Cole Realty Resource Reviews


With Cole Realty Resource, brokers can improve their productivity and increase transactions. They can also scale their business plans. However, it is important to know how this software works before you sign up for it. This review will give you an idea of what to expect from this program. This tool is beneficial for both small-scale brokers and larger firms.


Cole Realty Resource provides real estate data scraping services, allowing users to search for properties and families. It claims list accuracy of 60 to 70 percent. However, there are some issues with this service. The data collection process is not completely automated, and it can take a while to fetch accurate results. It also lacks many features, such as a dialer and CRM.

Cole Realty Resource does not offer direct third-party integration or email address retrieval. However, it does offer the option of importing a contact list and email addresses. This feature can help brokers improve productivity, increase transactions, and scale plans. This product is also a bit pricey, but it does provide valuable data to agents and brokers.


Real estate brokers may want to consider Cole Realty Resource in order to increase the number of transactions they complete. It is a contact list service that provides contact information of homeowners. It was founded in 1947 by Cole Information. This service has a variety of features that real estate brokers will find beneficial. With these tools, real estate agents can increase their productivity and scale their business plans.