Can You Receive Workers Compensation in Florida for a Repetitive Stress Injury?

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A repetitive stress injury or RSI is one of the most common work injuries that exist today. But unfortunately, they are also one of the most challenging injuries to recover compensation for.

Under Florida law, RSI workers’ compensation claims can be pretty complicated. As a result, injured workers don’t bother to fill out the paperwork for this claim because they don’t think financial recovery is even possible.

However, in the right situation, this isn’t the case. It is possible to recover monetary compensation for an RSI injury or any injury over time. While this is true, hiring a Florida workers’ compensation attorney is wise to help ensure the necessary evidence is gathered for the claim.

Was the Injury Caused by On-the-Job Tasks?

Some people believe that only office workers will experience RSIs. However, the truth is that any worker can develop this injury. All it takes is a job where a person does the same action repeatedly.

If this happens, the muscles that handle the task will start to degenerate, which can cause numbness, pain, weakness, swelling, and even long-term nerve damage. Cubital tunnel and carpal tunnel syndrome are among the most common and well-known RSIs. However, others exist, such as hearing loss, degenerative disk disease, and rotator cuff tears.

When an employee has been diagnosed with an RSI, they should be able to apply for their workers’ compensation benefits and present evidence related to their condition. However, this isn’t always what happens. For example, for a worker to receive compensation for an RSI, they must show that the main contributing factor to the injury was on-the-job tasks. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to know how much of the RSI occurred from work-related tasks and how much did not.

How to Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits for an RSI

If you have experienced an RSI and believe it was caused by on-the-job tasks, the best thing you can do is to get medical treatment right away. The earlier you receive a medical evaluation by a doctor, the better. This will provide you with documentation about the injury and show where it may have come from.

In Florida, a “three-prong” test is used to determine if an RSI is compensable.

  1. There was evidence of prolonged exposure to the condition believed to have caused the injury.
  2. The ongoing and cumulative impact of the injury or the aggravation of a preexisting condition occurred.
  3. The employee has been exposed to hazards more significant than what the general public faces.

If the RSI meets these criteria, you can get the deserved compensation for your injury.

Contact a Florida Workers’ Compensation Attorney for Help

A repetitive stress injury can cause lifelong discomfort, pain, and even disability if not treated properly. For workers who believe they developed this condition while on the job, it’s best to contact a Florida workers’ compensation attorney to discuss your options. An attorney will be able to provide advice and guidance regarding how you can get the benefits you deserve.

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