Car Rental in Madagascar – Tips For New Drivers


Being independent allows you to visit as many places as desired at your own pace and in your vehicle. Driving in Madagascar can be quite an adventure, so we do not advise novice drivers to undertake such an endeavor. Have the Best information about Antananarivo Airport Transfer.

All our road trips in Madagascar feature both a driver and local guide to provide an enjoyable, safe journey that makes better use of your time.

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Road conditions

Madagascar can present drivers unfamiliar with its road conditions with various unique challenges. You will have to share the road with pedestrians, carts, and itinerant herds; slow trucks; unpredictably driving minibusses and erratic drivers of minibusses and slow lorries. A high level of vigilance must always be exercised, especially at night, due to shared highway robbery, and valuables should always remain out of reach or stored safely somewhere safe within your car – especially during travel on roadways!

Madagascar roads are primarily unpaved dirt roads in poor condition that lack proper signage and aren’t well-lit at night, making driving at night hazardous without the right headlights on. When driving at night, it is wise to keep your headlights on to avoid being blinded by other drivers who do not always turn their lights on or use high beams.

Madagascar requires drivers to travel on the right side of the road and yield to vehicles coming from the left side. Passing on either shoulder is illegal, and overtaking could put other motorists at risk; be mindful when overtaking any car!

Assuming you possess little driving experience in harsh conditions, we advise hiring a driver for your trip. Doing so will relieve the strain of planning and navigating unpredictable road conditions while freeing up more time to discover a country’s unique landscapes and hidden treasures.


Madagascar car rentals must be done with consideration to security issues in mind. Crime is widespread, with reports of home invasions and kidnappings by armed gangs targeting areas frequented by foreigners and reports of vehicle robberies targeting vehicles. Exercise extreme caution at night while traveling alone through remote regions; main roads should be preferred over remote ones, and stay on main routes to stay clear from cattle rustlers who regularly target vehicles on this portion of the RN13 highway between Fianarantsoa. Toliara has also been the subject of numerous armed attacks by cattle rustlers targeting cars en masse.

Hiring a private driver in Madagascar is highly recommended, enabling you to explore more islands at your own pace. Not only will this allow you to avoid crowds, but you may even reach national parks before tourist buses arrive, allowing for uninterrupted wildlife and scenery experiences.

Madagascar Car Rental understands that having a professional driver at your side can save time by eliminating traffic jams and making your journey much more comfortable. Therefore, they include one in the price of your vehicle rental; this driver will guide and assist with ticket purchases and any other needs during your journey.


Madagascar uses kilometers per hour as the unit of measure for speed limits. To avoid confusion or frustration when driving there, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with their driving laws and regulations before renting a car in Madagascar.

Madagascar’s road conditions differ drastically from most Western nations. Many roads in Madagascar are unpaved, poorly maintained, often lacking signs, and frequently shared between pedestrians, animals, bicycles, and bicycles – not to mention no lighting or repair works available to make repairs on vehicles a possibility. Furthermore, they could break down or become impassable at any moment due to limited lighting.

Madagascar offers a truly magical travel experience despite its challenging road conditions, boasting wildlife reserves, national parks, and six UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Visitors can discover Madagascar’s stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife while discovering stunning beaches and unexplored natural habitats.

Hiring a car with a driver is the most straightforward and hassle-free way to explore Madagascar. Your driver will help you discover more of its breathtaking natural landscape and vibrant culture without the stress of driving yourself. Most rental companies in Madagascar have drivers in their rates; your international driver’s license must be valid before renting any vehicle.


Car rental in Madagascar is an ideal way to explore this stunning island at your own pace, giving you freedom from public transport schedules (known locally as Taxi-brousse ).

Before renting a car, it’s essential to research their insurance policies. Verify whether liability coverage comes standard on each rental and explore additional options like collision or theft protection. It may be best to purchase additional coverage through travel agencies or credit card companies if an accident happens – this way, your safety will always be assured!

Obtaining an international driving license is advisable if you plan to drive abroad. Certain companies may limit how far a driver drives daily – please review rate details before going abroad. National driver’s licenses that do not contain Roman characters must also be accompanied by an International Driving Licence for international travel.

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