Exante reviews 2022 about multicurrency account

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In the description of traders, investors, and brokers, the trading platform from Exante is an excellent option for making deals, choosing instruments and markets, and clients are guaranteed a high-quality Internet connection and low minimum commissions. And those who are just making the first steps in trading can try out the demo terminal and appreciate its advantages in practice, not only from references.

Why multi-account work is considered very easy

Although a multi-account is an exclusive option, learning how to use it is easier. Especially if you first opened a demo terminal and used it to explore all the company’s official website sections. Including the financial catalog, which deserves a detailed EXANTE Broker Review, as the site’s Unusualness. The catalog is that despite its volume – it has more than 300 thousand items – it continues to grow. Each time they do not find a desired item in the catalog, customers can specify its name and address the administration to add it.

Auto-conversion makes working with multi-accounts much easier. For example, suppose you plan to make several trades at once, which is entirely possible thanks to the vast range of positions and free access to numerous world markets. In that case, you don’t have to worry about trading using different currencies and not waste precious time on changing accounts. Auto-conversion will help you get the currency you need at the latest rate and use it immediately to the extent you need it.

Replenishment of the multi-account is done standardly, and the platform has restricted only the first transfer. Private clients must deposit at least 10 thousand euros to the account. If the account is used by corporate clients, then at least 50 thousand euros is expected from them. If a client has activated a demo account, he does not need to worry about topping up. Virtual credits are stored in the registered user’s account, and he can always add as much as he needs.

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Experienced clients tell us about the main advantages of the platform.

The company’s specialists protected the accounts, as required by the European Union’s Directive on Financial Market Operations. Also, the document mentions:

● the need to comply with regulations;

● the use of specialized documentation;

● ensuring optimum trading conditions;

● guarantee of transparent transactions for investors, and market participants!

In addition, customers can count on the block design of the terminal with the possibility of re-registration. In the first place, there may be exactly those options that are so important and needed by the trader.

Particular attention should be paid to commissions, and they perfectly complement the overall positive impression of the terminal. There are only two types of commissions simplifies the work and reduce the trader’s expenses to a minimum. They have to pay only for a deal made and for the withdrawal. Everything is even more straightforward with margin. If there are not enough funds, it is recommended to use securities.

By installing the mobile app on your gadget, you can start working. The program has all the main functions of the leading platform; there is no need to register again; you can make stock trades from a multi-account.

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