Colour Contact Lenses – Change Your Eyesight Color in the Blink associated with an Eye


Did you at any time with that you had a different eyesight colour? Or maybe you want to take steps a bit crazy and have different colour eyes for each celebration? Colour contacts can do miracles for your appearance, but only when you select the right type and colour. Learn how to get the most from your colour lenses, their options, and what to consider when choosing colour contacts. Select the Best colored contact.

Perform colour lenses improve your eye colour and look organic?

This question concerns most people who want to try colour contacts for the first time. After all, you would like people to think “what beautiful eyes she has”, not really “what nice contact lenses this lady wears”.

Colour lens suppliers are aware of the issue and try to help make colour contacts look stunning yet natural. A wide range of sophisticated technology is involved in the name brand colour contacts like Acuvue 2 Colors or Freshlook. However, the lens isn’t just sturdy colour; it has a pattern exactly like the pattern of a human eye. Likewise, the colour isn’t consistent through the entire lens, just like most individuals’ looks. See colour lens comparison.

Colour lens selections for light eyes

People with light eyes can wear a development or opaque colour lens depending on the impact you want to create.

If you want to enhance your all-natural colour, half-transparent development lenses would be great for anyone.

The best choices are:

  • Acuvue 2 Colors Enhancers are – to brighten your vision.
  • Freshlook Radiance – contact lenses with an illuminating effect enhance your colour and make your eyes appear glitzy.
  • Freshlook Dimensions – exclusive lens design makes your eyes appear nicer and creates the effect of depth and way of measuring.

If you feel adventurous and need a dramatic change, go for sombre lenses:

  • Acuvue 2 Colours opaques
  • Freshlook Colorblends

When it is your first time with colour contact lenses, and you aren’t certain what effect you want, begin with enhancement lenses. This way, your pals will notice that you look more inviting, but they probably won’t see what is about you that draws their attention.

Colour lenses for dark eyes

You probably were not very amazed at the effect for those who have very dark eyes and attempted colour contact lenses a few years back. Unfortunately, contacts from the previous generation didn’t appear quite right. However, not too long ago, developed colour lenses similar to Freshlook Colorblends can do magic for dark eyes.

Another thing to remember, however, is that boosters don’t work on brown vision, so your only choice is sombre contact lenses. Acuvue 2 Colorings opaques and Freshlook Colorblends work best for the dark image.

Also, you should be careful any time selecting the colour. It should be some colour that would look appropriate with your skin and curly hair. See colour contact lens graph and or chart with suggestions and photographs.

If you want to make your sight seem brighter and more vibrant without changing its shade, go for brown or hazel colour lenses. This way, your current eyes won’t look another colour, but people may notice that they are bright and lively.

Opaque colour buddies work very well. The only thing they cannot do for you is making your sight light. Blue, green, and aqua opaque contacts produce a deep, vivid colour, which usually suits people with naturally brown leafy eyes.

Do colour relationships come with corrective powers?

Acuvue 2 Colors and all Freshlook collections have optical rectification powers and Plano (no correction). Additionally, Freshlook Colorblends is the only colour of the lens that comes in toric, making it suitable for people with astigmatism.

Consequently, which is better: Acuvue 3 Colors or Freshlook?

There isn’t any single answer to this concern. Both lens brands are certainly comfortable to wear and create a great search. The only difference is in the hues. On the same person, blue by Acuvue would look different from Freshlook blue. Unfortunately, it depends on your eyes and face, and it’s almost impossible to predict the result until you use your colour contacts.

You may pay too much attention to how a lens looks in the photo because it will look different on you. This generally happens with enhancer lenses: blue enhancers over azure eyes look very different from enhancers over grey sight. Opaque contact lenses can also look very different on folks; this is not due to your healthy eye colour but to eye shape, skin, and hair types.

When you narrow your option to one colour, I recommend inquiring your doctor for two prescriptions: one particular for Acuvue 2 Shades and another for Freshlook. Then order both. They will cost pretty much the same so that you would spend no more than if you were to order two cardboard boxes of each.

Then, after sporting your new colour contacts for a little bit, you can decide which usually looks better.

Also, medical doctors usually give you free trial shade contacts. You can’t use them in public because trial accessories have the word “test” misguided on them, but it gives you a good idea about the colour. Obtain two free pairs, just one from Freshlook and one coming from Acuvue, and see which seems best.

As far as the price can be involved, Freshlook and Acuvue, a couple of Colors, cost about the same to get a 6-lens box. However, almost all Freshlook lenses are month-to-month disposable, while Acuvue has a couple of colours and a 2-week non-reusable contacts lens. So it works out that Freshlook is two times cheaper.

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