountain rail line in South India. The train will give you breathtaking views of the Coimbatore plateau and Nilgiri vistas.


Mussoorie is a popular tourist destination with many things to see and do. The main attraction is the Camel’s Back Road, a three-kilometre stretch of road that offers fantastic views of the clouds-covered hills and valleys. You can also see the famous rock formation that resembles a camel’s hump from this spot. If you like to shop, you can check out the local markets, which offer plenty of goods.

Mussoorie is an incredible place to visit in July. The town is 7,000 feet above sea level, and the lush deodar forest provides a picturesque backdrop. The weather in July is ideal for hiking and mountain biking, and you can even take a dip in the waterfall’s clear water. A day trip to the area is recommended.


If you’re considering visiting India in July, there are several places to consider. Shimla and its surroundings have a lot to offer. The city’s beautiful mountain views will take your breath away, and you’ll have an opportunity to experience the majesty of nature at its finest. While in Shimla, you should also see the Viceregal Lodge, an iconic structure surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens. You’ll get to see Mahatma Gandhi’s idol installed at its entrance.

Another attraction in Shimla is Chadwick Falls. Lush green valleys and small streams surround this 90-meter waterfall. A waterfall is a serene place wonderful after the rainy season.


In July, the weather is cool and pleasant. The average temperature ranges between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius. There are plenty of attractions in Panchgani, and the town is dotted with temples. The town is believed to be the home of the Pandavas and is home to many specialty markets, where you can buy locally-grown produce, Kolhapur chappals, litchi crush, and honey.

If you plan to visit a hill station in July, Panchgani is a great place to go. This town has a moderate climate and receives moderate rainfall. It is the perfect time to visit the city’s natural sights, including Table Land, Venna Lake, and Sydney Point. The recent showers have given these areas a lush look.


There are many options if you’re looking for the best places to visit in July in India. For example, if you want to escape the city and breathe fresh mountain air, Nainital is the place to go. The area is also home to many tourist attractions. For example, there are several beautiful views that you can enjoy while trekking up to Land’s End. There’s also the option to rent a pony and enjoy the scenery on horseback.

Nainital, a hill town in Uttarakhand, has beautiful mountains and valleys. You’ll find many Buddhist monasteries here and glacial lakes with crystal clear water. The quaint atmosphere of this town makes it an excellent destination for couples or peace seekers.


The temperature in Coorg is around 15 degrees, which is ideal for hiking and trekking. It is also the best time to visit if you want white flowers. However, you should avoid visiting Coorg during the rainy season. While the rains make Coorg more beautiful, they can also make it difficult to enjoy some outdoor activities like trekking.

One of the main attractions in Coorg is the Madikeri Fort. This 17th-century heritage property is still an essential landmark of the town. It was built by the erstwhile ruler of Kodagu and has undergone numerous changes and additions. Its entrance gate is decorated with life-size statues of elephants, and it has a small church and museum. You can visit the Madikeri Fort free of cost.